A multi-module management system designed by E.E.S. Companies.

About POS/OE 4

The Ultimate, Fully Integrated Business Operations Software System Designed to Help Automate Your Business.

E.E.S.'s flagship product is POS/OE 4, a robust business operations program for Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP, using the 4 th Dimension (4D) engine, as well as other languages.

One of the strengths of POS/OE 4 is that it was developed from the perspective of an entrepreneur with vision who needed a powerful, dynamic business operations program that could be utilized by many types of businesses and enhanced over the years with the latest developments in technology.

E.E.S.'s premiere program, POS/OE 4 Mac is sold throughout the world. The program is used by small to medium size companies, from single user to over 100 users. POS/OE 4 is a powerful tool for retail and mail order companies, distributors, manufacturers, telemarketing companies, publishers, tourism companies and many more.



  • The entire system of financial reporting is fully-integrated with sales, receiving and other functions.
  • Multi-Profit Center General Ledger handles numerous departments, locations and operations centers.
  • Allows hundreds of General Ledger accounts with customized grouping.
  • Prints standard A/P reports, including vendor summary and history, cash requirements and aged trial balance.
  • Recurring charges for vendors.
  • Optional Link to Check Mark Payroll.
  • Average, LIFO or FIFO costing options.
  • Automatic posting of inventory, COGS (Cost Of Goods), revenue and expenses.
  • Ability to export accounting data to other accounting packages, including optional link to Peachtree.
  • Tracks and ages outstanding vendor charges. Prints standard GL reports, including detail and summary trial balance, income statement and balance sheet.
  • A/P (accounts payable) and payroll check printing using most standard laser or ink jet printers.
  • Ability to print check register, perform check book reconciliation.
  • Print checks to miscellaneous vendors and employees.
  • Track store credit, accounts receivable and other liabilities.
  • Full Open Item A/R, with auto finance charge generation, aging and statements.
  • Tracks fiscal year (or standard year) history.

Additional Accounting Features:

  • Multi-profit center general ledger - run multiple companies from one server system with separate accounting.
  • A/P cash required and payments due will produce individual department reports.
  • Balance and income statements by department consolidated and separate.
  • Tax jurisdictions: Can be set up by state, county, or department.
  • Monthly calculated or searched commission reports with accumulated payments for invoices.
  • Period to date reporting of GL transaction detail and summaries by department.
  • Sort GL Accounts list.
  • Import from the CheckMark Payroll software.
  • Additional default accounts for consumable and expense items.
  • Centralized billing and tracking history access based on multiple and individual locations: For better knowledge of what your customers purchased for their many places of business.
  • Bank transaction system: A better, easier to use interface for funds transfers, check voiding, bank charges, and adjustments.
  • Quota and Bonus system: Commissions can now be calculated on quota breaks set in employee records.
  • Enhanced checkbook reconcile system.
  • Post and print A/P payments with one click.

Credit Card Processing

The FIRST Macintosh Point of Sale/Order Entry Program With Integrated/Automated Electronic Credit Card Processing

Now Available for Both Macintosh and Windows

  • On-Line authorization via secure and fast Internet processing or Modem based Dial-Up with direct deposit replaces bank terminals, reduces paperwork and saves you money.
  • Batch authorization with direct deposit.
  • Potential reduction in bank discount charges and float time using optional AVS (Address Verification), CVV (Card Security Code), Purchase Card Level II (corporate cards), Market Indicators, and other card technology support.
  • Automatic/Instant credit card number / date validation and alert.
  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Authorize partial payments for shipped items and hold card information for backordered items.
  • Flexible search and display of credit card transactions.
  • Support for industry requirements for credit card masking, screen and receipt formatting.
  • Direct processing to card networks, eliminate credit card ‘gateways’ and save money.
  • Support for many major card networks including Nova Information Systems, Global Payments, ConcordEFSNet (First Data), Paymentech, KeyIC (Nelix), and more!
  • Data encrypted / masked / hidden or otherwise protected for Visa, Master Card and certain state requirements/compliance and fraud prevention and to help with CISP/PCI compliance.
  • Signature block option for customer to sign on laser/ink jet forms.
  • Certified with Nova credit card systems which allows for processing via internet connection, auto batch closing (credit card server required), and the ability to view merchant accounts online.



