Trucking Integration

A software system designed by Selective Software for distribution/wholesale trade and transportation companies.


  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Automates internal accounting and freight billing systems


  • Not designed for macOS
  • Requires consultation call for pricing quote

About Trucking Integration

Trucking Integration is an integrated trucking and transportation software built on Microsoft Dynamics GP. The features include:

  • Freight Billing
  • Manifests (both In-house and Carrier Manifests)
  • Carrier Assignment Processing
  • Management Reporting
  • Vehicle Fleet Maintenance
  • Driver Tracking
  • Load Confirmation Forms and Loads Processing
  • Intermodal container and chassis tracking

This product is designed to fully automate the Trucking-Broker industry or Private-Fleet carrier company that owns their own trucks. This comprehensive package is designed to have the same look and feel of Great Plains as it fully integrates to the AP and AR modules and GL by way of these two other modules. It is tied into PC-Miler and Rand McNally Tripmaker to auto-calculate route mileages and produce routhing reports seamlessly into Great Plains. AnyView products are used to create Explorer objects and go-to’s.

Positioning Statement:

Trucking Brokers, Private Carriers and Intermodal Companies

Integration Description

The following transactions integrate into the appropriate Great Plains modules:

  • Posts Load Revenues to Receivables Management module
  • Carrier Invoices into the Payables Management module
  • Driver Settlement into Payroll module
  • Maintenance and Repair to Inventory module
  • Light Warehousing into Inventory module

Transactions post to a batch, so that they may be previewed, edit listed and posted. GL information is then updated as with any RM, PM or PR batch.

Other Products to Consider With This Solution

  • PC-Miler for route planning and mileage calculations
  • Rand McNally Tripmaker for Hazardous Material and Construction zone routing
  • AnyView Creator/Browser for use of pre-developed Explorer objects and Go-to’s

Target Customer Profile

Small-to-medium-to-large scale trucking brokers, trucking companies and intermodal freight companies needing to automate their internal accounting and freight billing systems. Usually these companies use PC-Miler or RAnd McNally Tripmaker to calculate mileages.

Transportation/Communications/Utilities - 42: Trucking & Warehousing

Transportation/Communications/Utilities - 47: Transportation Services

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Product Overview

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