A web-based multi-module management system designed by Cost Control Software.

About Job Manager

What Is “Job Manager”?

This is a complete Project Costing solution. “Job Manager” is a powerful and easy to use Activity Based Costing Granule that provides an easy way to manage resources; track the status of production jobs; monitor dates, activity cost and material requirements; and subcontractor activities within a single integrated system.

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Why Use “Foundation Pack” From Cost Control Software?

  • Increase Revenue with shorter lead times and reliable promise dates that allow for better deliveries and customer service.
  • Cut Costs by significantly reducing inventories, overtime, expediting fees and time spent updating spreadsheets.
  • Keep Informed with real time data by knowing where your costs are on every job, every minute of the day.
  • Gain Usability with a thorough overview of your business to efficiently identify opportunities and detect issues.
  • Save Time with quick and easy access to your company’s production status and identifying problems before they happen.

Key Features:

  • Estimating and Quoting: Estimator’s Worksheet for detailed calculations, Template for standard product structure, and Multi-level BOM options
  • Procurement: Demand based purchasing, Buy direct to Jobs, Subcontracts and outside processing, and Open PO visibility on Job Statics window
  • Labor Tracking: Time collection stations, Clock In / Clock Out with shift tracking, Scanner Interface, and Web Services option for remote Time Entry
  • Billing: Milestone, Cost Plus, Percentage of Completion, T&M and Fixed Fee, and Earned revenue worksheet
  • Work in Process (WIP): Auto-post WIP, Auto-post Recognition, Audit Trail

Ideal for Businesses Like:

Tool & Die Shops, Research & Development, Repair Shops of all kinds, Installation Services, Cleaning Services, Re-Manufacturers, Fabrication, Book Binding, Graphic Design, Management Firms, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Electronics, Measuring Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Durable Goods Manufacturers, Furniture, Sheet Metal, Concrete Products, Engineering, Research Firms, Discrete Manufacturing and more.

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User Reviews of Job Manager

Submitted on June 12th, 2019 by Wilton Tan

Your products covered knowledge that I could hardly find in anywhere else. Compare to other Microsoft partner’s training and service fee, this is a no-brainer purchase. Thank you!