AssetWorks’ AMS - AssetManagement Software

A multi-module management system designed by AssetWorks.

About AssetWorks' AMS - AssetManagement Software

AssetWorks’ AMS - Asset Management Software conforms to the unique needs of today’s property manager. Our applications are built to a ýBest Practicesý standard, but on an architecture that can be customized quickly and affordably. You can incorporate your policies, procedures and unique data elements right into the software. Whether you’re supplementing an existing system or creating a comprehensive, integrated solution, our modular approach lets you include what you need to get the job done. This means you now work smarter, maximizing your efficiency and quality of data.

AssetWorks’ Scan & Validate inventory management software and SMS - Surplus Management Software are fully compatible with AMS - Asset Management Software.

Asset Maintenance & Calibration

The Asset Maintenance & Calibration Module provides all of the required notifications for equipment maintenance and repair and keeps a detailed history for reporting purposes.

Bar Code Inventory

AssetWorks Scan & Validate system is an Internet-based solution that streamlines every aspect of the inventory process. Its comprehensive functionality automates the physical identification and reconciliation of assets, and integrates seamlessly into your asset management system.

Change Request Management

AssetWorks Change Management focuses on maintaining central control while maximizing the efficiency of your asset management system. The approval process integrates human judgment into a completely automated process.

  • Enforce accountability with detailed audit trails
  • Ensure high quality data by monitoring changes to controlled data elements
  • Integrate existing policy into the Change Request process


Organizational structure, historical data, and reporting needs often make conversion to an alternative depreciation tool challenging. AssetWorks Depreciation Module is flexible, so it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization. Use it to configure and maintain an unlimited number of depreciation methods, and modify the system so it works for your unique needs.


AssetWorks applications include powerful, user-friendly reporting tools. Standard reports include pre-defined layouts for all common reporting needs. Using the built-in report generator, users can edit the standard reports to create new reports, or create new reports from scratch. For infrequent queries, the ad hoc generator allows users to filter the data and either print or download the results to MS Excel. AssetWorks also uses Crystal Reports to create complex and custom formatted reports such as Certification Forms or Hand Receipts. Whether itýs Standard, Ad Hoc, or Custom Formatted reports, AssetWorks allows unprecedented access to the data you need to make business decisions.

Transfer Management

A well planned transfer process plays a key role in effective property management. Complete with email notification, flexible approval routing, and system-monitored timers, AssetWorks Transfer Management Module completely automates the transfer process. You can even incorporate your business rules into the software to enforce compliance, increase efficiency, and eliminate errors and delays.

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