A multi-module management system designed by MasterPlan Financial Software for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About MasterPlan

MasterPlan keeps track of all a client owns, owes, earns, spends, receives in social security, and pays in taxes during the current year, every year to retirement and beyond to life expectancy.

Asset Tracking

MasterPlan creates an investment performance summary which shows the earnings, gains and losses, percentage of portfolio assets.

In addition, MasterPlan includes three asset allocation reports: a current one, two reports that project the assets out to December of the second year of the projection: a baseline (present) asset allocation report, and a what-if (proposed) report.

Client Management

Features Include:

  • Ask MasterPlan to display the Reminders Window each time you enter the launch it (or suppress this window and bring it up only upon demand)
  • Find everyone in your database who is having a birthday during the specified time period
  • Find all clients who own a particular investment
  • Track several different addresses and phone numbers for each client household
  • Create mailing labels
  • Print special ýquický reports
  • Keep a detailed notepad on each contact with the client

Product Overview

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