An accounting software system designed by InfoSpec Systems for accommodations & food services and retail trade companies.

About Profitek

The Profitek Solution provides a fully integrated Point-of-Sale software package installable on standard PC hardware. We offer management solutions for Food and Beverage, Retail and Accounting.

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Vendor database with name, address, telephone and fax numbers, terms, vendor type, etc.
  • Easy to modify or cancel invoices and receipts with audit trail
  • Capability to keep recurring invoices
  • Three ways to generate checks to make full or partial payment on one or several invoices for one or a range of vendors
  • Tracks cash disbursements
  • Prints checks and advises on continuous forms

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • Customer database with name, address, telephone and fax numbers, territory, terms, etc.
  • Easy to modify or cancel invoices and receipts with audit trail
  • Choice of using Open Item System or Balance Forward System, switchable at any time
  • Tracks cash sales, recurring invoices and interest charges
  • Capability to print statements and mailing labels

Canadian Payroll

Features Include:

  • Complete employee demographic information, wage rates and personnel notes
  • Calculation of regular pay, overtime pay, salary and additional 5 definable earning types
  • Automatic calculation of EI, CPP, Tax, Company Pension and additional 5 definable deduction types
  • Can accrue vacation pay or release with each pay check
  • Tracks advances and recoveries paid to and from employees
  • Multi-departmental costing with multiple wage rates
  • Supports any combination of hourly, salaried and commissioned employees with weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Can issue a batch of multiple checks for fixed salary employees to save time
  • Prints pay checks, remittance checks (for Receiver General, WCB, etc.) and advises Cancellation of checks at any time without making clumsy adjustments, yet with audit trail
  • Prints T4 slips, T4 summary for current and previous year at any time
  • Keeps 2-year pay history for printing Record of Employment

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • User-definable account ranges for the pre-set classifications: Assets, Liabilities, Equity , Revenues, Expenses
  • Unlimited number of general ledger accounts with 4-digit alpha-numeric codes
  • Maintains 13 fiscal periods to allow on extra month before doing year-end closing
  • Multi-departmental journal entry and reporting
  • Budgeting by account or by fiscal period using various methods
  • Simple way to enter, modify or delete journal entries with balance verification on total debits and credits
  • Posting of journal entries to current or previous year

Inventory Control

Features Include:

  • Serialized items, Bulk items, Size items, Service or non inventory items, Kits (packages), Mix and Match Combos
  • 10 Price Groups
  • Date Sensitive Specials & Quantity Price Breaks
  • Min/Max Stock Level by month (perfect for seasonal items)
  • Multiple barcodes
  • Real-time perpetual inventory
  • Receiving by manual entry, handheld portable barcode data collector, or from a P.O.
  • Complete Inventory Audit: receipt, return, inter-store transfer, adjustment, etc.
  • Tracks fast and slow moving items, high and low profit items
  • Complete Item Cost and Sales History
  • Reports inventory value by both cost and retail price
  • Physical count is simple: scan barcode and enter quantity using a hand-held or wireless portable barcode data collector
  • Variance Report clearly identifies shrinkage by quantity and dollar amount

Point of Sale

Features Include:

  • Sales & Refund, Payment On Account
  • Deposit for Special Orders, Layaways
  • Cashier and Daily Closing
  • Bill status check and receipt reprinting
  • 10 Security Access Levels, with individual employee passwords
  • Order tracking for photofinishing , service items or build to order items
  • Real-time daily sales monitoring by salesperson or by hour

Purchase Orders

Features Include:

  • Generate P.O. automatically based on Min/Max stock level
  • Orders by size, color, width, matrix
  • Enter P.O. in a spreadsheet format by Vendor
  • Receiving becomes extremely easy

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