A fixed asset management application designed by Wasp Barcode Technologies.

About MobileAsset

Wasp MobileAsset is the perfect asset tracking solution for small to medium sized businesses. This product will meet the asset tracking needs of IT departments, government and education agencies, healthcare providers, and any other small to large company in the world. MobileAsset will completely automate your asset tracking process, taking asset management to a higher level. This system will store the following information: asset lists, asset location, who is in possession of an asset, when it was checked out, when it will be returned, maintenance schedules, asset cost, asset depreciation, and warranty information. Additionally, MobileAsset stores the transaction history of an asset, so you know where it has been and how many times it has been broken or serviced. MobileAsset can also be used on a mobile device so that you can track assets in remote locations, in different rooms, buildings, or in the field.

MobileAsset has many features and benefits to help make this the perfect asset tracking solution for any business.

  • Benefits
    • Store information on the assets your company owns and which of your employees or clients has the asset in their possession
    • View all cost and depreciation amounts for each of your assets
    • Find your equipment and assets in a much more efficient manner
    • Reduce ýborrowingý without permission.
    • Reduce lost or unreturned items.
    • Operate on a tighter budget with better service.
  • Features
    • Track assets by site, location, department, item, and serial number
    • Control assets with the ability to add, edit, move or dispose
    • Move by location, department, purchase order or custom filter
    • Associate purchase order, invoice, and warranty details with assets
    • 20 user-defined tracking fields, ensure a perfect fit with your company
    • 46 professional reports are included
    • Create your own barcode asset tags/labels
    • Data pinning on PC & mobile devices streamlines data entry
    • Attach any type of file to an asset
    • Import/export information quickly
    • Audit your assets on your PC or mobile device
    • Schedule maintenance service for your assets
    • Includes Microsoft SQL MSDE Database
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of MobileAsset

Submitted on February 6th, 2021 by F

Many bugs

The Good…

Good idea not correctly put togther

The Bad…

No support from the manufacturer if your program gets old. Full of bugs right out of the box

Submitted on June 7th, 2018 by Ferne

My company has been using this software for years and has never liked it. We have nothing but issues with it from how hard it is to get it up and running and installed, very not userfriendly in that aspect at all, to how often it just erases things on its own. I have issues with it erasing assets Ive entered into the database without my knowledge. I have issues with it just deciding to check-out assets when I’m scanning items out for an order it will just on its own check-out. The program also erases my check-outs out of nowhere for no apparent reason as well as erases my check-ins. I’ll get an order back from a customer and check-in everything it will all be there in the check-in screen I’ll hit the check-in button and then later in the day I’ll start finding assets that I know I checked-in showing as checked-out to the same order again. When I transfer check-outs it will transfer everything but it will erase the due date on half of the check-out and it will also still show items being checked-out to both places now so I’ll have items showing as checked-out to 2 orders which the system isnt supposed to be able to allow. Ive had nothing but problems and Ive tried talking to wasp about these numerous times and they havent fixed any of my issues. They keep me on the phone for an entire day sometimes while they remote into my computer to try and fix whatever the issue is which keeps me from working just so that at the end of the day they can tell me they dont know whats causing it so they cant fix it please next time it happens stop what your doing right away and call us again. I will never ever recommend this to anyone to use!

The Good…


The Bad…

EVERYTHING! they have alot of work to do on this system in every aspect! we are going to be changing over to a new system soon.