DAQFactory is a factory automation software that works well in plant floor applications.

About DAQFactory

DAQFactory is a complete HMI/SCADA package allowing you to use a single application to run your process, provide an interface for your operators, and provide supervisory controls and data logging for quality control. The powerful scripting language is multithreaded–letting you design your control system as separate control loops all running concurrently.

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DAQFactory Features and Benefits

  • Make Changes without Stopping: Zero downtime, Maintain system state, Easily debug while on-site, Faster and easier development
  • Easily acquire data: Channels isolate I/O from user interface, Easy setup and complete control, Conversions to convert into desired units
  • Device Support: Serial and Ethernet includes Modbus RTU / TCP / ASCII Master and Slave, Allen Bradley DF1, Mitsubishi A / Q / FX, Dataforth Isolynx, and the ability to easily create your own protocol for any other device
  • Custom Screens: 44 screen components, Configure without scripting or using scripting for more advanced applications, fully dynamic changing of colors or text and flashing the component, multi-lingual support.
  • Graphing/Trending: Trend graphs, XY graphs, Error bars / Wind barbs / Colorized traces and other features
  • Data Logging: Continuous logging, Batch logging, Log to ASCII files and import it into Excel or other tools, Log to databases, Reading files and databases back into DAQFactory
  • Scripting: Similar to VB & C and other languages making it easy to learn, Completely multithreaded, Many high level functions for common tasks, Built in debugger
  • Function Parser: Fast array math, Flexible data selection, Large function library, Use in many different locations

DAQFactory Pricing

The cost of DAQFactory starts at $129/one-time for the Starter version which includes 3 pages and 16 I/O. There is no free trial available. There is a free version available.

  • Express: Free. Includes 2 pages and 8 I/O.
  • Starter: $129/one-time. Includes 3 pages and 16 I/O.
  • Lite: $274/one-time. Includes unlimited pages and 32 I/O.
  • Base: $549/one-time. Includes unlimited pages and 64 I/O plus PID Loops.
  • Pro: $1,099/one-time. Includes Base features plus networking, symbol library, database, alarming, and autodialer.
  • Developer: $3,299/one-time. Includes Pro features plus royalty free runtimes.

Product Overview

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