Micro Florist

A multi-module management system designed by MicroCode for retail trade companies.

About Micro Florist

By your involvement you are often forced to manually process your sales and accounting. That can involve extensive hours doing paperwork, adjusting and reconciling mistakes, and solving arguments among employees over sloppy handwritting. The Micro Florist product line will automate many tasks associated with manually processing sales. Implementation of this system will allow your employees to enter all orders, the instant they are taken; and automated tracking ensures orders are never lost. With Micro Florist’s ability to support five separate companies, each with up to nine division (or profit centers), this product will support any sized florist. Additionally, this product is completely customizable; by simply answering a simple list of questions, the system will deduct what features you need, and eliminate the ones you don’t from the normal POS process. This product from start to finish is your complete POS and order fulfilment system for florists.

Account Customers

The Account Customers application of Micro Florist is a hybrid application serving functions as both a customer relationship management (CRM) tool and an accounts receivables tracking device. This product will give you many benefits in the areas of receivables and customer tracking:

  • It prints both statements and invoices based on aged balances and customer types. Invoices and statements can be printed for both an individual or a group of customers, at any time, for any time interval specified.
  • This system gives you the capability to age customer accounts at any time during the month for any selected group of customers. The aged account balances allow you to maintain current 30, 60, 90, and 120 day aged balances. Customer accounts can be aged once, or twice a month, depending on the frequency of your billing cycle.
  • Initial balances can be posted directly to your customer’s current 30, 60, 90, or 120 Day aged balances.
  • The system provides you with an unlimited memo field for each customer. This memo filed allows you to maintain the names of authorized purchasers, customer preferences, credit history, and secret purchasing codes (passwords).
  • Statement due dates can be setup differently for each customer.
  • Instant access to customer’s previous purchases, names of recipients for each order, and customer payments.
  • The presence of a sorted list of all customers based on their level of purchase, current balances, active/inactive status, credit ratings, advertising sources, discount schedules, etc. gives you un-rivaled capabilities in your CRM endeavors.
  • The Occasions Reminder feature gives you a tool to keep track of customer special occasions. Additionally, it allows you to generate Occasions Reminder postcards, labels and mail merge files.

Cash Register

The Point of Sale application of Micro Florist can process many types of transactions; for instance, it can handle cash & carry, local delivery, wire-out, and wire-in transactions. Additionally each sale can be setup and paid for in the form of a multiple purchase, a multiple payment, and/or a discount sale. Some features of this system are as follows:

  • This system has the ability to automatically print delivery tickets, work tickets, enclosure cards, cashier receipts, customer invoices, product care tags, shipping labels, etc. Everything can be printed both during or after the sales entry.
  • Key stroke reduction techniques implemented during sales entry enable you to optimize the efficiency of your POS processing.
  • State-of-the-art search engine capabilities allow you to select a customer by phone number (account number), first name, last name, company name, and/or even by their outstanding balance. Furthermore, you are able to select inventory items by their code, description, color, size, price and/or cost.
  • You are able to setup an unlimited number of customers, inventory, delivery zones, delivery tickets, and credit card types. Additionally, this system allows up to 98 lines of item descriptions for each sale.
  • Cash Drawer accessibility is defined by you, meaning you can assign the drawer to each individual cashier only. Additionally, access to other areas of the system are either password protected, or controlled by locks and keys, assigned by you.
  • This system gives you tremendous power in looking up past sales and generating reports. Detailed or summary listings of sales information may be obtained for any time interval you desire.
  • Provides you with the ability to perform a quick lookup of sales summary for the last 7 days, delivery ticket status, employee productivity, balance sheet, etc.
  • The ability of the system to perform Standby Sales Processing will allow you to post Standing Orders, or import sales transactions from other locations.
  • The automated checking for the correctness of florist codes and credit card numbers will save you hours.
  • To provide extra levels of service in addition to purely POS, Micro Code can keep track of advertisement sources during sales entry, and calculate the yield for each advertisement source, based on the actual advertisement expense for that source.
  • The Cash Register Balancing Utility will help you find discrepancies quickly and will save you a tremendous amount of time when closing your cash register accounts

Inventory Control/Production

Oftentimes, as a florist, tracking inventory can be a painful process with items constantly going in and out of stock. The inventory management application of Micro Florist will provide you with many features that will allow you to concentrate more on producing floral arrangements rather than tracking your inventory. These features are:

  • First and foremost this product provides full inventory control and automatic pricing for florists. Within the system, inventory items are added during inventory purchase transactions and price labels are automatically printed.
  • Floral supplies and other non-inventoried items difficult to track, can be setup, by you, to bypass inventory controls.
  • The presence of inventory audit transactions allow you to make quantity adjustments (scrapped, giveaways, etc.) to all items in your inventory. Additionally, this system allows for back-orders and partial shipments.
  • You can vie full listings of inventory on multiple criteria, specified by you. For example, you can list all blue mugs that cost between $3 to $5 and were purchased during the month of July.
  • Complete production facility allows the Manager to set cost guidelines for material and labor content of flower arrangements.

Payroll/Employee Management

Micro Florist is an incredibly powerful point of sale system; however MicroCode wanted to give it even more capabilities. To make Micro Florist more of a florist management system they have added several applications to provide diversity. One of those applications is the Payroll application, giving you a fully capable payroll system with many features, such as:

  • A multilevel protection system, using passwords set by you, protects your financial information from being viewed by unauthorized employees, and the system from unauthorized users.
  • The ability to use ledger accounts to pay employees; and the presence of payroll tax tables that are updated by your staff, provide you with accurate and current payroll processing tools.
  • This system provides complete management quarterly reports for State and Federal payroll taxes and sales tax.
  • The system will print employee W2’s and provide you with employee commission and payroll reports.
  • The Employee Productivity Measurement System (EPMS) allows the Manager to maintain performance records for all hourly employees. Employee productivity is calculated by compiling employee’s sales performance, production/maintenance activities, and his/her reported work hours.


Micro Florist will automate the time consuming task of posting and updating your general ledger with every sale. The Transactions application gives you many features, including:

  • This system is perfect for any florist of any size, since it supports an unlimited number of accounts, expense/income groups, inventory items, and fixed assets.
  • Within any single transaction you can include multiple expense, income, inventory purchase, and fixed asset entries.
  • You are able to perform full account reconciliation and print checks for any account.
  • You can delete or modify any transaction that was entered in any period. In order to maintain Audit Trail, this feature maybe locked (disabled) by the System Manager.
  • Micro Florist also maintains a year-to-date (YTD) and Month-To-Date (MTD) balance for all expense/income groups and categories.
  • This system also gives you the capability to perform special sorting of expense and income transactions. Meaning, for example: you can separately capture all expenses on a remodeling project that was entered under different expense categories.
  • Current Journal, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement reports are easily generated at anytime . Detailed (actual) transaction listings can be generated for any time interval you specify.
  • The Auto-Entry feature allows for automatic transaction entry of all transactions, meaning general ledger tracking has went from a time consuming, frustrating process, to a completely automated no time required process.

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