GoldTech Retail Manager

A multi-module management system designed by GoldTech, Inc.

About GoldTech Retail Manager

With the latest in software development, their completely fault tolerant/self-healing, easy-to-use, and feature-rich software is designed to help you maintain tight control over your business performance and procedures.

Their software gives you the tools needed to run your business operation smoothly so you can concentrate on what you value most& your customer.

Their goal is to provide software that can adapt over time as your business grows and changes. They designed our application knowing that successful businesses grow and change, and you need to rely on a point-of-sale solution that adapts with you.

Accounting Integration

As a business owner, you know that you can be more successful if you can maintain greater control over your costs and profits. GoldTech Retail Manager will help you do both. Fully integrated with Traverse Accounting – giving you the total solution you need.

Accounting Integration Features

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Enhance Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Direct Deposit
  • Banking
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets
  • System Manager

Customer Relationship Management

GoldTech Retail Manager" is designed to assist you with communicating with your customer, identifying customer buying trends, and improving customer satisfaction. Our software provides all the customer management features you need in order to communicate with your customer.

Customer Management Features

  • Unique customer identification number
  • Track purchases
  • Search by Customer ID, name, business name, state, address, phone number
  • Create customer at point-of-sale
  • Create different pricing options for each customer/unlimited per customer

Employee Management

Being able to manage your employees through your point-of-sale software is essential when it comes to store operations and impacting your bottom-line. They provide the tools and necessary sales data to analyze, giving you control on running your retail operation.

Employee Management Features

  • Employee time clock
  • Track and manage employee information
  • Track employees

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is critical to running your retail operation. GoldTech Retail Manager"‘s robust inventory solution helps you quickly identify fast and slow moving items, allowing you to adjust your product mix in response to your customers’ buying patterns. We understand that good inventory control ultimately means meeting the expectations of your customers.

Inventory Management Features

  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • Automated replenishment
  • SKU/apparel matrix – up to four dimensions
  • Receive merchandise with/without purchase order
  • Unlimited number of SKUs/SKU matrices
  • Unlimited UPCs per SKU
  • Break-pack Inventory – Buy cases/buy cartons – sell cartons from cases – sell packs from cartons
  • Barcode printing
  • Manage inventory at store and/or home office level


Point-of-Sale is not just about technology. Point-of-Sale software is really about using technology to enable your customer-facing employees to interact with your customers without the software getting in the way. Your customers want their checkout process to be fast and easy – your employees want the same. GoldTech Retail Manager" is easy to learn, and easy to use. Their software was built from the customer experience, giving you the technology needed to manage your business information, allowing your associates to concentrate on what you value most& your customers.

Point-of-Sale Features

  • Train associate within 5 minutes
  • View “on-hand” inventory
  • Multiple tenders per transaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Scanner/Scale integration
  • Work orders
  • Layaway
  • Tracking customer information at point-of-sale
  • Suspend/Resume
  • Process sales & returns within the same transaction

Pricing, Sales & Promotions

Retailers have hundreds of markdown techniques and retail pricing strategies to pick from for a promotion. From “retail minus” to “cost plus percent”, GoldTech Retail Manager" has built-in pricing structure resources that you will need to manage your pricing strategy needs.

Pricing Features

  • Quantity based pricing and mix and match
  • Break-point pricing
  • Set multiple price books/price levels per customer
  • Price events/sale events
  • Set up hourly specials and sale events


To be successful, it is critical to be able to make decisions by analyzing your business quickly and easily. Knowing where your sales are coming from, and the seasonal trends surrounding them, is the key to any successful retail business. GoldTech Retail Manager" produces reports that are fast, consistent, and easy-to-use. A large series of standard reports are available, and you can also create your own reports using Microsoft Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, and/or MS SQL Reporting Services.

Reporting Features

  • Inventory reports
  • Purchasing reports
  • Associate reports
  • Customer reports
  • Tax reports
  • System reports
  • Miscellaneous reports
  • Sales reports

Product Overview

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