A full ERP system designed by CDS Solutions Group.

About FACS5

FACS5 has been created to specifically meet the software requirements of growth-oriented Home Furnishings, Appliance, Health Equipment and Musical Merchandise retailers in the US.

  • Over 20 years of proven reliability.
  • Extremely fast and secure - runs natively in a 64bit Operating System that meets DOD C2 Security Rating.
  • Designed and written for IBM AS/400 Servers with the award-winning DB/2 built-in relational database.
  • Relational database design for speed and flexibility.
  • A fully integrated modular software architecture for maximum flexibility and power.
  • Complete support services from CDS Solutions Group - dedicated to providing comprehensive information services for the Big-Ticket retail environment.

FACS5 gives you complete control over the acquisition, disposition and monitoring of goods through your business. Features like Just-In-Time Ordering, Automated Allocation, Delivery Scheduling and Serialized Inventory offer real time tracking of every piece of inventory you make, buy, sell or store. And a complete history for any item or any customer is always readily available.

Inventory Control is a key to the success of every Big-Ticket retail business. Knowing what’s selling and what’s not, seasonal trends, item locations, when something is in stock, out of stock or due to arrive all play an important role. FACS5 can help you manage all of these logistics in a paperless system that lowers costs, decreases errors and increases happy customers. Our real-time Radio Frequency system even eliminates the need for paper documents for receiving, put-a-way, transfers, order picking, cycle counts, physical inventory, and entering service orders for items found damaged.

How do you stay ahead of the competition? Easy. By knowing more than the competition… sooner than the competition. With FACS5, your sales associates can instantly access customer account information, stock status, incoming receiving dates, available delivery dates, and perform credit authorization either at stationary workstations or with our mobile PocketFacs units. Now, for the first time, your people can access any information from anywhere in the store, anywhere on the road, anywhere in the world. And best of all, they can get the information when they need it. Now.

FACS5 gives you complete flexibility when it comes to purchasing stock and special order items. Of course, you can still process orders individually by hand. Or you can let FACS5 develop each order and have management approve them. To make the process even simpler, FACS5 will also forward purchase orders electronically to trading partners…automatically.

FACS5 and its server system are designed to address all aspects of your e-business… providing multiple locations with instant access to information. We can help you generate low-cost, high-value transactional processing - electronic commerce - through EDI, SML and B2B. From a pure ý.comý business model, to an advanced brick and mortar and electronic infrastructure, FACS5 creates cutting edge technology solutions for your business.

If you want to streamline your back office operation, take FACS5 into account. Our system automatically moves information from sales, receivables, purchases, and payables into the appropriate general ledger accounts. It can accommodate up to 99 companies with 999 locations. Multiple months and years can be open concurrently. All in all it minimizes human error and maximizes efficiency.

Ease into FACS5 with cash sales only. Then it’s easy to add any financing method individually as your need arises. FACS5 will even facilitate on-line interaction with automated credit clearing companies. Your customer’s purchasing experience is enhanced, your selling experience is simplified.

FACS5 generates many reports automatically, but none is more important than the Gross Margin Return on Inventory. As you know, this information is crucial to the successful operation and management of your retail business. But what you might not know is that FACS5 reporting allows individual formulas to be incorporated based on your exact specifications. You get the report you need, in the format you need with all the information you need.

Accounts Payable System

The Accounts Payable System Is Interfaced With the Inventory Control, Purchasing and General Ledger Systems.

  • The Accounts Payable System uses a batch invoice entry method, automatic selection of open payables for payment, automatic check writing, and automatic printing.
  • Provides for the issuing of manual checks.
  • Allows for selecting invoices to be paid by vendor or due date.
  • Automatically posts to the General Ledger System in detail or summary.
  • Provides on-line editing of all data entries.
  • Inventory invoices matched to purchase order receipts.
  • Gives notification of discounts missed.
  • Maintains detailed invoice history.
  • Supports recurring payables and prepaid invoices.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable system is a comprehensive open-item system designed to operate independently or in conjunction with the Inventory Control, General Ledger and Purchase Order Systems.

  • The Accounts Receivable module can reserve inventory, allow delivery, produce purchase orders or generate statements based terms you establish. FACS5 supports everything from in-house revolving charges, lay away purchases and 30 day sales, to C.O.D, 30-60-90, one year no interest and outside financing.
  • Customers may have multiple purchases with multiple terms all under the same account.
  • Automatically interfaces with the Sales and General Ledger Systems.
  • Immediate access to individual invoice and customer balances.
  • User defined terms, including: required down payment amount, number of payments due (based on availability or delivery of inventory), when and how to generate a statement and a late charge.
  • Credit approval is interfaced with sales.
  • Easy access to information and a message system to assist collections.
  • Supports partial billing and pro-rated deposit applications.
  • Automatic credit-on-account processing.

