A multi-module management system designed by ACE Retail Management Systems for retail trade companies.

About ACE Retail 3000

5 Reasons ACE Retail Is the Key to Profit Making

1. Know Where Your Business Stands…Instantly

ACE Retail 3000 reaches beyond standard POS transaction tracking functions to provide you with a detailed picture of your business whenever you need it. Absorb the big picture or zero in on a specific concern.

What Is Selling. What Is not…

Unique functions like multiple searches and automatic re-order are standard to the ACE Retail 3000. Powerful sales analysis capabilities help you decide when to discount, assist in sales forecasts, and confirm when business is booming. And as those products fly off the shelves, ACE Retail 3000 ensures that new stock is on always on the way.

  • Drill down deep into customer buying patterns
  • Improve efficiencies with rapid inventory in/out functions
  • Compete with larger businesses while retaining the advantages of a smaller business

…And What’s Missing.

Whether light-fingered employees or customers are at fault, theft is a serious challenge for any business. ACE Retail 3000 monitors all transactions and coordinates them with accurate inventory control so you can deal with discrepancies right away.

2. Improve customer Satisfaction

Customer service can make or break the smaller business. The ACE Retail 3000 provides detailed data to enlarge the information base you need to serve your customers better.

  • Faster check-out
  • Customer tracking that tells you what customers want so you can gear products and services to reflect their needs
  • Flexibility that leads to repeat customers and referrals, especially important for niche businesses

3. Stay in Control

Control Costs

The quickest way to improve profits is to eliminate losses.

  • Clamp down on unauthorized employee transactions
  • Improve inventory management for reduced ordering and fewer markdowns
  • Buy what you need and increase capabilities as your business grows
  • Choose from basic, standard or advanced programs
  • All-inclusive packages available, including support and peripherals
  • As a business expense, ACE Retail 3000 is 100% tax deductible

Control Access to Valuable Information

Your cash registers contain more than money. Safeguarding valuable information is as important as securing cash, especially once your business reaches a size where you are no longer visible at all times.


  • Passwords with prompts that can be turned off
  • All sales transactions are logged with the authorized administrator
  • Optional managerýs password

Maintain Control as Your Business Grows


  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Configurations can be scaled to support larger volume of activity
  • From single-product to multi-channel retail with no upper limit on store size or numbers

4. Small Business Focus with Big Business Features

The complexity of the ACE Retail 3000ýs functionality is concealed beneath friendly, image-based operation and seamless compatibility with existing systems.


  • Touch screen compatible with no mouse required
  • Clear graphic menus with picture gallery and product pictures
  • Minimal keystrokes for all processes
  • No special training or computer knowledge required


  • Point of Sale, Customer Database, Inventory Control and Purchasing all in one program
  • Easy-to-follow guided CD installation


  • Compatible with any network
  • Fully integrated with Simply Accounting and partially integrated with Quicken
  • Works with all modern retail credit card readers, customer display and color receipt printers

5. Customize to Your Needs

Retail businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your business revolves around new or repeat products; has one or multiple locations; uses one workstation or many; or requires specific, proprietary information enhancements; ACE Retail 3000 is adaptable to every operation.

Extended Options

Extended Integration Options Package

  1. Credit Cards / Gift Cards integration (Chase Paymentech, X-Charge, Pay Junction and Mercury Payments)
  2. Integration with QuickBooks, Peachtree or Simply Accounting
  3. Enhanced External Import / Export with Custom Templates and an option to Import Web Orders or Sales

Extended Sales Options 1 Package

  1. Extended Sales Orders with Back Orders, Shipping Information / Instruction, Multi Ship Address, Ship to / Bill to
  2. Time Billing plus Project Billings with Project Costs and Purchases allocations
  3. Repairs control with Pictures and Status Management

Extended Sales Options 2 Package

  1. Rental Module with Single or Multiple Rental Unit Quantities, Serial Numbers
  2. Booking and Scheduling for either Rentals or for Services
  3. Gift Registry, Integrated to Scan Selection, Special Pricing, Multi Purchasers for One Item

Enhanced Customer Options Package

  1. Loyalty Points, Memberships, Mailing Lists, Refillable Gift / Loyalty Cards, Prepaid Services, Customer Groups
  2. Accounts Receivable with Post Dated Checks, Payment Terms, Interest Charges, Aged A/R, Customer Statements
  3. Create your own information data entry forms. Use Drop List, Dates , Import, Export and Search this data.

