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About Barnet POS

Barnet’s Cannabis point-of-sale (POS) integrates everything from main suppliers to e-commerce. Manage your inventory, ordering/receiving, and online presence from within your system, without the use of expensive and cumbersome third parties.

Barnet’s all in one system includes:

  • Integration with provincial ordering systems
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • E-commerce (no third party required)
  • Menu boards (no third party required)
  • Customer loyalty (no third party required)

Barnet POS is an all-in-one solution, with no additional software vendors needed., so you can spend less time on admin work and more time focusing on what matters for your business. This powerful cloud-based technology is designed for single and multi-unit stores. Barnet is a proud Canadian software development company and the system is directly integrated with Canadian provincial ordering systems.

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  • Integration with provincial ordering systems
  • Import the main vendor’s receiving invoices and catalogs directly
  • Manage e-commerce and POS from the same database
  • Menu board system and customer kiosk with express checkout
  • Provincial and Federal automated compliance reporting
    • Federal and Provincial compliance reports are automatically generated in seconds - no need for manual work or cutting/pasting
    • Automatic report scheduling system keeps you on time for all government reporting
  • Integration into Provincial ordering system for purchase ordering and receiving
  • Customer loyalty systems
  • Import entire product catalog with information and images in seconds
  • Import receiving invoices and directly send orders in one simple step
  • Supports BCLDB, AGLC, SLGA, OCS
  • Easily manage age limits and quantity limits at the POS
  • Complete audit trail for all transactions is peace of mind for the owner
  • Manage POS and online store directly from the same database
  • POS system automatically updates your online store without the need for manual work
  • Track inventory in real-time for the online and in-store systems
  • Click and collect system for pick-up and delivery
  • Customize your online store’s look and feel
  • Customer KIOSK for express check out


Barnet POS software is available for $300 per month, charged per location. Expert support is available 24/7. There is no free trial available. There is not a free version.

Starting Price
$300 /month
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Pricing Details
Charged monthly per location

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User Reviews of Barnet POS

Submitted on March 14th, 2022 by Troy Bilodeau

The Berezan Hospitality Group has partnered with Barnet for over 10 years. Olena and her team have been wonderful to work with. They have helped our group excel in central purchasing, inventory control, e-commerce, and rewards programs.

The Berezan Hospitality Group happily recommends Barnet if your company is looking for a competent POS provider at a reasonable price.

Submitted on March 14th, 2022 by Monique Miller

One of the best things about barnet is that it’s not just an “out of the box” system. From front end POS to backend reporting requirements, the Barnet team is happy to customize the system to work the way you need it to.