Bar Code Data Collection

First the system prints a pressure sensitive bar code ticket with a unique serial number for each item ordered on a Purchase Order. When items are received, the bar code label is placed on the box or item. The operator then scans the item to receive it at the store or warehouse and inventory files are updated immediately. Finally, the Aisle/Bin/Level locations are also scanned upon ýput away.ý

FACS5 supports both handheld and baton scanners as well as RF bar code devices. (Batch scanning devices are uploaded to the AS/400 through a terminal interface, while the RF Terminals are ýon-lineý and real-time.)

The RF Bar Code System can be used in delivery processing for picking, loading and delivery reconciliation.

Various inventory functions are available on RF Scanners such as: damage codes, return to manufacturer, customer pick-ups and switch locations.

Customer Service

The FACS5 Customer Service System has 10 sub-modules that give you state-of-the-art features and functions to help you better serve your customers.

  • Service Order Entry Service call entry is done at the time the call is received and all service orders are placed in an open service order file where they are updated as service order actions are taken. Your service assistant can quickly and easily retrieve a customer’s delivered history from the FACS5 database allowing selection of the particular item(s) needing service.
  • Generates a new customer and item for situations where repair service is being performed on an item purchased elsewhere.
  • Unlimited damage description fields to meet manufacturer requirements for charge backs.
  • RF Bar Code System allows the operator to designate damaged stock items and automatically create a service order from the warehouse floor.
  • Charges for labor and parts be charged back to manufacturers, billed to - the customer.
  • All charge backs or billing must be approved before being processed and can be held until a service order is complete.
  • Daily call schedules are assigned to technicians based on designated areas.
  • Accommodates specific customer time requests and provides a printed technician schedule.
  • Service orders can be printed for in-home repairs, providing acknowledgement of work performed.
  • Data can be added to the service order at any time, so orders remain current.
  • Handles non-repairable items marked for return to manufacturer.
  • Service call questions can be handled by the technician, store and service coordinator for fast response.
  • Final data entry includes cause and description of the problem, actual time spent, parts used and closing item.
  • Technician Scheduling Technicians may operate either in house or at a customer site, and are assigned the number of pieces (or stops) the schedule allows per day. This number is based on availability at the time the phone request is taken and is reduced as work is assigned. When the number of allowable pieces or stops is reached, a message is provided to the operator advising that the day is full. Specific days on a technician’s calendar can be flagged as ýclosedý making that day unavailable for scheduling - perfect for vacations, sick days or other situations when technicians are not available. Technicians’ calendars can be displayed showing the number of pieces or stops scheduled by day, as well as the number of individual service orders involved.
  • Action Minders This system initiates a ýto do listý that flags any action that must be taken while handling a service order from open to completion. It’s a valuable tool that enables your staff to maintain current service orders and be prepared for all customer inquiries.
  • Service Repairs This system works with the Delivery Module for the pick up and delivery of repair items, loaners and exchanges (new/replacement) - and keeps track of all items returned to a store or warehouse for repair. Delivery schedules show detailed information for any item included on service orders and automatically update service orders with delivery or pick up details.
  • RF Bar Code Scanning When damaged items are brought back to your facility they are scanned, a damage code is entered, and a service order is automatically created. Scanners can even be used to enter the labor performed for service orders.
  • Parts Inventory and Ordering This system orders and tracks all parts and materials needed for service, linking each part with a specific item on a service order. It automatically tracks incoming, open purchase orders and reconciles them with Receiving and Accounts Payable as a charge or no-charge item. It also tracks parts to be returned to manufacturers for credit, and monitors items on order so you can notify customers of any delays.
  • Vendor Charge Backs and Customer Billing Labor performed and parts required can be billed to vendors. A charge back form is available to submit to vendors for credit. When credit is approved, the approval and posting process will automatically create credit invoices in open payables. Labor and parts can also be billed to customers. The approval and posting process will automatically create an accounts receivable invoice in the customer’s account.

Delivery Scheduling

FACS5 Delivery Scheduling system deliveries based on available inventory, approximate delivery date, and delivery area. With it, you will have more accurate and efficient deliveries – and ultimately more satisfied customers.

