Retail Advantage

A software system designed by Nodus Technologies.

About Retail Advantage

Improve the Efficiency of Your Retail Operation

Bridge the gap between your systems and synchronize your purchases with your back office solution. RMS Advantage connects Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains SOP module with Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System - transferring order information instantaneously into Great Plains at the point of sale.

By seamlessly integrating RMS Store Operations with Great Plains, RMS Advantage eliminates the need to manually re-enter data, and streamlines the handling of orders, inventory, and customers. Invoice information is automatically stored in a centralized location at the back office level ensuring information quickly gets into the hands of those responsible for making key marketing and management decisions.

RMS Advantage aligns your point-of-sale solution with your back office solution for accurate, immediate data exchange and integrated retail processes that lead to superior sales performance, efficient order processing, smarter inventory management, and insightful customer service. RMS Advantage provides you with the key retail advantage: the ability to become a proactive retailer.

Each individual transaction contributes to the whole picture: revealing who your best customers are and what they’re buying, the seasonal popularity of items, what the most effective pricing strategies are, and so on.

To capitalize on point-of-sale data, you need to know now who’s buying what where. RMS Advantage enables you to leverage buying information immediately from each transaction so you can provide more personal customer service, create successful sales promotions and marketing campaigns, maintain ideal inventory levels, and ensure informed pricing and purchasing decisions.

Readily accessible point-of-sale data delivers you detailed, up-to-the-minute insight - stay on top of changing demographics, preferences, buying habits, and shopping frequency - to better interpret and predict consumer behaviors, conduct informed, timely marketing and sales strategies, and anticipate and satisfy demand.

With RMS Advantage You Can:

  • Connect POS systems with accounting systems for immediate, accurate data transfer
  • Identify and better understand sales patterns and trends
  • Closely monitor and track inventory levels
  • Deliver consistent, insightful customer service
  • Eliminate manual, time-consuming reconciliation methods

Seamless Integration to Microsoft Great Plains

Discover simple implementation with the robust flexibility of a complete POS and eCommerce solution fully integrated with Great Plains. RMS Advantage utilizes Nodus’ eStore API (Application Programming Interface) to interact with Great Plains, providing a flexible architecture that can be configured to use a variety of payment processors, payment gateways, and accounting systems.

Through tight integration with Credit Card Advantage, RMS Advantage customers can utilize the full benefits of an end-to-end solution and further process point-of-sale orders for credits, returns, shipping, and fulfillment from within Great Plains.

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