Automates member applications, renewals, email communication, events, CRM and more.

About Member365

Member365 is a full-suite association management and member management software. It can handle storing and updating member information, and it can help members apply, renew, update, and cancel their memberships. But it can also help with things like surveys and votes, marketing, budgeting, event management, fundraising and donations, and more.

Member365 helps automate several tasks, like building an email list or sending notifications to overdue members. Members will have tools in their own portals, like being able to communicate and share documents with other members. And Member365 can support job boards, professional development assets, and other helpful resources.

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  • Membership Directories
  • CRM
  • Event Management
  • Renewals and Updates
  • Surveys and Votes
  • Fundraising and Donations
  • Job Boards
  • Member Communication Tools/Forums
  • Email Marketing


Member365 starts at $149/month. There is no free version of Member365. And there is a free trial of Member365.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Member365

Submitted on May 14th, 2020 by Erica N. Harris

I was so used to having to send an email and then wait overnight for a reply each time I had a problem with software. With Member365, I remember the first time I clicked on that chat bubble and got a reply right away—instant solution. And we can create gorgeous looking email marketing now. That’s a huge time saver.