Resource Manager-DB

A multi-module management system designed by User Solutions for manufacturing companies.

About Resource Manager-DB

Thank you for your interest in Resource Manager-DB, the product that represents the best value available for Manufacturing & Operations Management Software – guaranteed.

The Resource Manager-DB is designed for busy people that need immediate help in planning and scheduling their operations. With a unique adaptable design, Resource Manager-DB can be configured to meet your specific needs, easily and affordably.

Now you can quit struggling with time consuming decisions such as: what to buy, make, or do AND when to buy, make, or do it. Resource Manager-DB adds powerful scheduling, planning, Shop Management and MRP capabilities to your existing system (be it manual or other), for less than most any other option, GUARANTEED.

Best of all, Resource Manager-DB runs with Microsoft Office (Runtime Version of Access Database, PLUS Excel Report Writer) – so you are already familiar with entering data, printing reports, graphing, and more! It just makes sense to leverage your current skills and existing desktop technologies to effectively manage manufacturing resources such as material, labor and machines. In less time and for less money.

Give US a call today and take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee. Let US prove how Resource Manager-DB can benefit your operation!

Delivers the Promise

Resource Manager-DB is the only low-cost, planning and scheduling solution that works for all manufacturing enterprises.

By combining ease-of-use for small to medium sized manufacturing operations with powerful reporting and open integration for larger operations, Resource Manager-DB guarantees the power and productivity of high-end systems without the complications and failure rate.

Works the Way You Do

Resource Manager-DB is the only solution that is designed to adapt to your specific needs, addressing the key issues facing your operation.

Immediate, GUARANTEED Benefits

Resource Manager-DB delivers the help you need to effectively plan and schedule your company’s resources, without the time, money and upkeep of traditional options.

Finally, you can quit struggling with time consuming decisions such as what to buy, what to make, when to buy it, and when to make it.

Resource Manager-DB adds powerful MRP scheduling, planning and/or tracking capablilites to your existing system (be it manual or other), for less than any other option - satisfaction guaranteed.

Best of All-Resource Manager runs with Microsoft Office, so you are already familiar with entering data, printing reports, graphing, and more!

Features Include:

  • Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling
  • Integrates with most all Accounting Systems
  • Ideal for Lean Manufacturing
  • MRP
  • Inventory Management
  • Routings and Priority Scheduling
  • Easy ýwhat-ifý analysis
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Forecasting
  • Costing and Estimating
  • Production Planning
  • Concurrent, intuitive scheduling of material, workcenters and labor requirements.

Cruise Control in 3 Steps

Resource Manager-DB is the only system that lets you start with your current data. Do you have a product list somewhere? Link directly into Resource Manager.

How about bills-of-material and routings? Plug directly into Resource Manager_DB and let us automatically fill in the details. Starting from scratch? Resource Manager-DB features a clean and simple way to create master item lists and dynamically create bills-of-resources

Check the ýMapý

Where do you need to go? Which orders need to be shipped when? Resource Manager-DB features a simple, single, screen to control your whole operation.

Enter (or link with outside system), the quantities and due dates. Optionally add detailed customer or order information. Now schedule.

Only Resource Manager_DB gives you quick and easy top level control for recognizing the immediate benefits of an integrated manufacturing system.

Relax, cruise control is on

That’s it! You are in the driver’s seat and cruise control is on. Enjoy the view. Check the production calendar for a quick view of finite - capacity loading on work centers and time-phased inventory levels. Bottlenecks are easy to spot by the red flags. Run your favorite report to view schedule data the way you like it.

Need to correct a schedule? Quickly adjust working calendar, shift available resources, and click to reschedule. For effortless cruise control of your business, simply make the top level changes and regenerate the master schedule with a click of the mouse Change delivery due dates, split up quantities, combine forward and reverse scheduling; all the options for a quick adjustment are under your immediate control.

Fine tuning…

Beyond the top-level cruise control, Resource Manager_DB allows the user to implement detailed execution plans at their own pace. At any time, the user can easily:

  • Prioritize job sequence
  • Make inventory adjustments
  • Run adjusted net plan
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Track receipts
  • Maintain perpetual inventory levels
  • Feedback actual manufacturing data
  • Regenerate schedule with new priority sequence at any time.

With quick, powerful, and intuitive reporting, the Resource Manager-DB stands above the crowd in its ability to present the important data in an easy and meaningful way. In addition to the robust reports that are included with Resource Manager-DB, the user can work with the schedule database directly. Use all the power of Excel to sort, graph, view, print and export, to meet your unique requirements.

Gantt Report: a great top-level view of all activity with details only a click away. Instantly check the due dates of all jobs in schedule, drill down to find bottlenecks, adjust capacity and schedule to meet critical dates.

Summary Report: The report will tell you what you need to buy or make, how much, and when - all consolidated on a single sheet. An instant, top level MRP Report for all products. View over any time horizon - by day, week, or month.

Item Report: This sheet summarizes all requirements per part number. Ideal for WorkCenter Loading, the system lists each job, when to start, when complete, and how much is required…

Routing & Tree Report: Intuitive reports for visual bill-or-resource verification, process flow and schedule feedback…

Production Report: Perfect for traveler or work order printout. Automatically reconciles inventory and capacity for a job and lists sequence of operations and products to fulfill order on time. Includes space for check off and actual feedback as well as job costing and variance reporting…

Purchasing and Receiving: For those who need additional help in managing the details of inventory. Resource Manager includes a completely integrated purchasing and receiving module…

With a single click, the user can generate purchase orders per schedule requirements. The system tracks each received quantity, open or closed status, and adjusts inventory - simply and automatically.


Supports a easy and flexible Bill of Resources which combines standard, multi-level, Bills of Material with Routings.


Automatic or on demand e-mailing of Purchase Orders and RFQs. Supports Lean Purchasing (purchasing requirements unique to Lean Manufacturing).

Inventory Control

Supports both Lean Manufacturing Inventory Control and traditional Demand Flow (MRP) inventory control. Features minimum transactions and upkeep.

Job Costing

Full costing both for standard and actual. Includes Products and Workcenters.


Support traditional MRP AND Lean Manufacturing AND Job Shop Control. A unique MS Office Centric, combination platform.

Order Entry

Easy, on the fly order entry can be used direct or can import from any system.

Purchase Order

Easy purchasing and receiving. Run stand alone or integrated with most any system. Works for Lean Purchasing and traditional demand based purchasing.

Report Writer

Custom Report writer features Excel.

Work Order

Complete workorder capabilities.

Product Overview

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