  • Online scheduling system interfaced with P.O.S. and inventory.
  • Automatic scheduling and delivery area assignment based on zip code.
  • Scheduling by truck, stop number, time, driver and helper.
  • Load lists by truck and stop.
  • Delivery invoices with full support for partial delivery and pro-rated deposit application.
  • Collection reports for drivers with easy form for cash reconciliation.
  • Transfers can be processed in the delivery system.
  • Customer pick-up program incorporates a one-step process for printing pick lists, relieving inventory and applying cash.
  • Delivery instructions entered from the sales invoice, and messages can be entered by the scheduler.
  • Interfaces with Routeview and PC Miler mapping systems.
  • Easy step-by-step process greatly reduces scheduling, picking, loading, and reconciliation workload.
  • Provides a complete history for your records.

Detailed Sales Analysis

FACS5 can help you control and manage your business with on demand comparative and detailed sales analysis reports. A variety of easy to read reports can be generated illustrating sales dollars, profit dollars, profit margins, unit sales, and costs - and performance can be ranked by item or person.

Simply Pick Your Dates and Any of the Following Criteria:

  • Written or Delivered Sales.
  • Summary or Detail Reports.
  • One or all inventory departments.
  • One or all inventory classes.
  • One or all sales regions.
  • One or all sales persons.
  • One or all vendors.
  • One Store, All Stores or a Group of Stores.
  • One or all Inventory Type.
  • Sales Analysis Groups (of Merchandise)

General Ledger

FACS5 flexible General Ledger System operates in conjunction with the entire FACS5 system, and supports up to 99 companies with multiple stores and multiple departments.

Financial statements can be designed to meet your specific needs including an automatic rollover of asset and liability accounts into the new year.

  • Handles a 12 or 13 month fiscal accounting period.
  • Financial statements with comparison numbers to budget and/or prior year’s number.
  • New year processing can begin prior to closing previous year.
  • Re-open closed periods for additional entries.
  • Automatic journal entries from all FACS modules.
  • Nine digit account number.
  • 3-Division.
  • 4-Account.
  • 2-Cost Center/Department
  • Supports recurring and reversing entries.
  • Maintains unlimited transaction detail history.

Inventory Control

The Inventory System interfaces with the Sales, Purchase Order, and Accounts Receivable Systems to give you total control. The Sales, Purchasing, and Delivery systems immediately update inventory; ensuring accurate ýreal timeý inventory.

With FACS5, Now You Can Track:

  • Total physical inventory.
  • Inventory on hand, available to sell.
  • Total on order.
  • Total sold against incoming purchase orders.
  • Total allocated to a customer order and not delivered.
  • Total scheduled for delivery.
  • Each item’s location in the warehouse and/or store.
  • Designated floor samples.
  • Damaged items.
  • Total on hold for customers.
  • Total in transit between internal locations.

The location system will support up to 999 warehouses which can be subdivided providing aisle/bin and level locations for each item. Store locations can be subdivided by aisle locations and inventory can be received at all locations - or easily transferred from one location to another. With FACS5 the serial number stays with every item from initial receipt through transfers sales and delivery. This makes warranty tracking easy and provides an accurate cost basis for inventory. FACS5 also allows you to make a one-line entry to sell a related group of items or ýset.ý The system will maintain and track inventory for every piece within a set or, if desired, items can be restricted for sale only as part of a set.

The Inventory Control System Offers a Wide Range of Benefits for Big Ticket Retail Businesses:

  • Dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort to conduct physical inventory and/or cycle counts.
  • General Ledger sales account numbers can be established by type of merchandise.
  • Profit Margins maintained by individual items and by department/class.
  • Online editing of transaction entries.
  • Multiple stores and warehouses.
  • Online inventory balances with immediate stock status.
  • Complete, detailed history of all inventory transactions.
  • Multiple prices per item/per store.
  • Multiple methods of inventory costing.
  • Comprehensive management reporting.
  • Transfer system with real time ýIn-Transitý status.
  • Multiple methods of inventory classification.
  • Detailed descriptions of inventory.
  • User-defined allocation parameters.
  • Bar Code Scanning applications for both batch scanners and ýreal timeý radio frequency scanners.


The Payroll System is designed to handle entry and processing of multiple pay types within an entire payroll including multiple companies, multiple departments, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly and special commissions.

