Fusion System Solutions Software

A multi-module management system designed by Fusion System Solutions for accommodations & food services and retail trade companies.

About Fusion System Solutions Software

Fusion System Solutions Software is a multi-module system designed for food service and restaurant business management.


  • General ledger
  • Accounts payable
  • Daily sales
  • Product and menu analysis
  • Payroll
  • TimeWare

System Features

  • Level down structure allows a single master record, entered at the top Level to be shared by all Levels below. (ie: 1 Chart of Accounts, 1 Product file, 1 Vendor file, 1 Daily Sales sheet, etc.)
  • Structure allows for Corporate, Regional, District, Unit and Franchise Leveling.
  • Event scheduler to run unattended imports and exports automatically.
  • Report Writer to design your own reports.

Accounts Payable

  • Import Invoices from your Vendors.
  • Spread Invoices to multiple Levels either by G/L Account or Product.
  • Select Invoices to pay by multiple criteria.
  • Vendor Historical Inquiry for quick look up of Invoice G/L impact and Check information.
  • Inter-company transfers of Products between Stores with automatic updating to Inventory and General Ledger.
  • Payment Consolidation between Levels or multiple restaurants.

Daily Sales

  • Format your current Daily Cash Sheet with automatic posting to the General Ledger.
  • Ability to automatically import your POS system data to any lines you choose.
  • Link the daily Deposit Log to the Deposit line.
  • Ability to post Customer Charges and Payments from the Daily Cash sheet.
  • Update Gift certificate and Credit Card batches.

General Ledger

  • Automatic Consolidated Financial Statements just by moving within the Levels.
  • On-screen Financial Statement drill-down from the Account level to the Journal level and then to the Detail level (Invoices and Daily Sales).
  • Ability to spread a Journal entry to multiple Levels and Recurring Journals.
  • Ability to lock a financial period at the Store Level that is still open at the Corporate Level.
  • Unlimited Financial Statement designs.
  • Cash Account reconciliation panel.
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Statements?


  • Poll POS employee time punch data directly into our TimeWare system for daily reporting and time card entry for Payroll processing.
  • Post Payroll data to the General Ledger on a daily basis for more accurate Financial Statements.
  • Unlimited user-defined tax and deduction formulas.
  • Federal and State Magnetic Media quarterly reporting.
  • Generate W2’s and Magnetic Media for year-end reporting.
  • Direct Deposit of Employee Paychecks.
  • Unlimited Payroll History.

Point of Sale Interfaces

Current Point of Sales Interfaces Available

  1. Micros POS

  2. Aloha POS

  3. HSI POS

  4. One Solution POS

  5. Squirrel POS

  6. Maitre D’ POS

  7. Kelly Foods (KFC/Taco Bell Vendor import)

  8. Any POS that can export an ASCII, Text or Database File.

Fusion System Solutions “Universal Importer” does not require a third party software program to import data from a POS System. All interfaces are user created and maintainable.

Product and Menu Analysis

  • Recipe Engineering.
  • Theoretical vs Actual reporting.
  • Ability to create Specific Measures unique to only one Product.
  • Master Inventory Items linked to multiple Vendor Products.
  • Inventory updates posted to the General Ledger


  • Graphical daily labor scheduling or use grid to schedule by the week.
  • Copy schedule masters to any new weekly schedule.
  • Integrated to our Payroll System or data can be exported to an outside Service.
  • On-line time clock for immediate database updates.
  • User defined punch restrictions at the time clock.
  • Capture Tips and Sales data at the time clock.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Fusion System Solutions Software is designed primarily for use in the hospitality industry.

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