Enhanced Inventory Options Package

  1. Handheld Scanning Integration (WiFi or Batch) for Inventory Counts, Sales, Ordering, Receiving
  2. Consignment Inventory with Vendor Reports. Option to Charge Accounts Payable or Credit Accounts Receivable
  3. Automatic Sales Replenishment, Build-in Matrix and Customer Orders Integration for Purchasing and Receiving

Cash Out

  • Integrated Drop Deposits
  • Cash outs by Cashier or Workstation or Store
  • Money Count Option with a deposit slip
  • Credit / Debit Card Payments Reconciliation to Bank Processed Payments
  • Fixed or Variable Cash Float
  • Customizable Cash out Tape Printing
  • Blind and Open Cash outs (to be finalized by Management later)

Customers (CRM)

  • Add Customers (New or Existing) to Sales on-the-fly
  • System will automatically adjust Customers’ taxes and discounts if appropriate
  • Customer Demographic Information
  • Advanced Customer Search
  • Link together family members
  • Custom Pricing, Multiple Price Lists, Custom Tax Setup
  • Instant Sales History for any Customer (just press F4)
  • Instant Customer Adding based on their Phone Number (certain condition apply)
  • Memberships, Multiple Price Lists, Multi-Shipping Locations, Extra Information… Expansion Module Links

E-Commerce Integration

Electronic commerce has reshaped the retail world, yet few e-commerce sites are integrated with store functions and inventory control. ACE Retail’s E-Commerce Integration (ECI) provides tools that allow ACE Retail to share and exchange information with the commerce engine that handles orders on your web site.

Implementation, Administrative and General

  • Industry Specific to each of the main Retail Store Type. Set Default Switches to Accommodate all your store operational needs.
  • Multiple Workstations, Cash Registers, Remote Operations through the WEB (additional charges apply)
  • Integrated Head Office / Franchise Management / Multiple Stores Management Options and Reporting
  • Ability to go LIVE with Sales, Purchases and Data Entry within a few minutes of system installation
  • Personal On-Line Consultation, Training and Support to ensure enjoyable and pain-free system Implementation
  • Integrated Web Tutorials and Training for every option and feature. Downloadable System Manual
  • Option for the user to setup Integrated Custom Processing Instructions for any database entry field
  • Unlimited User Groups with Unlimited Users. Group / User based Security with Management Overwrite
  • Group / User Information Access Rights with ‘What Can you Do or See’ Restrictions with Management Overwrite
  • Numerous Management Reports with Security Access Restrictions, Graphs and User Customization
  • Advanced Import / Export capabilities and (Vendor Specific) templates for MS Excel and other files and programs
  • Option to add Expansion Modules


  • Intelligent Inventory Search helps you to find any inventory item instantly.
    • Find product by exact or partial match on PLU, Barcode, Vendor’s Product ID, Custom Search Criteria…
    • Or search by Department, Sub-Department, Sub-Category, Vendor, Brand, Location, Description or any combination thereof.
    • Define and Modify on-the-fly (in Inventory and Sales) your Search Criteria
    • Industry best and most powerful search by full, partial or multiple item description
    • Automatic Search activation at the data entry point (no need to go to a separate screen)
    • Refine Inventory Search with a Combination of multiple categories (Departments, Sub- Categories, Vendors)
    • Instantly Sort found products by Description, PLU, Vendor’s PLU and much more
    • Additional six (6) Inventory search Criteria
  • Add a picture to any item or item group.
    • These pictures appear on Sales and can be used for Touch Screen sales as well.
  • Inventory can be added on-the-fly from anywhere (Inventory, Sales, Purchases / Receiving, Worksheet)
  • Various inventory (Sale) types; Products, Bulk, Services, Gift Cards, Miscellaneous, Matrix
  • Multiple Bar Codes, Multiple Vendors (each with their own Product ID, Pack and Price) for each item
  • Multiple Inventory Categories and Departments
    • Unlimited Categories / Departments and Sub-Categories / Sub-Departments
    • Category Specific Options (Discounts, Taxes, Touch Screens)
    • Additional Four (4) Category groups (Brand, Vendor, Location)
  • Inventory History (Sales, Receiving, Transfers and Adjustments) with Details Graphical Information
  • Great Controls and Reporting of Inventory Write Offs and Adjustments.
  • Bar Code Labels Printing with an automatic internal Bar code generation for each Inventory Item
  • 100% Customizable Bar Code Labels Design
  • Inventory Count with Hand Held Scanning Integration, Data Import, option for a Date Freeze, Variance Analysis, History
  • Advanced Worksheet for Inventory Counts, Management, Analysis, Adjustments, Pricing and Additions)
  • Four (4) Dimensional Matrix, Serialized Inventory, Warranty Control, Lot Numbers, Kits, Assembly, Sale Follow-up Plans, Pack Breaks (Boxes to Units), Purchasing Packs or Multipliers, Per-Unit-Pricing, Shipping Measurements
  • Web Store Inventory Information (Can be used for an OPTIONAL Web Store Integration)

