A multi-module management system designed by FBO Systems.

About MLS

FBOS’ suite of products provide a complete asset management solution.

Software MLS (core product):

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • MRO Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • MLS Dashboard (Key Performance Indicators)
  • RFPro for MLS (Bar-coding)
  • Output PAK (Electronic forms management)
  • MLSBuyer (e-Procurement)

MRO Inventory

Reduce Inventory Investment and Improve Cost Effectiveness

Use Multiple Sites for MRO Inventory

  • Maintain a master list of inventory parts in multi-site organizations
  • Optimize site inventory through inter-site transfers
  • Track and record issues, receipts, returns, and adjustments
  • Plan, facilitate and record physical inventories
  • Specify parts ordered in one unit of measure and issued in another

Designate Sole Source Parts

  • Use primary vendors offering lower pre-negotiated prices
  • Replenish stock automatically or manually

Analyze Usage

  • Make better decisions about what items and quantities to keep in stock
  • Graphically display monthly and annual part consumption across all warehouses

Analyze Reserves

  • Display all reserved quantities for a given part for specific stores requisitions
  • Access information on any attached purchase orders and requisitions
  • Free up parts for use on more critical stores requisitions

Use Fabricated Parts

  • Order and track internally fabricated parts
  • Establish internal or external locations to keep track of equipment under repair

Plant Maintenance

_Standardize Maintenance Procedures and Save Crew Time_

Define Frequency of Preventive Work Orders

  • Schedule routine tasks by calendar, driving unit of measure, and event (or any combination)
  • Reschedule preventive work orders when equipment becomes available
  • Statistically predict the next date of equipment failure

Create Templates for Instructions, Materials and Tools List

  • Reduce management and crew preparation time
  • Attach pre-defined instructions, parts lists, tools lists, safety procedures, and files to preventive work orders
  • Eliminate duplication of preventive maintenance work orders

Assign Unlimited Work Orders or Departments

  • Create and assign unlimited work orders for a single piece of equipment
  • Schedule work orders of the same frequency on a single piece of equipment
  • Assign multiple maintenance departments to a single piece of equipment
  • Associate specific account numbers, cost centers, or projects to a work order

Manage Standardized Regulations

  • Monitor plant safety procedures and regulations
  • Maintain procedure and revision control for ISO 9000, QS 9000, OSHA, and other quality systems
  • Improve safety compliance and records

_Operate Equipment at Capacity_

Schedule Repair Activities

  • Schedule multiple repairs during production downtime
  • Associate several work order instruction lists to a specific work order
  • Provide individual instruction lists to multiple departments and multiple crafts

PlanWork Orders

  • Specify craft, skill, and time required for certain tasks
  • Plan and itemize a list of tools needed to perform the work on the work order
  • Create a parts list identifying the necessary parts and the quantities
  • Provide step-by-step procedures to be used by the technicians

Analyze Repair Expenditures and Causes of Breakdowns

  • Analyze causes of equipment breakdowns
  • Associate breakdowns to specific systems or assemblies
  • View the amount of downtime and labor used for a given repair

Schedule Employees and Distribute Labor

  • Manage and track labor records and costs for work orders and equipment
  • Assign individual employees to work orders on specific days
  • Base assignments upon an employee’s craft, skill level, and available time

_Keep Your Equipment Reliable, Productive, and Efficient_

Track Downtime

  • Focus on critical issues effecting equipment performance
  • Analyze root causes of unplanned or unscheduled downtime
  • Optimize machine reliability
  • Increase productive capacity opportunities

Analyze Failures

  • Understand what is failing, when it’s failing, and why it’s failing
  • Establish mean time between failures
  • Receive advanced warning or notification before a failure occurs
  • Reduce production opportunity loss

** Attach Files**

  • Link various media and files to your equipment records
  • Access manufacturer’s catalogs, CD-ROMs, and technical reference material
  • Make images, videos, and audio files available to technicians and other craftspeople

Track Warranties and Process Claims

  • Process claims for your warranty credits and replacements
  • Track both internal and external repairs for reimbursement
  • Capture all warranty claims available

Maintain Bills of Materials

  • Track equipment components and materials automatically
  • Build a bill of materials each time you issue parts
  • Add parts manually to a piece of equipment’s bill of materials list


Save Money With Efficient Process and Corporate Purchasing

Use Blanket Purchase Orders

  • Compare competitive vendor bids
  • Pre-negotiate lower prices then use blankets to track agreement expirations
  • Create releases against a contract or a document
  • Reduce inventory by receiving parts from vendors as needed
  • Free up buyers’ time to focus on non-stock items

Pre-Set Spending Limits and Electronic Approval

  • Manage employee spending
  • Require routing of the purchase through approval groups
  • Limit the buyer’s ability to authorize expenditures in excess of the approved amount

Improve Communications With Vendors

  • Generate expedite letters to be e-mailed or faxed to the vendor
  • Speed up the ordering process by faxing and emailing purchase orders
  • Create/copy vendor’s standard clauses to a purchase order

Integrate With Financials

  • Eliminate repetitive data entry, save time, and increase accuracy
  • Pass transaction records to the general ledger for automatic updates
  • Update common tables in real time or through batch routines

Project Management

Track and Control Capital Project Expenses

Track Projects

  • Track of all costs associated with a project number or job number
  • View costs when charging parts, issuing parts, distributing labor, and purchasing
  • View costs from multiple work orders on common projects

Control Spending for Capital Projects

  • Set spending limits
  • Require approval of projects
  • Review project expenses and commitments and compare to budget

Introduce New Equipment and Products

  • Estimate completion dates and cost amounts
  • Break project into individual jobs in different phases
  • Give each sub-job an estimated and planned cost amount
  • Record actual cost amounts for each sub-job
  • Access detailed levels of information relating to a project’s work orders or requisitions
  • Track materials, labor, and contract expenses
  • View a filtered list of work orders associated with the project
  • Access requisitions and purchase orders associated with specific projects

Regulatory Compliance

FBO Systems is a leading provider of EAM software and services that enable companies to lower maintenance cost while increasing equipment reliability. FBOS’ MLS provides full security against record tampering at the application and database level, including strict controls on electronic signatures and record revision audit trails to meet FDA and FSEP requirements. FDA regulations and guidelines need not be an ordeal provided you have a knowledgeable software and services partner.

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