Let POS/OE 4 track your customers and orders! Many powerful CRM features to help you service your customers.

  • Eliminate duplicate customers using powerful built in routines including last/company name duplicate checking.
  • POS/OE 4 assigns Prospect status for new entries and removes status upon first purchase.
  • Problem flag alerts you when creating orders and invoices and allows notes to be displayed.
  • Set A/R (accounts receivable) credit limit and terms for each customer.
  • Automatic profile assignment and tracking (type of products purchased, etc.).
  • Optional or mandatory pop-up selection for referral source to track how the customer found you.
  • Powerful mailing list management - mail merge, labels, letters and more.
  • Hundreds of discount levels, percentages, flat amounts, quantity discount,vendor specific and much more.
  • Full gift/collectible registry, including spouse name search and thank you list.
  • Customer notes can be viewed and text pasted while creating orders.
  • Print address labels to dedicated label printer or other printers.
  • International phone number formats.
  • Multiple ship to addresses per customer.
  • Retains complete sales and return history.
  • Maintain special instructions for optional printing on orders.
  • Expanded keywords feature allows data to be classified and/or categorized for easy searching, sorting, reporting.
  • View customers quotes, orders and invoices from the customer record.
  • Membership, warranty, version and expired registration tracking.
  • Telemarketing calendar of events system and sales lead tracking / scheduling.
  • Generate event call sheets and quick reports from the calendar - help organize follow-ups.
  • Events can be linked to Prospects and Customers - track sales leads or post-sale customers for follow-up.
  • User definable event tracking by codes , categories, priorities.
  • Serial number tracking by customer.
  • Swiping a credit card or magnetic stripe card, or scanning the bar code on a membership card, will automatically recall to your computer screen the records of existing customers which will help you speed up your operations.
  • Transform recipients of gift purchases into client records.
  • Create faxes within customer event records: The fastest way to send documents to your clients.
  • Add/modify other phone numbers and e-mail addresses from a customer event.
  • Post Net bar codes made from customer and vendor files: Make mass mailings more efficient.
  • Search/modify customers and events by keywords: Marketing to your customers will now be even easier.
  • Add or Remove keywords from groups of customers easily.
  • View customer purchase history and contact history (events).
  • Customer purchase history window is drag and drop enabled.
  • Generate Post Net bar-codes for customers.
  • Assigns prospect status for new entries, and removes status upon first purchase.
  • Problem flag tied to notes alerts you when you create orders and invoices.
  • Sets for each individual an A/R credit limit and terms.
  • Automatic customer profile assignment and tracking.
  • Optional or mandatory pop-up selection referral source. Support for client mailing list management.
  • Hundreds of different discount levels possible.
  • Full registry for gifts and collectibles, including spouse and donor name search and thank you list.
  • Customer notes can be viewed, and text pasted, while orders are being created.
  • Print address labels with the Dymo LabelWriter and other printers.
  • International phone number formats.
  • Expanded keywords feature allows data to be classified and/or categorized for easy searching, sorting, and reporting.
  • Each customer record can have several ship-to addresses.
  • Complete sales and return history is retained.
  • View customer quotes, orders and invoices from the customer record.
  • Tracks membership, warranty, version and expired registration.
  • Tracks sales leads.
  • Telemarketing calendar of events system.
  • Generates event call sheets and quick reports from the calendar. Event tracking: events are linked to both prospects and customers.
  • Users can define and customize events tracking by codes, categories and priorities.
  • Maintain special instructions for optional printing on orders.
  • Insert predefined customers notes.

Fax / eMail Memos

  • Includes spell checker with an expanded dictionary (4D Write).
  • Now has grammar checking (4D Write)!
  • Fax Server option for desktop faxing from OS 9, OS X, and Windows.

