A production system integrator for factory automation.


FASYS is a factory automation software that helps manufacturers manage tooling nad production resources, as well as integrate equipment for better shop-floor data access. The solutions within FASYS include DIN 4000/4003-based 2D/3D tool and resource management, central data management with interfaces to a wife cariety of CAD/CAM systems, and integration of tool storage, presetting and mounting.

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FASYS Features

The features and products offered by FASYS include:

Tool Management

Includes the use of a central tool and operational resource management, the online access to the require set-up data sheets (job-based) and the tool sheets linked to the former (parts list).

  • Central, uniform organization of data for all levels of manufacturing
  • Reduction of the set-up and provision costs
  • Reduction of the diversity of tool types and genres of production resources by up to 20 %
  • Minimization of the stock on hand and circulating inventories by up to 10 %
  • Reduction of non-productive time (searching & finding) by approx. 15 %
  • Optimization of the set-up processes = boost of machine utilization by up to 5 %
  • Process security & transparency
  • Return on investment will be attained as early as 1–2 years after roll-out

Resource Management

FATool quickly provides all of the up-to-date information required by the different sources of demand on all corporate levels. Various analyses and visualizations of the current events are available at any time. NC programming, work order preparation, production control, team supervisors and workers use FATool as a targeted means to do their work effectively.

  • Tool Management: Tool assemblies are defined as assemblies, for which the characteristics resulting from the actual assembly (length, diameter, projecting lengths, etc.) are administrated. References to the component characteristics and graphics are derived from the parts list.
  • Tool Components: Components can be randomly classified and administrated in class lists of characteristics. The standard definition in FASYS is based on DIN 4000. Workpiece/machine end connection conditions (DIN 4000-95) describe how the individual components can be assembled into a tool assembly later.
  • Testing and Maintenance Management: Links to test plans and test steps have been implemented specifically for the testing and measuring resource segment as well as for the organization of device/machine maintenance work. Direct links to the DIN tables required for the calibration of testing resources can be established; archiving of all required measuring logs and a history log covering the entire usage period is also available.

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