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Job Costing

A job cost application designed by PEM Software Systems.
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This company is no longer in operation. Per their website, “PEM Software Systems, Inc has been providing our customers software for close to 30 years and unfortunately we are no longer able to stay in business. We have tried to continue to provide our customers the best we could but we are no longer able to continue operations. We are having to close our doors after many years of providing our customers with the best software we could offer. We wish all of our loyal customers success in the years to come. We would like to let all our customers know that any existing software you have will continue to work and operate as it has and should work for years to come.”

This module will give you complete access to your job history in an easy to use system. It will allow you to enter as many contract breakouts as you need. Additionally you can assign budgets, using cost codes for each contract breakout. Job activity can be entered and used for payroll, purchasing, outside labor, and to schedule job events. Furthermore, you will be able to view profit and loss statements in real time and calculate overhead percentages for Labor, Expenses, Purchases and General Job Overhead. From start to finish this is your complete job costing solution.

Track Job Overhead and Billing

  • One Time Purchase, No Annual Fees.
  • Easy Access to Job History.
  • Enter as many Contract Breakouts as Needed.
  • Assign Budgets, using Cost Codes, for each Contract Breakout.
  • Enter Activity for Payroll, Purchases, Out Side Labor, Rentals, and more
  • Use the Job NotePad Facility and record, track and schedule events for the Job.
  • Record your Customer Billing Activity
  • Job Profit & Loss Statements Instantly
  • Overhead percentages for Labor, Expenses, Purchases and General Job Overhead.
  • Cost Categories can Also have Overhead Percentages.
  • Activity Reports by: Job, Date range or Type.
  • Use Job Cost Standalone or Save even more time and Increase control by adding: Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable and Inventory.
  • Define Your Jobs to the System and Override by Job: State codes Local, County, City, Tax Codes, Rates of pay for different work, Prevailing Wage requirements classifications
  • Setup Your contract values. Break them out as you need. Set budget expense limits for contract values. Apply costs from Payroll, Accounts Payable or directly from Job cost, to those contract/budget values
  • Purchase Orders can directly move materials on jobs, giving you plenty of information on materials flow and costs.
  • Customer billing can be posted from Accounts Receivable or done directly from Job Costing.
  • Job Profit & Loss statements.
  • Enough reports to effectively manage your Jobs performance.

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