Inventory Control

Stay in Control of Your Inventory With POS/OE 4

  • Powerful multi-level item number searching - find items by typing one item number, and POS/OE 4 will search multiple fields.
  • Easy and accurate physical inventory process - complete OR partial counting. Spot check counting capability. Import/Export of count information. Discrepancy reports and count sheets can be printed.
  • Receive inventory fast and easy by entering a purchase order number, using a barcode scanner (portable data collection or wired), or by using the powerful multiple-item number/keyword search system.
  • Automatic purchase order generator creates modifiable purchase orders for goods based on the maximum stock and reorder point set in item records. It is also possible to use other powerful systems such as generating purchase orders according to movement (sales) of product compared with stock levels and re-order points and maximum stock numbers.
  • Quick item information is available in proposal, order, invoice, purchase order & receiving mode.
  • Many formats to print inventory price list, or create your own using the easy to use powerful report generator.
  • Powerful price control system allows all or certain items to be placed on sale for specific periods of time. Many other discounting systems are also possible.
  • Special inventory locations to track stock that is not part of normal inventory. For example, items that are in a show room can be placed in ýdemoý stock. Other categories also available.
  • Package conversion allows automatic sales of single items received in bulk - receive a case or palette of items and break them into packs or individual items. Multiple break levels are possible.
  • Trade and volume discounts - quantity break points, special customers receive special discounts.
  • Multiple price, discount and cost levels - define multiple static prices for items, as well as multiple percentage discounts for an item or group of items. On the fly discounting, customer based discounting, and many other discount scenarios are available.
  • Items may be sold and purchased in decimal quantities less than or greater than 1. For example, 1.02, or .002. It is even possible in the case of diamonds to track total weight as well as quantity.
  • Easy assignment of Color, Style and Miscellaneous fields - report on inventory levels and sales based on this information.
  • The BIN number field is also available to help identify stock location.
  • Choose from available for sale (does not include stock allocated to orders) or physical quantity (actual physical stock) as selections for filling back-orders and package makeup (manufacturing).
  • Package make / Bill Of Materials system for light manufacturing - expend raw materials / parts and produce items for sale or use in other manufacturing processes. Track cost, movement, and using the time card function track job time by employee.
  • Required & Recommended, Substitute Item prompts for add-on sales, or for items that must be sold with accessory items.
  • Bundling lets you group items together - Sell a group of items together for a special price, or to make the selling process easier.
  • Un-bundling of assemblies for purchase order entry - speed entry of bundled items for re-order.
  • Maintains a perpetual (real time) inventory - your back room or remote location can see stock changes right after they happen. It is also possible to have remote locations that are not connected real-time and update data at specific times.
  • Multi-Store inventory - track inventory by location. Locations can represent shelves, stock rooms, stores, warehouses, etc. Allocation and physical quantity is tracked per location optionally.
  • Automatic end of day store polling via modem, network or disk.
  • Sales and inventory quantities can be separated by individual store.
  • Ability to centralize purchasing, receivables and control in your corporate office for multiple store setups, updating data nightly.
  • Text field for extended item description can be used as a script for sales reps, or printed on the invoice under the line item (some forms - smaller font).
  • Costing methods include Average, FIFO and LIFO.
  • Track inventory movement with quantities and cost. Archival history included.
  • Store a picture of the item with ability to view at time of sale.
  • Store text and URL information for web site or web store engines.
  • Create purchase orders and easily track and organize them.
  • Set usage codes for a vendor’s different addresses: choose a main address for purchase orders, another for AP remittance.
  • Hide cost margins: This information for upper management is user protected.
  • Search for serial numbers in inventory that are sold or available: Another great way to track inventory.
  • Purchase control on purchase orders: Always get the best quantity price for the items you need.
  • Service item check stock: Sell your time and space effectively.
  • Inter-location transfer: Easier transfer procedure. Feel better knowing where your inventory is in all your places of business.
  • Restrict sales by departments: Allows specialized control of your inventory.
  • Import/export bundle items, required/ recommended items and package makeup items.
  • Create seats for classes or seminars.
  • Set purchase order cancel dates: Make your vendors meet your deadline.
  • Purchase orders and receiving forms can print without costs: Control what your employees see about your inventory.
  • Inventory entry screen now has 7 new user definable discount fields.
  • Internal Location transfer: Now more user friendly. Always know where your inventory is in your place of business.
  • Auxiliary Transfers - to stores, vendors, loss, other, etc.
  • User definable miscellaneous and special purpose fields and flexible renaming of existing inventory fields.
  • Reporting of inventory to determine which stock items sell, and which items do not move.
  • Override PO dates and enter specified dates for each line item.
  • New purchase order form, which does not print cost.
  • New feature to hide inventory cost.
  • Enhanced feature to set cancel date on a purchase order.
  • Inventory totals broken down into stock, demo, repair, and rental quantities.
  • Physical inventory process.
  • Bundling lets you group items together and sell at a package price.
  • Trade and volume discounts.
  • Entry of a purchase order number automatically generates a receiving list.
  • Purchase order generator creates modifiable purchase orders for goods based on the maximum stock and reorder point set.
  • Multi-store inventory.
  • Easy assignment of color, style and miscellaneous fields.
  • Un-bundle assembled items for purchase order entry.
  • Portable collection device support for proposal, order, invoice, receiving, purchase orders, and inventory.
  • Multiple formats to print an inventory price list (or create your own!)
  • Text field for extended/aux item description can be used as a script or printed on the invoice under the line item (some forms).
  • Required/Recommended or Substitute items prompts for add-on sales.
  • Simplified stock-picking system reduces costly and embarrassing workplace errors.

