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About ConsignmentTill

ConsignmentTill is a point of sale and inventory management system designed specifically for shops selling on consignment. Capable of handling commissioned as well as “buy-outright” items, ConsignmentTill features automated inventory control, consignor payouts, credit card processing and custom label/tag creation. It allows you to track customer purchases and includes a search function to quickly find consignors. ConsignmentTill will easily adapt to your growing company by running on several computers and accessing the same data (via network).

Software Features:

  • Consignor settlement
  • Integrated C/C
  • Create custom barcode labels and tags
  • Printable reports (export as well)
  • QuickBooks export feature
  • Marketing Tools (search consignors/suppliers/customers and send e-mail or letter)
  • Multi-Till connection via LAN (up to 5)
  • Accounting calculations (taxes collected, sales, etc.)
  • POS hardware support (barcode scanners/printers, Pole Display, Roll Receipt Printer, cash drawer, etc.)
  • Automatic database backup
  • Auto low stock reminder
  • Layaway handling

Consignment Specific Capabilities:

  • Consignor payout feature which includes:
    • Calculates settlement amount (including purchases on account)
    • Records settlement (review and print later if required)
    • Prints report (full breakdown, consolidated by SKU, consolidated by Category)
    • Prints laser check (with sales consolidated by Category)
  • Consignors can purchase items in store using their accumulated funds
  • Automatically print your Consignor Contract when adding a new consignor to database
  • Easily change the store commission percent/amount for all products in database or for all items under one consignor
  • Charge consignors a yearly membership fee
  • Charge consignors credit card and/or check transaction fees
  • Keep track of each form of payment with Cash, Credit, Debit, Check, Gift Certificate, and Coupon buttons. CT also allows your customers to use more than one form of payment to complete the order.
  • Employee Mode to hide commission and profit data
  • Agent Login feature to record the sales agent for each order. Also prevents unwanted users from opening the till drawer (security feature)
  • Print envelopes for mail outs to consignors, customers, and suppliers
  • Quickly access tax totals for a set time period (for government reporting)
  • Ability to remove, change quantity or price of an item already entered into the till (at POS)
  • Easily search for: items in database, items sold, orders, etc
  • Print receipts on either a standard printer (8.5x11ý paper) or the Epson thermal receipt printer (model TM-T88).
  • Automatic database backup to hard drive or remote server (yearly fee with remote server backup)
  • Remove items in database that are at zero quantity and have not sold for a selected time period (return policy time limit has past)
  • Remove all orders at year end (to keep database small and efficient)
  • Discount an item as it’s being entered into till by either a dollar amount or a percent off
  • Automatically discount items (at POS) that have not sold in a set period of time
  • Calculate the replacement value of your stock
  • When stock gets low, program will remind you to reorder
  • Record items on layaway, and the payments towards them
  • Record customer request for products. Search customer database for requests when new stock comes in
  • Keyboard keys assigned for POS, so mouse not required for POS transactions
  • Easily find (list) items that have not sold in a set time period
  • Buyer Fee (this amount of sale price is not split (shared) with consignor
  • Automatically change item ownership (to store) if older than x number of days
  • Auto discount of items at POS for specific customers
  • Auto or manual creation of SKU (item number)


Plan Price
Lite $399 one-time
Full Version $799 one-time

Remote daily automatic backups to the cloud start at $125/year.

Hardware is also available for sale.

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User Reviews of ConsignmentTill

Submitted on November 2nd, 2015 by Sue

We implemented Consignment Till five years ago and it is the best decision we ever made. ALL other consignment stores in our town have failed because they didn’t have a good inventory tracking system. We advocate complete transparency in dealing with our consignors. They love having the ability to track all of their items plus knowing how much money they will be receiving. They can access their account from any computer, anywhere.
The reports we have access to are invaluable. We are able to not only send our consignors a check but the settlement report itemizes what items we are paying them for. Paying our quarterly sales taxes is a breeze with the Sales Tax Report. We can compile a report on virtually any field containing data.

The Good…

One of the best features I have found was deleting items from the system using the sku tags and the “append” feature. I had over 200 price tags to delete and I found out that you can check the append box, scan the sku tags, then highlight all items and select “Delete”. What used to take hours now only takes minutes. The moral of this story is "If you think there should be an easier way, don’t be afraid to contact Ron and ask.

The Bad…

We originally had the feature but it has been removed. When adding a new consignor and automatically generating the consignor number, you had the ability to see the number on the screen. Now you have to search through the list of consignors to find it.