H&L Point of Sale Solution

A point-of-sale system designed by H&L Australia for accommodations & food services and real estate & property management companies.

About H&L Point of Sale Solution

Slash the time you spend stocktaking, balancing tills, recording sales transactions, transferring stock and changing prices. Let H&L provide a Point of Sale solution that makes these processes easy& and even links up with your accounting package. Get extensive reporting, for an instant, easy-to-understand view of your business. Get real control over your gross profit – with ease.

Touchscreen POS

At H&L we’re not beholden to just one brand. That means we can take full advantage of price fluctuations – from a variety of providers of such items as touch screens and POS; as well as proximity equipment, printers and barcode scanners, just to name a few. In a nutshell it means savings, which is a further help to your bottom line.


IPad ordering at your restaurant tables presents you with a wealth of benefits. H&L takes that one step further, by converging this revolutionary IPad ordering system directly to your Point of Sale, for the ultimate in inventory control, accuracy and accountability. (Please ask us for a demonstration and prepare to be amazed!)

Handheld POS - Pay at Table

With just the table number, each customer’s transaction links directly from the handheld Debit/Credit card terminal to your Point of Sale. (Imagine – customers can now impulsively add a tip direct at the table.) At the same time, your customer gets the added security of using their pin number, while retaining control of their card at all times. It all goes towards making you a venue-of-choice, naturally! Most importantly it allows for faster service and as you know, that means greater turnover!

Debit/Credit Card

H&L’s clever systems protect you from the kind of miskeying issues that often occur with Debit/Credit card terminals. That’s because we’ve seamlessly integrated Debit/Credit card terminals with your Point of Sale. Combine that benefit with our unique Handheld POS modules and let your customers pay at the table! Learn more, by reading “Handheld POS”.

Pre Authorisation

Forget about bar-tabs. Now you use H&L’s excellent Pre-Authorisation system which allows your customers to sign off to an agreed value that can be deducted against their credit card – and you won’t need to keep holding their card. Customers are happier due to well-publicised fraud risks being averted, and of course your cashflow is more secure, which is great for you! Ask us for more details today…

Scanning Devices

Extra enhancements that will make your productivity soar and your security even tighter, are now at your fingertips. And we’ve got some clever add-ons for making marketing more powerful, too!

Please ask us about the multitude of clever devices which simply connect to your POS.

Here’s just some of what’s on offer.

  • First, beef up your security with fingerprint scanning for staff logons, as well as proximity readers (RFID).
  • Next, get timesaving facilities like barcode scanners and scales.
  • And magnetic cards for loyalty allow you to compile and use very helpful information to make giant marketing advances.

Once again, you can see how H&L is making it all so much easier for you.

Label Printing

Simply print the labels you need for any retail liquor environment, with absolute ease.

H&L bring you all the formats you need, to suit just about every buying group you can imagine…including many of the major buying groups and all of the independents.

H&L allows for strip format labels, i.e. shelf labels, in different combinations, like 6-up, 12-up, single A4’s for promotional printed labels…and lots more.

You’ll be astonished as to how quick and easy printing labels has now become.

Price Control

Since surcharges are no longer acceptable, you need to have the power to set different standard prices, for different parts of day, or even for different days and H&L will give you that power just as you would expect.

POS Balancing

Naturally you need to know what’s going on with all your POS, at any given moment. Let H&L keep you up to date, anytime you need to know. Our intelligent solutions allow you to balance cash at any POS, bundle it, key it in and stay instantly appraised of what’s been cleared.

Kitchen Printing/Monitor

Choose from a printer or a monitor. Either way, you get much better control than ever before.

H&L’s kitchen solutions allow for multiple orders and individual payments to be consolidated into one order for the kitchen. Simple, really!

A monitor has the added benefit of allowing touch screen expediting. Printer options allow various formats to suit you.

In each case, you’ll also get a picklist to save you even more time in fulfilling orders promptly.

This really does give you total control over floor to kitchen communications.

Average Checks & Covers

Knowing exactly what’s happening with your average checks and covers gives you better planning and decision-making power. Keep track of checks and covers per person in your venue by day; or by day part, i.e. breakfast, lunch or dinner. This information helps you to set targets. What’s more, you can even set targets against users to increase average checks As you can tell, with H&L it’s all about extracting maximum profitability from your operation…and making it easy!

Promotions and Specials

Co-ordinating and instigating promotions or specials used to be a headache. That was before you discovered H&L! We’ve automated the process and it’s now so, so easy!

For promotions or happy hours, for instance, you can now have them switch on automatically by date range or by time range.

More excitingly, this feature does lots more, besides.

Consider, for instance if you are in a bottle shop and you want to run a discount special.

You can pre-allocate the time the special starts, the time it is to switch off, and the products it is to impact on.

At the end of that promotion, it will tell you what products have sold and at what profitability.

In respect to happy hours and specials on your premises, these can be turned on and off at any allocated time.This clever solution can also be used in reverse! For example if Sunday has a surcharge price or different price, the solution will automatically change your pricing accordingly. Then back to normal on Monday!

Floor Plans & Table Maps

See at a glance what is happening with progress at any of your tables. This allows you to profit by maximising table turns, without having to run all over the restaurant.

Delivery & Take Away

Whether your outlet is a dedicated takeaway business or even if this is merely an adjunct to your in-house dining, H&L makes life easier, yet again.

Effortlessly summon up the right pricing at the touch of a button.

Keep track of your takeaway customers, by phone number or other tracking of your choice.

Automatically send a special docket to your kitchen complete with order pickup time.

Collate marketing data and get delivery directions. Everything you need for total efficiency is right where you need it.

Online Ordering

Imagine if you could effortlessly present an online ordering facility that integrated automatically with your POS solution? As you would expect, H&L have done it!

In fact, H&L POS ordering allows seamless integration between a web portal and the POS solution. As a manager, simply flag which items you’d like to go up to the web portal. Then your customers can go online and order the items. It’s that simple!

Best of all the transaction directly flows back into your system, just as though it was ordered through your Touchscreen.Now that’s integration!

Remote Menu Maintenance

Each of your POS locations has unique requirements. Your bottleshop is considerably different to your bar and to your dining room, for example. Obviously you need different functionality at each POS, to match.

So H&L make that easy, by giving you the facility to quickly and easily make any changes that suit your management style. From the comfort of your office, change anything you like, such as pricing, menu descriptions, keyboard layouts…to make your POS at each location exactly right. Naturally we’ll guide you, but it’s even easier than you’d think!

Mix and Match

Running great liquor specials in your retail outlet is now easier than ever, to set up and keep track of, with a bit of help from H&L.

Read the following, to learn why:

Let’s say you’d like to offer a special where patrons can choose any six red wines, to get a discount. No problem! Now, let’s say your customer has a trolley with white wines, red wines, spirits, soft drinks and so on. Regardless of what order these items go through your H&L POS, our solution knows when you’ve achieved your target, (when all six of the red wines go through)… which sets off the discount relating to that transaction.

Mix and match will also ensure any gifts or specials are given away with any special combination on sale. For example, if someone buys a bottle of Jim Beam, along with a bottle of Coke, they might, for instance, be entitled to a Jim Beam hat. Our solution will automatically prompt your staff member to give away that Jim Beam hat. Clever, easy to use and effective. Just what you need!

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