Light Manufacturing

Light Manufacturing

  • Multi-Level bill of materials / light manufacturing system.
  • Raw materials are expended and combined to produce an end product. Multiple end products can also be used as raw materials in multi-level builds.
  • At-a-glance status of stock, ability to build numbers.
  • Print build sheets, custom reports.
  • Item break-up function support if raw materials are part of a case or pack.
  • On the fly customization of quantity, costs, or even raw materials.
  • Resulting build data can be queried and powerful reports generated.

More Manufacturing / Time Card Related Features:

  • Package makeup / bill of materials system for light manufacturing.
  • Package make / Bill Of Materials system for light manufacturing - expend raw materials / parts and produce items for sale or use in other manufacturing processes. Track cost, movement, and using the time card function track job time by employee.
  • Project planning, costing, job, and project status.
  • Track employee time - Log In, Log Out, Break Times.
  • Job file records can be reported and/or modified through the ýUtilityý menu.

Mail/Phone Order


  • Mail/Phone Order support - many powerful features to make order entry fast and streamlined.
  • Choose from thousands of ship to addresses from the customer record.
  • Third party billing and drop ship ability, bill one customer, ship to another.
  • Serial number required items are easily visible by a check mark on the invoice.
  • Quick look up of item, last price paid and last purchase date.
  • Pop-up of predefined shipping methods.
  • Send documents to different printers using custom settings automatically. For example, send sales documents to one printer, pick list documents to another printer.
  • Quick commands to jump into the customer record, inventory record and more.
  • Warranty support / tracking, parts and labor days, create event records for tracking or follow-up.
  • Create service orders to track the repair status of items sent to you by a customer and track parts and labor used. Create an order for these costs to send to the customer for payment.
  • Ability to change certain on-screen and printed document text. For example, instead of ýShippingý, change it to ýShip/Handleý. Multi-Language capabilities too!
  • Ability to back order or put items on lay-away. These items can be queried and reported easily.
  • Print extended item descriptions - detailed description, special notes or requirements.
  • Support for masking of printed credit card numbers, and expiration date on orders and invoices.
  • Deferred printing of orders/invoices.
  • Nine Miscellaneous fields on invoice - store special tracking information that can be queried / reported.
  • Time field on selected invoice and order forms. Also can be used for querying and reporting.
  • Prints your pasted logo graphic in header, and footer text.
  • Bundling system lets you combine sets or groups of products.
  • Built in area (measurement) and lease calculators.
  • Add new inventory items or change the description on the fly.
  • Dozens of integrated Invoice forms to choose from for your laser or inkjet printer, or interface to our retail receipt and ticket printers.
  • Generate Pick and Pack slips.
  • Supports C.O.D. tag printing.
  • Hierarchical choice lists when selecting product - for example, type ýpartý, and see a choice of product brands. Choose a brand, see a list of models. Choose a model, see a list of years, choose a year, pick a part.

