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About CMI Fixed Assets

CMI Fixed Assets by Pro Systems, Inc. (formerly known as THE SYSTEM) has been on the market since 1983 and continues to be a strong choice for many companies in dealing with asset depreciation. Originally developed by CPAs for CPAs, CMI Fixed Assets is a powerful, easy to use program designed with the end user in mind.

Work that may have taken days in the past can now be completed in a fraction of the time you’re used to spending. With the accuracy required by today’s users and reviewers, it stands up to even the most complicated calculations, calculating them with speed and ease. With CMI’s attention to tax law, you are always assured that your reports will be correct, meeting all current tax laws and requirements.

Customers have spoken in all areas of the program and they have listened to their ideas and suggestions. Fully customizable, CMI Fixed Assets can be set up to work within your environment, the way you want to work. The support staff at CMI are available to listen to your needs and questions, then provide you with the answers needed to use the program quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are a small start up or a large enterprise, CMI Fixed Assets can provide you with the confidence needed and the consistency you require in reporting, without overtaxing your employees or the bottom-line. Whether you are making a transition from an existing program, tired of working on spreadsheets, or starting up your new company, they make every effort to assist you in making sure it is done easily and smoothly. With a free demo and unlimited technical support available to you during your evaluation of CMI Fixed Assets, you can be assured your choice to switch to CMI is the right choice, even before your purchase.

CMI Fixed Asset Features

  • Data Conversion from other fixed asset software, including excel.
  • Supports the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002.
  • Supports recent changes to IRS like kind exchange rules.
  • Luxury auto limits and separate truck and van limits.
  • 250,000 assets per company on single user versions and up.
  • Maximum asset value for an individual asset is 9,999,999,999.
  • Renumber Account Groups option.
  • Up to 10 User-Definable fields.
  • New Truck and Van “Luxury Auto” Limits Implemented.
  • Increased Expensing for Small Business.
  • Renumber Account Groups option.
  • Asset selection in depreciation reports and in the Find Asset command allow wild card characters * and ? on screen for the Description and User- Definable fields.
  • Custom depreciation methods allow a decimal point in the percent of basis to be taken as depreciation.
  • IRC 179 expense reduced to $25,000 for some SUV’s
  • A company can contain up to 25 schedules.
  • Location and Category number fields have 10 characters.
  • Supports Journal entries for Cougar Mountain Accounting and Cougar Mountain Fund
  • Account numbers defined in account groups (and created in journal entries) can be up to 100 characters long. Note that account group numbers are still limited to 24 characters.
  • Custom depreciation methods
  • A new export feature has been created that allows you to choose the asset data fields to export and to select the assets to export. A tab-delimited text file is created, which is very easy to open in spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel. Column headings can optionally be included at the beginning of the file.
  • Can Override the depreciation calculation of an asset for the current year.
  • Depreciation schedules (by month, quarter or year)
    • Book
    • ACE
    • Federal tax
    • State tax
    • AMT
  • Tax forms and worksheets:
    • Form 3468
    • Form 4255
    • Form 4562
    • Form 4797
    • Tax preference
    • Personal property tax
  • Additional reports:
    • Projections
    • Historical depreciation
    • Asset additions
    • Sales
    • Abandonments
    • Trades
    • Transfers
    • Asset dispositions including gain/loss (full and partial)
    • Asset detail report (complete asset information including depreciation for each schedule [book, tax, etc.] for entire life of asset)

CMI Fixed Assets Pricing

The cost of CMI Fixed Assets from Pro Systems starts at $295/one-time. There are annual maintenance fees starting at $125/year. There is no free trial available. There is a free version available.

Starting Price
$295 (perpetual license)
Price Range Learn More
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