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A job cost application designed by macs Software.

About macs - Budgeting & Job Costing Software

Macs leverages it’s ability to perform accurate costing to better understand the origins of current profitability and to improve the speed and accuracy of evaluating scenario’s that best lead to future profitability.

Cost Center Controlling

Cost Center Controlling Is the Module That Enables:

  • Managing overhead costs of administrative and support cost centers
  • Determining activity drivers and calculating activity rates split between filed and proportional costs
  • Indicates recovery of costs on products / other cost centers or processes consuming activities
  • Detailed variance analysis based on target quantities (planned quantities flexed for actual output)


  • Cost Center Activity Rate Calculations
  • Overhead Calculations
  • Year to Year Cost and Variance Calculations
  • Flexed Standard @ Cost Element / Activity / Cost Center Level
  • Backflush Simulations
  • Split between Fixed & Variable & Semi-variable

Finance Controlling

The Finance Controlling Module assists in the management and forecasting of cash availability and requirements based on actual as well as forecast budgets and plans.


  • Take rolling forecast or scenario and calculate liquidity (cash) requirements

Job Costing

The Job Costing Module has various forms of cost collectors (cost objects) against which costs can be planned, actuals reported against and variances analyzed. The complexity of the type of cost object selected depends on the nature of the initiative – eg: production run would be a job order.


  • Collects cost for discrete piece of work
  • Ability to distinguish between fixed and variable costs
  • Ability to perform ýflexedý reporting
  • Detailed variance analysis possible

Product Costing

Product Costing is the module for calculating product cost split by variable and fixed components. Multiple component views of products available. Functionality based on principle that products consume resources – which can consist of activities as well as a multi-level bill of material.


  • Split between fixed and variable (proportional) costs
  • Multiple cost views possible
  • Unlimited number of cost component views
  • Perform batch simulations

Sales & Profit

The Sales & Profit Module is a tool for marketing and sales planning. It enables an iterative planning process where sales and product managers can plan at the customer/product level. Different scenarios can be evaluated to determine which one yields promise of optimal returns. Comprehensive planning tools including top down, bottom up planning is available.

Sales & Profit also used for contribution margin (profit) reporting at the customer & product level. Combines sales values with values from Product Costing module to provide product or customer income statement.


  • Detailed sales planning
  • Integrated business planning as costs from product costing and overhead costs can be included in Plan I/S
  • Split between fixed and variable (proportional) costs
  • Customer Profitability Statements at Contribution Margin, Gross Margin & EBIT Levels for Actual & Standard
  • Product Line / Product Profitability Statements at Contribution Margin, Gross Margin & EBIT Levels for Actual & Standard
  • Interative scenario planning, rolling forecasts and budget updates made possible
  • Actual to Forecast Variance Analysis
  • Year to Year Cost and Variance Analysis
  • Ability to process huge volumes of data

Target Costing

Target Costing is based on the allowed costs - standard quantities / costs flexed for actual activity output. The actual activity output can be based on cost center outputs as well as outputs obtained from other cost objects - eg: production orders. Module works with the product costing module.


  • Flexing of the budget
  • Only flexes the variable portion (not both fixed and variable)

Product Overview

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