More Mail/Telephone (MOTO) /Wholesale/Distribution Features:

  • Ability to add an order from the list of orders display screen. Saves time by eliminating the need to toggle between screens.
  • Miscellaneous fields in orders and invoices to allow user definable pop-ups which speeds up the entry process and prevents errors.
  • Email field on page 2 of an order which will be carried forward into the invoice. This allows for increased flexibility with email orders and invoices by adding another address other than the default customer address.
  • Customer item sales history pop-up: Shows you everything your customers bought from you, at a glance.
  • Drag and drop from customer history list to new orders and invoices: Make orders and invoices faster.
  • Item sorting in invoices, orders, proposals, events - rearrange items on an order/invoice/proposal any way you want.
  • Manage separately, the customers of leasing companies that use your products and services.
  • Tabbed screens: Quicker navigation through customer information screens.
  • Balloon help: Understand certain fields more easily.
  • Sell available seats to your seminar or instructional session.
  • Advanced real time stock checking and allocation check box: Prevents embarrassing overselling.
  • Set customer order cancel date.
  • Multiple ship-to addresses and ship method per line item on an invoice: There is No better way to serve your customer when they need to send items to many people.
  • Enhanced price control in sales: Calculate prices depending on quantity sold.
  • Control tax jurisdictions on orders/invoices based on the ýBill-toý or ýShip-toý address.
  • Collect tax by customers, order, invoice, state/county, or department tax jurisdictions.
  • Multiple ship-to addresses per customer.
  • Order payments based on shippable items only, or all items.
  • Invoicing accommodates backordered items.
  • Convert Proposals to Work Orders.
  • Add product item serial numbers ýon the flyý.
  • Product item quick information available in various modes, including order or invoice mode.
  • Add Trade-Consignment allows purchasing trade-in items from customers or taking items on consignment from vendors.
  • Split commissions.
  • Standard and customizable inventory usage reports.
  • Entry of item number, SKU, and manufacturer’s part number allows user to search for inventory by three unique numbers and by vendor sources.
  • Recurring invoices/orders.
  • Maintains product keywords which enhances search ability by description.
  • Automatic global price changing lets you set the data criteria for sales events.
  • Shipping manifest, shipper tracking options.
  • Package conversion allows automatic sales of single items received in bulk.
  • Items may be sold and purchased in decimal quantities.
  • Choose from available for sale or physical quantity as selection for filling backorders and package makeup.
  • Arrange line items feature at order entry allows order taker to present orders in groups that simplify order filling and checking at various points in order completion cycle.

