OneStep Java POS

A multi-module management system designed by Business Control Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.

About OneStep Java POS

The OneStep Java POS and Distribution system was designed by Business Control Systems to address the common as well as unique requirements of the Retailer and Distributor. Developed in Java, it is in compliance with specifications developed by the Java POS Consortium consisting of the National Retail Federation, IBM, NCR, SUN Microsystems, Home Depot, Sears, JCPenney and many other retail industry leaders. OneStep is available with Xbase, MS SQL, and Oracle databases making it scalable to the client’s needs. The Java programming language is at the foundation of the OneStep product. It gives it the ability to function on your corporate network, standalone PC, and in time on your Mobile Phone. OneStep Java POS has been designed to be intuitive and stable so as to require a minimal amount of setup, training, and support. The functions are logically structured, easily accessible and executable.

OneStep Java POS consists of basic modules:

  • Point of Sale / Order Entry
  • Inventory Control
  • Customer Management
  • Purchasing
  • Accounting interface - Quick Books and others

Many additional expansions are available:

  • Web Interface
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Rentals
  • Repairs
  • BATF Compliant Tracker
  • MSA Compliant Reporting
  • Natural Products Module
  • Deli Scale Interface
  • Extended Price and Cost
  • Formula based Commission Tracking

Accounting Interface

The Accounting Interface integrates directly with Quick Books Pro. Outputs are available in generic formats to other accounting products.

Customer Management

Knowing your customer can increase your sales and profitability by 20% per year according to various published studies. OneStep Java POS provides a simple and easy way of tracking your customer’s purchases and addressing those you want via mail or email. Functions such as customer ID Verification, data capturing as required by government agencies and manufacturers for controlled products and substances is designed to be easily managed. Tracking the customer’s purchases over a period of time allows you to anticipate the next buy and provide the necessary incentives for items not on their shopping list. Customers can be added to the system automatically via a drivers license scan and displayed with their picture if needed. Sales commissions on a customer can be tracked and calculated based on a number of formulas and limits. Customer loyalty tracking is available within the system or in conjunction with third party programs.

The OneStep Java POS is designed to make it a simple and easy process to implement and use.

General System Settings

OneStep Java POS comes ready with special presets for specific industries. Appliances, Archery, Firearms, Garden Centers, Grocery, Hardware, Home Decorating, Jewelry, Liquor, Music, Natural Products, Pool & Spa, Vitamin & Supplement, Sporting Goods, Tobacco, etc., all have special presets and functions needed because of the intricacies of what they do. OneStep Java POS has been designed with your industry specifics in mind. General system functions such as User Setup allows you to control which user gets to see what. For example, costs may be viewed by one user and not another, discounts, may be given by a manager, and not a retail clerk, or given at various levels by each. Some parts of the system may be protected from some users. Having the ability to force the user to Clock In and Clock Out to start operating the system gives you the control to later get accurate tracking of attendance and obtain payroll reports.

The OneStep Java POS is designed to make it a simple and easy process to implement and use.

Inventory Control

At the core of the OneStep Java POS is the Inventory Control module. Inventory control is available for various inventory items i.e. soft and hard goods, weight based items requiring scales, serialized items requiring serialized costing and pricing (firearms, appliances etc). Inventory tracking includes Multi Warehousing, multiple Units of Measure with separate pricing for each unit. Item price includes Special item pricing, Web pricing, Sale pricing etc. Special functionality is available as required by the BATF, MSA Reporting, Natural Products Supply channel, and other EDI based inventory interfaces. Item costing can be done in a number of pertinent ways such as serial costing, average costing, or FIFO. Know the value of your inventory when you need it. Automated price updates from a variety of suppliers are available. Items can be set with long descriptions, specifications, and multi-view pictures. Physical Counts and Inventory transfers can be done via hand held devices. Barcode labels can be generated from the Inventory module for all products or specific items set on sale.

The OneStep Java POS is designed to make it a simple and easy process to implement and use.

Point of Sale / Order Entry

OneStep Java POS is available with a Form, Touch Screen or Order Entry user interfaces. All the Cash Register and Order Processing functions are easy to learn and simple to use. Various security levels can prevent operators from executing functions reserved for management. Integrated credit card processing, scale interface, drivers license scanner interface, provide a simple and fast way to add customers, scan or enter products, and print receipts or invoices. The automated pricing functionality can easily price the product automatically at the appropriate level for a specific customer. Special functionality such as automated Circular Pricing for grocery, or ID data collection and last sold verification for Firearms dealers are some of the unique functions available in OneStep Java POS.

The OneStep Java POS is designed to make it a simple and easy process to implement and use.


To save time and money the OneStep Java POS system is designed to give you a number of reports based on which Purchase Orders can be generated automatically, saving the time it takes to do manual item entry, especially when ordering a multitude of items. Your purchasing advice reports always are based on your sales, inventory levels, and therefore take turning rates of the products into account. The system provides you with a method to put a forecasted probability of sales so as to adjust the past history to the anticipated future and purchase what you need when you need it. Items can be filtered by vendor, manufacturer, specific item, department, category, subcategory, season, and a number of other pertinent parameters. Purchase Orders can be submitted electronically via existing vendor interfaces or emailed, printed and faxed. Interfaces exist to enable Purchase Order imports from a number of vendor web sites and devices.

The Inventory Receiving process can be done against a PO or as a independent receiving. A number of cross references are made to ensure that the product received is the product ordered.

Cross checks are made to determine if a price change has occurred on an existing item. The item is flagged and new price or Barcode Labels can be printed for the items with changed prices only, or all the items received. A receiving record is produced in hard copy to account for the receiving.

The OneStep Java POS is designed to make it a simple and easy process to implement and use.

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