A fixed asset management software to manage assets, capital projects, and expenditures.

About FlexiAssets

FlexiAssets is a fixed asset management software that helps bring together your capital projects, assets, accounts payable, and general ledger into a fully integrated solution. The software lets you track your assets across multiple locations, departments, or companies, under multiple depreciation schedules.

Available on-premise or in the cloud, FlexiAssets can work alongside Flexi’s accounting software options to examine expenditures against project budgets, and helping the information flow seamlessly into your general ledger.

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FlexiAssets Features

  • Manage the lifecycle of fixed assets, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustments, and disposal
  • Track and report real-time asset values and depreciation forecasts
  • Control project spending
  • Manage multiple depreciation methods
  • Manage compliance

FlexiAssets Asset Processing

  • Auto or Manually Assign Asset
  • Numbers
  • Multiple Part Numbers per Asset
  • Asset Description
  • Purchase Cost
  • Installation Cost
  • Residual Value
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multiple Companies
  • Multiple Departments, Cost Centers
  • Acquisition Date
  • In-Service Date
  • GL Effective Date
  • Installation Date
  • Unlimited Books (State, Fed, etc.)
  • Estimated Life
  • Quantity
  • Multi-Level Locations
  • Multiple Property Types

FlexiAssets Depreciation Methods

  • ACRS Straight Line
  • Fixed Percent
  • Fixed Percent Declining Balance
  • MACRS ADS Declining Balance 150%
  • MACRS ADS Declining Balance 200%
  • MACRS ADS Straight Line
  • MACRS AMT Straight Line
  • MACRS GDS Declining Balance 150%
  • MACRS GDS Declining Balance 200%
  • MACRS GDS Straight Line
  • Prorated Daily
  • Remaining Value & Remaining Life
  • Standard Declining Balance 125%
  • Standard Declining Balance 150%
  • Standard Declining Balance 175%
  • Standard Declining Balance 200%
  • Standard Period
  • Standard Straight Line
  • Standard Sum of the Year’s Digits
  • Units of Production
  • Bonus Depreciation

Product Overview

User Reviews of FlexiAssets

Submitted on April 27th, 2021 by Alan Canivel from Mercury Insurance Group

We can easily track thousands of fixed asset items — from purchase all the way back to the ledger. The integration between all of the systems that these transactions touch is really seamless and saves us a lot of time.