More Options


  • Generic shipping manifest - track and report shipments for various shipping companies. Support for exporting to the UPS WorldShip or FedEx system. It is possible to support other shipping companies also using the export data. Tracking number import from external software, as well as live internet based tracking number lookup. Shipping Labels are printed using the UPS or FedEx system with the sales and customer data from POS/OE 4.
  • Ship-To eMail displayed on order
  • Credit card merchant set up - single or multiple computers can process credit cards. Credit card server is recommended for more than five card processing stations and sends all the cards to be processed from the stations to a central credit card server station. Credit Card Batch processing allows credit card transactions to be entered in an offline environment and processed as a group (batch) later. Secure and fast internet based credit card processing as well as dial up and dial back-up. Address Verification for card not present sales. POS/OE 4 supports secure standards such as credit card masking, protected/hidden/encrypted data. Direct processing on major credit card networks eliminating the use of third party gate-ways, saving money on gate-way fees. Private label credit card processing (JCB and some others) and magnetic card reading - we can customize too.
  • Additional support for 3rd party credit card software on Windows (or simply use our built in processing).
  • Inter-store polling system available to support separate locations that are not connected real-time. The separate locations are individual stores that a corporate (main) location will communicate with nightly to transfer customer, sales and other data. This is a two-way system.
  • Trade Show polling system to transfer data back (one-way) to the main location from individual remote locations - normally used for entering customer data (CRM), purchasing data and sales at a trade show. A fresh copy of the data file is taken at the start of a trade show.
  • US Zip code look-up system - speed data entry by having state/city entered automatically after typing the customer zip code.
  • Training and technical support - responsive technical support staff to help you with your system via phone, fax or email. Premium support options available allowing even more hands-on help. Training available based on your needs.
  • Word Processing and Mail merge - No need for external software, create your letters, labels, reports, special forms and more.
  • Spreadsheet Module - No need for external software, create your spreadsheets within POS/OE 4.
  • Custom forms available - many built in form and report choices to pick from, and we also offer help in designing reports, or have us build a custom report or form for you.
  • Web Order Processing - send email to your customers or vendors. Send documents such as purchase orders, sales orders or invoices, in text or PDF format (PDF format may require additional software on Windows or OS 9).
  • Receive your internet eCommerce orders, quotes, customers, guest book or inquiries in to your system without having to re-key them. New or existing customer support (duplicate checking). Detailed documentation and sample order files and templates are included with purchase of this option. Orders have been sent from ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, WebDNA, CGI, and more.
  • Support for multiple email templates including HTML email capability
  • Individual or group email capability for documents and customers
  • eMail tracking numbers to customers
  • Other powerful internet features available such as Live Links Gateway Service allowing your web site to communicate real-time with your POS/OE 4 system.
  • Web Hosting - host your web site, web store, or other internet application on our state of the art servers, in our secure reliable site. We can host static web sites, full eCommerce stores or custom applications.
  • Web Design - we can design your web site, web application with our knowledgeable staff.
  • Phone Server Option (Telephony Server) - integrate your phone system with POS/OE 4 to display caller information, log calls, improve CRM and Telemarketing.
  • Barcode Fonts - for printing barcodes on documents, inventory labels, customer ID cards and more.
  • Fax Server - Ability to fax documents from client machines directory to a network fax server machine.
  • Dedicated Barcode Printer - supports many different types of labels or tags, high speed.
  • Gift Cards ýNo Feeý - This option will allow you to accept your own company branded gift cards without paying a fee to an external card processing company. EES can provide the gift cards, contact for more information.

Point-of-Sale Retail

Retail - Point of Sale

  • Fast Cash function for easy retail / point of sale.
  • Flexible data entry options - mouse, keyboard, barcode scanners
  • Retail POS hardware available - barcode scanners (including wireless), cash drawer, receipt printers, credit card readers, ticket printers, and more.
  • Barcode scanning and printing support.
  • Sales can be entered and tracked as generic customer sales, or on-the-fly linked to a specific customer name/record.
  • Sales can be ‘upgraded’ to full Invoice or even Back-Order status.
  • Support for multiple / split payment types.
  • Integrated credit card processing.
  • Drawer counting / balance features including ability to print drawer information.
  • Sales register total for the day can be printed at any time.
  • Gift registry system lets you enter clients ýWant Listý and print registry list and thank you letters.
  • Credit card authorization codes can pop-up (also in order entry) while completing customer transactions.
  • iMac, MiniMac, etc. support: POS/OE 4 running an iMac as a point of sale station is cool!
  • Allow stock check and advanced stock check.
  • Inventory Quick Info screen: Can now show price controls in Fast Cash info if applicable.
  • Audible alert if trying to sell out of stock items.
  • Define groups of users to sell groups of product - restrict item sales to a selected department/groups.

