MARG Pharma Software

An ERP system for pharma distribution and wholesale billing

About MARG Pharma Software

MARG Pharma Software is the most efficient, effective & accurate way to handle your pharmacy supply chain. This software makes it easy to manage wholesale and distribution business.

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MARG Pharma Features

  • Sales Analysis on Google Map: Track Your Sales through Google Satellite Map.
  • Auto-Cloud Backup: Upload data online and directly store it in Google Drive/One Drive.
  • Reorder Management: Generate re-order on multiple basis.
  • Free Drug Information (Pharmanxt): Search substitutes based on location of suppliers.
  • Push Sale & Expiry Management: Push the right item to the right customer to increase sales & decrease dump and near-expiry stock.
  • Restricted Drugs Management: Maintain & track sale purchase records of restricted drugs.
  • MR Commission: Generate & maintain records of MR commission, margin, payments, pending amount, outstandings, status etc.
  • GST Filing & E way Bill: Upload GST returns on the portal in JSON, CSV or Excel file.
  • Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks.
  • Import Purchase: Invoice sync through GSTIN/ E-code. You can directly import the sales’ bill from distributors’ system & upload it directly as purchase bill.
  • Dispatch Management: Live tracking of items, starting from product order to delivery in 3 stages - Billing, Packing, & Delivery.
  • Purchase & Sale Claim Management: Distributors can keep track of benefits of the claim against the purchases done.
  • Credit Limit Management: Distributors can track & set the Credit Limits automatically & manually.
  • API Integration: A fully managed service that facilitates users to access multiple types of data which can be easily integrated with other Apps.
  • E-Way Bill: Easily generate E-way Bill after registering on GST.
  • E-Invoicing: Electronically upload B2B invoices authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).
  • Order Calling: Eliminate the need to type customer’s contact number to place calls and receive orders by scanning the QR Code.


There are three pricing options for MARG Pharma Software: Basic Edition, Silver Edition, and Gold Edition. Basic begins at $300, Silver is $600, and Gold is $1,100.

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