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A web-based fixed asset management service designed by Traker Systems.

About Traker Systems: Asset Tracker

Asset tracking software provides companies of any size with the capability to manage their fixed assets quickly and easily. Using Microsoft’s Windows based operating system asset management may be learned quickly providing no employee downtime. We also have the ability to notify the person responsible for the Asset of Maintenance actions to take place and estimated return of Transfer activities by both Email notification and popup.

Asset Management

  • Serial Number
  • Model Number
  • Make
  • Order Number
  • Description
  • Category
  • Barcode Number
  • Picture & Document Control
  • Unique Asset Control Number (assigned by User or Asset Tracking Software)

Asset Groups and Sub-Asset Tracking

With our software, assets may be broken down into sub-assets for more detailed tracking. For example, a main asset such as a computer could be broken down into tracking the hard drive, memory capability and any special licenses contained within the master asset. Then each sub-asset may have its’ own maintenance, transfer, depreciation or disposal history and tracking.

Asset Images

Asset tracking software allows you to store JPG images of each asset in your inventory as well attach documents such as DOC files and PDF’s.

Asset Transfer

Transfer by individual asset or a list of assets grouped together. Transfers are stored in Asset Traker for future auditing and reporting. Data Transfer Fields include: Transfer Date, Return Date, Estimated Return Date, Location, Group, Division, Building, Aisle, Custodian of Transfer, and Unique Transfer Tracking Number.

Asset Maintenance

Asset maintenance is provided to enable repair, maintenance, and quality control of your assets. Maintenance data fields include: Maintenance Start Date Maintenance Estimated Finish Date Maintenance Finish Date, Maintenance Cost, Maintenance Custodian Parts Cost, Labor Cost Total Cost, and Maintenance Notes Field.

Program Customization

Traker Systems software allows you to easily customize features to meet your needs. Any changes made will appear in all parts of the program and displays in all windows.

Asset Disposals

Disposing of assets is easy to track. Traker can monitor the salvage value, date of disposal, and the type and location of the disposal.

Asset Splitting

With assets tracking software you may split an existing asset into two new assets. Our software automatically creates the new asset and links it to the original asset that it was split from.

Asset Reports

Numerous pre-defined reports are supplied by Asset software to accomplish most reporting needs. In addition, Asset Tracking Software provides a report maker that allows the user to create new reports as needed. This makes your reporting options limitless. The following reports are available in Asset Tracking Software.

  • Assets
  • Transfers
  • Maintenance
  • Splits
  • Disposals

Asset Security

All Traker products have a security layer setup by the user. Multiple users and passwords may be setup for access to the Asset Tracking product. A logon screen requiring a password provides the interface to Asset Tracking Software. In addition, each user may be given specific rights to individual parts of the program or operations within a part (for example read, write and list). Security allows each operator to access only the parts of the program to which they have access.

Asset Depreciation

You may specify the depreciation type, length of time, and depreciation amounts. Data from the depreciation table may be exported to your favorite accounting program for integration into the rest of your accounting system. Asset Traker can provide asset costing history and depreciation details.

Action Items

Action items are automatic events generated by our fixed asset software to warn the user of impending activities such as maintenance schedules.


Add a lease record in the same manner as other data entry records.

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We had to have the solution in order to get the solution, we bought it just to satisfy them but I did very little with it, It was good for inventory but that was about it