Additional Retail / Gift Registry Related Features:

  • Returns credited ýon the flyý at point of return of merchandise.
  • Returned merchandise can be aged for total number of days client held item(s).
  • Enter multiple forms of payment while in Point of Sale or ýFast Cashý mode.
  • Fast Cash with or without the Mouse (with keyboard only).
  • Password protection of Fast Cash (cash drawer) can be turned off or on.
  • Fast invoice links to cash customers, allows invoicing without customer name and address.
  • Simple cancel procedures for customers who change their minds.
  • Password protection of price changes prevents under ringing by cashiers.
  • Several levels of price discounts established by administrators.
  • Built-in safeguards for returns without receipts.
  • Standard and customizable reports for all register and other functions.
  • System administrator functions for register disbursements (ýpetty cashý) for tracking funds.
  • Swiping a credit card or magnetic stripe card through our mag-card reader, or scanning the bar code on a membership card, will automatically recall existing customers (requires hardware).
  • ýNot In Stocký ALERT BUZZER in Fast Cash.


Reporting, Querying

Query Editor

  • Use the quick search screens throughout the program, or for more complex searches use the query editor.
  • Powerful ability to combine multiple fields, logic, and use partial string searches.
  • Save a query that can later be loaded for convenient access.


  • Save custom reports, queries, labels, etc. for future use and easy access.
  • ýSuper reportsý are available for the advanced user, supporting custom graphical layouts, advanced formulas, and more.
  • Easily create custom reports, column based, support for table querying, and custom formulas.
  • Choose from hundreds of modifiable standard reports.
  • Provides increased flexibility and versatility for the development of truly customized solutions.
  • Powerful list reports.
  • Cross-tab reports.
  • Step by step report wizard which makes report building faster and easier.
  • Allows for output to HTML.
  • Picture may be inserted into headers and footers.
  • Ability to alternate row colors on reports.
  • End of day reconciliation reports by department: Automatic and up-to-date.
  • Best seller report (top products): See your hottest selling products for any time period, location, product class, and more!
  • Income/sales by month report: Better organized for number crunching and purchase analysis.
  • Sales history reports can be broken down by period, location, product class, and more.
  • Monthly and daily sales tracking file - even more reporting possibilities.

Expanded Printer Options

  • Dymo label printer support (barcode, mailing and more).
  • Ability to select from many document types and direct them to various printers within the network including orders, invoices, quotes, returns, events, purchase orders, pick lists, receiving’s, transfers, address labels, inventory labels, and more! Orders can now be sent to printer ýAý. Pick lists sent to printer ýBý. Address labels to printer ýCý.
  • Some forms now allow for page scaling (percentage).
  • Now able to print to PDF.
  • Enhanced ability to pre-select the number of printed copies in some forms.
  • Date and time pick list printed now visible on the order entry screen.
  • New option to print customer purchase history with a single click of the button while viewing the detailed customer item purchase history on page 3 of the customer record.

Not available for OS9 Only available for OSX

OS X, Windows XP Compatible!

Vendor Tracking


  • Easily create new vendors on-the-fly while adding inventory items or create items on-the-fly while entering purchase orders or sales documents.
  • Standard and custom-built vendor reports with the quick report generator.
  • Multiple currency purchasing.
  • Assign active or inactive vendor status.
  • Un-bundling of assemblies on purchase order.
  • Create vendor address labels with the click of a button.
  • Multiple vendor support for individual products.
  • Assign/ track vendors by account identification number and/or name.
  • Search by telephone number, city, zip code, sales and credit contacts.
  • Retain purchase history, credit contact names and phone numbers.
  • Multiple vendor ship to addresses.
  • Up to 6 decimal places in purchase order unit prices.
  • Enter order minimum, credit limit, terms and discounts for vendor purchases.
  • Automatic ýopen to buyý purchase order generator - create purchase orders based on re-order point, maximum stock, by location or based on sales trends.

Product Overview

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