A POS system designed by Quality POS Systems.

About CobraPOS

This software is designed for restaurants to allow for less steps to place orders. The system markets itself with a user-friendly approach to allow as little of training as possible to allow users to place orders. Back-office software is available for management to handle any other needs.

The software is EMV Compliant and can adjust tips before or after the secure transaction. The solution can accept an abundance of payment options from Chip Cards, Swipe Cards plus mobile payments such as Google Pay and Apple Wallet.

Chip Card Transactions average process time is 2 to 3 seconds.

CobraPOS offers Mobile Tablets for sale that include docking stations. These tablets allow for tableside-ordering and can assist turning tables over faster.


  • Returns Management
  • Receipting
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Rewards
  • Promotions Management
  • On-Account Sales
  • Gratuities Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Accounting
  • Barcode Scanning

Target Market

  • Restaurants/Hospitality businesses
  • 1-500 employee companies


  • Starts at $1,800 for refurbished units or $2,500 new.
  • Purchased upfront, plus potential ongoing support costs
  • No Monthly POS Tech fees if you process credit cards with developer.
  • Monthly installment plans available

Free Trial

  • There is no free trial available for this program at this time

System Requirements

  • Locally installed on Windows
  • Syncs with phones and VIA Internet

Product Overview

User Reviews of CobraPOS

Submitted on May 17th, 2018 by Enoc from Habaneros Mexican Grill

The best friendly user software for a restaurant.

The Good…

It’s simplicity, the ease of use for both management and servers.

The Bad…

Needs a reservation program.