Job Manager

A multi-module management system designed by MetaCommunications.

About Job Manager

Job Manager 3.5 is an electronic job tracking, costing, estimating, and billing solution for the graphic arts industry. Job Manager allows organizations to capture, manage, and track employee time/material usage on-line - allowing users to obtain instant job status, activity reports, and cost analysis, and generate invoices automatically when jobs are complete. Job Manager integrates with leading accounting software packages.


Features Include:

  • Automatic estimate/quote numbering support
  • Build estimated items that can be copied directly to the quote for the customer
  • Attach pre-priced estimate items as predefined or custom ordered items
  • Assign customer pricing structures on estimate-by-estimate basis
  • Convert estimates to live jobs upon customer approval
  • Report on estimated versus actual job activity and cost analysis

Job Costing


  • Optional Job Cost Plus module support can be added at anytime
  • Automatically calculates job costs based on employee time and material usage Collaboration
  • Support for Order Items and Production Charges billing options
  • Automatic invoice numbering support
  • Export invoice information for use in third-party accounting systems
  • Partial invoice support

Job Management


  • Automatic job numbering support
  • Job assignment to designated sales reps and customer service reps
  • Hot link navigation support jumps to job-related reports and viewers
  • Due date and due time support
  • Assign jobs to automatic workflows, custom workflow templates, or no workflows for scheduling
  • Attach pre-priced job items as predefined or custom ordered items
  • View tax breakdowns for attached ordered items
  • Assign customer pricing structures on job-by-job basis

Job Tracking


  • Track detailed work activity based on jobs, employees, tasks, departments, cost centers, and date ranges
  • Summarize reports to group by employee, dates, tasks, cost centers, and job numbers
  • User defined workflow templates for job and cost center scheduling
  • Automatic moving of jobs along workflows based on job activity
  • Entry/departure dates and times for each cost center recorded for jobs
  • Productivity and efficiency analysis reporting
  • Custom reports generator
  • Export report data to text files

Product Overview

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