Purchasing & Receiving

  • Items to Buy Lists by Vendors, Category or Products
  • Integrated Receiving with FAST and Efficient Inventory adding on-the-fly
  • Instant Automatic Pricing Defaults with Intelligent Price Rounding for New (or Existing) Products
  • Automatic Bar Code Generation, Bar Code Printing, POS Labels, Window Labels
  • Automatic Min-Max Purchasing (Powerful, Flexible, Intuitive, Guaranteed One of the Industry Best)
  • Integrated Receiving including Import of Vendors’ EDI Invoices and Hand Held Bar Code Receiving Scans
  • Control over Back Orders and Special Orders
  • Integrated Returns with Links to Original Purchases


  • User Friendly Sales Screen (It takes less the one minute to learn how to operate it)
  • Scan, Price, Add and Sell (SPAaS) Item On-the-fly in less then 5 second (subject to Security Rights)
  • Option to Sell Items not (yet) in the system with as few as three (3) key strokes
  • Integrated Manufacturers’ or ACE Bar Code Scanning (with ACE Bar Code Generation and Printing)
  • Touch Screen Compatible with option to show products folders, product pictures, descriptions or both.
  • Scanner and Keyboard only, Mouse Less, Sales Screen Operations for fast sales throughput
  • Integrated Posting to inventory for sold or returned items. An option to write of (subject to security) returned items.
  • Option to write off damaged items, subject to security
  • Gift cards, Gift Certificates, Store Credits
  • Customizable Sales Screen Functionality to meet your specific Store Requirements
  • Customizable Sales Screen Security to meet your specific Store Requirements
  • Automatic application of pre-set promotions regardless when the item is scanned
  • Automatically activated Inventory Inteli-Search (see below for details) as needed
  • Pre-set automatic Promotions
  • Set multiple automatic Start and End Days
  • Promotion Prices can be based on purchased quantities of an item
  • Promotions by Category / Department or Vendor
  • Pre-set Discount Buttons (with discount amount or percentage)
  • Suspend (Park, Put on Hold) and latter on Recall any sales transaction. A great Security control over Suspended Transactions
  • Instant detection and warning on return of items that were previously sold with discount
  • Insert Notes (Final Sale, No Return, etc) with one key to any item sold
  • Payouts and Petty Cash Recording and Control
  • Option to Display Pictures of any Products as it is Sold.
  • Option to Manually or Automatically Sort products sold based on their Price Order.
  • Option to Integrate Advertising Material while Running a Sales Tape on the screen facing the customer
  • Customizable Sales Screen Appearance Options OR Selections to tailor-fit your Sales Processing Requirements
  • Advanced Promotions: Mix and Match, Buy X get Y Free, Members Only
  • Cumulative Sales Promotions, Free Gifts once $X in Sales is reached
  • Orders, Back Orders, Layaways, Work Orders / Alternations, Repairs, Quotes
  • Integrated credit card processing (Expansion Module) right on the sales screen (no need to go to the tender screen; just swipe the card)
  • Automatic Up-sale suggestions
  • Automatic Customer Notes (Warning.)
  • Customizable Sales Screen Look to meet your specific Store Requirements
  • Store Credits with Bar-code Control and Reminder Option
  • Sales Commission Tracking with Multiple Commission per Invoice option
  • Time Clock with weekly (daily) time reports. An instant ‘Who is here’ info.
  • Document Processing Time Control / Warnings

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