Liquor Monitor

A point of sale application designed by COMCASH for retail trade companies.

About Liquor Monitor

Liquor Monitor is an inventory management product that can either be operated as a standalone product or integrated with COMCASH POS for total visibility. Liqour Monitor electronically records how much of what liquor was poured at what time.

Liquor Monitor uses wireless technology to monitor how much liquor is poured from which bottle at which time. This product can reduce the 20-40% losses you face as a the result of over-pouring. Operation of this system can be done as a stand alone POS system or integrated into COMCASH POS. Benefits of both are:

  • Standalone: Liquor Monitor will allow you to easily and electronically keep track of inventory. You will also be able to tell how much your bartenders have poured compared with how much was sold.
  • Integrated with COMCASH POS: you will get total visibility. You will be able to see what drink was poured by what bartender and what liquor they used. You can then compare those numbers with what you have mandated as drink size and liquor contents; to see if they are over pouring or under pouring your drinks.

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