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About Bepoz POS

Bepoz has two versions of the software - Entrepreneur and Corporate. Entrepreneur is intended for the business with only one store, no matter the size, but still needs automations, pricing flexibility, and key reports. Corporate on the other hand is for a much more comprehensive business that may have one store or 30,000 locations. With Corporate you have much more power to make the pos system work for you. Deeper automations and scheduled tasks. Purchasing and Inventory. Flexible Pricing. Track Customers and Members. And with over 50 integrations you can even connect to PMS, ERP, and Accounting packages. The great thing about Entrepreneur is that you can upgrade at any time to Corporate; It’s a great place to start!

Engage Customers

Some businesses struggle to identify their customers and what their best ones like. Their Customer Loyalty will solve that problem. All you have to do is use it to get their info.

In the software “Jobs” is the tool that allows you to create scheduled event. Change pricing, add discounts, setup a promotion on Friday for a single or group of items and have the price reset on Saturday. Bepoz Works.

Multi-Site Management

The Corporate version allows you to manage one location or many locations. You can manage your own on-premise HQ Server or Manage In The Cloud. Access Anywhere.

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User Reviews of Bepoz POS

Submitted on March 14th, 2019 by Anonymous

Have never dealt with an vendor with worse customer service. Can not get documentation. Will not fix problems. Do not provide ANY support at all

The Good…

nothing. would be easier to use a notebook and pencil

The Bad…

lack of support when there is a problem. and there are lots of problems.

Submitted on April 5th, 2018 by Gary Lambert

The problems Bepoz solves for us here are huge. We have about 3000 individual line-items for sale in the pro shop. If you add up the quantities, it’s in the thousands. It’s golf balls, jackets, hats, etc. It’s really helped us manage our inventory. It’s very easy to maintain. It’s very easy to use. It gives us virtually no problems.