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About AmberPOS

AmberPOS is a world leading Point of Sale Software solution loved by thousands of retailers in Canada and the United States. With fully integrated Inventory Management, Customer Management, Advanced Reporting, Ecommerce Integration and Single/Multi-Store deployment options, AmberPOS delivers the features your retail business needs in a simple, easy to use software suite you’re going to love.

Complete Inventory Management Functionality

AmberPOS utilizes today’s most sophisticated inventory management technologies to deliver complete inventory management functionality for your business in an easy and simple way.

AmberPOS delivers a lightning fast Point of Sale Software solution for your retail business. We have a reliable, proven track record working with hundreds of retailers across many retail market segments, delivering a fully customizable software product that’s second to none.

Our service goes far beyond the typical installation and setup of your point of sale solution. Our team of service professionals will install, setup and customize your AmberPOS point of sale system package and provide you with reliable training and support to ensure the success of your retail business.

Don’t settle for antiquated software products that will slow down the growth of your business. Our AmberPOS Point of Sale Software delivers on the three core elements our clients depend on – remarkable speed, perpetual reliability and total customizability.

Be in control of your business with AmberPOS.

Customer Management

  • Full Customer Detail Tracking (Name, Address, Shipping, Email, Contact Info etc.)
  • Email Subscriber Checkbox
  • Mail Subscriber Checkbox
  • Google Map Integration
  • Store Credit Tracking
  • Current A/R Tracking
  • Points Earned Tracking
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Parent / Child Customer Capability
  • Active / Inactive Customer Flag
  • Unlimited Custom Attribute Tracking
  • Customer Attribute Reporting
  • Clerk Visible Customer Notes
  • Detailed Records of All Customer Purchases
  • Form Letters and Mailing Labels
  • Customer Last Name, Telephone and Barcode Lookup
  • Accounts Receivable Monthly Statements
  • Frequent Shopper Loyalty Points Program
  • Accept Payments on Account From Any Location
  • Customer Photo / ID
  • Number of Transactions Per Customer
  • Total COGS, Revenue, Profit, Returns Per Customer
  • Custom Time Periods for Totals Calculations
  • On the Fly Custom A/R Report
  • Custom Interest Rates Per Customer
  • CRM Functionality (Track Events, Birthdays, Calls, Emails etc.)

eCommerce Integration

AmberPOS now offers full Ecommerce integration with BigCommerce Shopping Cart.

Inventory Management

  • Create / Upload Online SKU From AmberPOS
  • Create / Upload Online SKU Variations From AmberPOS
  • View Web Item Info in AmberPOS (Title, Price, Weight, QOH, Categories, HTML Description etc.)
  • View Web Item Variations in AmberPOS
  • View Web Item Images in AmberPOS
  • One-click “Edit Online” Button Instantly Loads Shopping Cart Item Editor
  • Auto-Update & Synchronization of SKU / Item Pricing
  • Auto-Update & Synchronization of SKU Quantity on Hand

Customer Management

  • Download / Synchronization of Online Customers to AmberPOS

Order Management

  • Download / Synchronization of Online Orders to AmberPOS

Other Features

  • Auto-generation of Web Store QR Codes
  • Print Web QR Codes to Labels

Inventory Management

In addition to being one of the fastest and most customizable Point of Sale Software platforms on the market, AmberPOS is also a fully functional Inventory Management Software solution.

Inventory Management Module Features

  • Track Inventory Details ( SKU, Description, Product #, Group, Unit, Vendor, Brand, Dept., Season)
  • Full Support for Multi-Dimensional Category Tracking (Up to 4 Levels Deep)
  • Per SKU Tax Tracking (GST, PST, HST, State Taxes etc.)
  • Price Includes Tax Checkbox
  • Support for Partial Quantity Items
  • Support for Rental Items
  • Support for Item Baskets
  • Deposits & Recycling Tracking
  • Custom Attribute Creation (ie. Age Group, Style etc.)
  • Tracking of Regular Sell Price, List Cost, Landed Cost, Avg. Cost, Special Pricing, Minimum Pricing, PKG Qty, Points and Spiffs
  • Attach Photo’s to Your SKUs
  • Automatic Discount Rules and Special Prices
  • Instant “Who Bought This Item” Reporting
  • Inventory and UPC Lookups
  • Multi-Store Inventory Tracking, Look-ups, Control and Transfers
  • Easy-to-operate Inventory Add/Edit Feature
  • Individual User Custom Size Matrix
  • Multi-level Password Protection
  • Display Units Sold, On-Hand, On-Order
  • Received & Re-Order Points
  • Locate Inventory by Class, Stock ##, Style ##, Vendor
  • Special Orders
  • Inventory Count (Complete or Selective)
  • Portable Inventory Scanner Integration
  • Variance Reports and Adjustments
  • Transfer In/Out Reports
  • Transfer History
  • In-Store Sub-Locations
  • In-Store Sub-Location Transfers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Multiple Vendors Per Sku
  • Web Inventory Integration (HTML Descriptions, Photos, Web Price, etc.)

Innovative Purchase Ordering Module

In addition, our Purchase Ordering Module allows you to easily create purchase orders for your vendors, automatically updating all of your inventory stats (quantities, costs etc.) on the fly as new inventory is received.

Inventory Count Module

Inventory Count is a breeze with our fully functional Inventory Count Module which includes full integration with our hand-held portable inventory count terminals.

Single and Multi-Store Inventory Management

Keeping track of your inventory accross multipe location braches is easy with our Multi-Store Inventory Functionality that allows you to look-up, transfer in and transfer out inventory from one store branch to another.

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