  • Employees may be hourly, salaried, or paid on commission.
  • Automatically interfaces with the General Ledger System.
  • Performs all state and local tax withholding calculations, as well as up to 20 voluntary deductions.
  • Accommodates multiple state and local tax regulations.
  • Generates quarterly reports which provide data for required quarterly tax returns.
  • W-2 forms can be printed at any time in the new year as well as magnetic media reporting, if required.
  • Current tax routines are user maintained.
  • Departmental allocation of employee time to the General Ledger.
  • Hours worked per employee can be posted to payroll automatically.
  • Employees time punches can be recorded with a scanning device and using bar-coded employee badges.
  • Codes can be assigned to particular job classes to automatically deduct lunch breaks.
  • Departmental or individual time reports can be generated.
  • Time data is posted automatically by hour type, i.e.: regular, overtime, vacation, holiday and sick.
  • Allows Fixed, Declining Balance, or Percent of Gross or Net Pay Deductions.
  • Workman’s compensation wage listings are generated.
  • Supports Section 125 and 401(K) benefit deductions, direct deposit and Magnetic Media reporting to IRS.
  • Works with electronic time clock or terminal time clock for automatic hours calculation.
  • Commissions

FACS5 will automatically calculate commissions and spiffs in a variety of methods by net sales, gross margins, total sale or by individual item on each sale. Commission percentages can be defined by salesperson or inventory classification and payable based on booked sales, delivered sales or cash receipts. Graduated margin or markdown tables can be established by salesperson, with matching, multi-level sales volume levels. Spiffs and premium-commissions can be added by item.

Purchasing Module

FACS5 Purchasing Module handles the entry and processing of all purchase orders and is integrated with the Inventory Control System, General Ledger System, Sales System and Accounts Payable System.

As purchase orders are received, the inventory system is updated with the quantity received, the warehouse or store location, the current cost paid, and a new average cost. Plus, automatic ordering allows stock orders to be created based on current inventory levels, the vendor’s lead time, and the requested delivery date for the customer. Warehouse space can be maximized by using the ýjust-in-timeý ordering option to order items based on vendor lead time and customer delivery date.

  • Automatically generates purchase orders for special order merchandise.
  • Immediate access to purchase order status to indicate the anticipated or acknowledged shipping dates.
  • Assists in managing incoming inventory for stock and customer orders.
  • Bar code receiving makes merchandise available for immediate sale.
  • Access to purchase order information using various methods such as: Customer, Vendor, Item, Department, Date and Delivery Promised Dates Acknowledgements.
  • Allows set-up of inventory master record while entering a purchase order for a new item.
  • Merchandise ordered for display can be reserved and restricted from sales.
  • Provides for C.O.M. orders and automatically ties the purchase orders together.
  • Sales analysis is based on the combined costs of all associated orders.
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting based on incoming orders.
  • Prints customer confirmation letter when vendor acknowledges an order.
  • Allows orders to be sent to multiple factories for a single manufacturer.
  • Allows for replication of purchase orders for multiple stores.
  • Will automatically FAX purchase order to vendors.
  • Provides freight appointment scheduling system.
  • Provides various methods to record freight cost and include in inventory costing and accounts payable processing.
  • Purchase order history is retained and available for display and reporting.
  • Interfaces with the Accounts Payable system to create vendor invoices.
  • Maintains back ordered quantities.

Sales Order Processing

Features Include:

  • Point of Sale System or ýBack Officeý entry.
  • Supports sales of individual items or merchandise ýsets.ý
  • Automated Purchase Orders.
  • Automated tracking of Lead Source/Advertising.
  • Supports any combination of Delivery, Pick-up and Take-With.
  • Easy and accurate End-of-Day balancing and closing.
  • User friendly design for use by sales associates.
  • Easy access to inventory data and availability at any point before, during or after sales process.
  • On-line update of inventory at Point of Sale.
  • Immediate access to all sales data.
  • Commission Splits: 2 or 3 way with variable percentages.
  • Accurate and efficient processing of Special Orders.
  • Fully integrated with the Delivery Module for immediate inquiries, automatic scheduling and updates to the Delivery System.
  • Multiple SKU Entry allows entry of multiple inventory items on one screen.
  • Allows use of item number or SKU.
  • Create Quotation or Invoice.
  • Allows items to be marked ýSold As Is.ý
  • Supports direct shipment of merchandise from supplier to customer.
  • Provides various methods to change an existing sale.
  • Supports credit sales with immediate customer refund.
  • Tracks delivered items for pick-up/return and allows canceled special orders to be automatically converted to stock items.
  • Automatically calculates deposit requirements - orders or allocates inventory according to internally-defined terms of sale.
  • Supports up to two deposit tender types per sale.
  • Down payments received can be entered at point of sale.
  • Tracks and processes outside finance company sales.
  • Free form messaging or special instructions.

Product Overview

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