Keystroke Point Of Sale

A point-of-sale system designed by Specialized Business Solutions.

About Keystroke Point Of Sale

The Keystroke Point Of Sale system combines a user-friendly interface with exceptional speed and flexibility to provide a powerful, yet affordable automated management system. Keystroke Point Of Sale excels in the areas of streamlined transaction entry and the ability to quickly locate information through robust/flexible reporting and lookup functions.

The system includes many features typically found only in high-priced proprietary systems. Keystroke Point Of Sale captures complete transaction details at the Point Of Sale. Transaction history and real-time database records are stored indefinitely, so your valuable data is always … only a keystroke away!

Keystroke Point Of Sale includes customizable Toolbars for convenient access to frequently used functions and macros for repetitive tasks.

Access to the system and your valuable data is protected by a multi-level security system with encrypted passwords and a hidden audit trail capable of recording each and every keystroke.

The Keystroke Point Of Sale base system software is available in three forms: Evaluation, Single-User or Network.

All base systems include: point of sale functions, purchasing, inventory control, customer tracking, accounts receivable, barcode label printing, extensive reporting capabilities, support for most POS-related hardware and sample data files.

A variety of Custom Modules and integration utility programs are also available to add unique capabilities and to custom-fit the system to the needs of nearly any business.

Electronic documentation files in Adobe PDF format are provided on the Keystroke Point Of Sale installation CD and are all fully printable. 90 days toll-free Software Maintenance Service are included with all Single-User and Network systems.

_ $1295.00 for a Single Workstation system. $495.00 per additional Workstation License._

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Features:

  • Complete Transaction/Payment History
  • Open Item or Simulated Balance Forward Method
  • Finance Charges with several calculation methods (APR, Grace Period, and Min. Charge)
  • Adjustable Aging Periods (e.g., Current/30/60/over 90)
  • Summary or Detailed (Line Item) Billing Statements (forms customizable by an Authorized Dealer)
  • Easy Account Analysis Tools
  • Automatic Payoff of Open Invoices

Customer Tracking

Customer Database Features:

  • Five Indexed Fields (for instant lookup, sorting, etc.):
    1. Customer Number (integer, system-assigned, maximum value=65,535)
    2. Name (30 character Company Name, plus 20 character each First and Last Name)
    3. Code (10 alphanumeric characters)
    4. Phone (10 alphanumeric characters; (555) 123-4567 format)
    5. Zip Code (10 alphanumeric characters; includes 4 character extension capability (80435-2019))
  • Multiple Contact records (see Contact Database section below) per Customer
  • Contract Pricing to offer unique pricing by item per Customer (requires User Bundle)
  • Separate Billing and Shipping Addresses
  • Accounts Receivable with Complete Transaction History
  • Price Tables (Customer-Specific Pricing)
  • Tax Tables for Variable Sales Tax Districts
  • Pop-Up Daily/Weekly/Monthly Summary Sales Totals per Customer
  • Security Level to restrict which Clerks can sell to the Customer
  • A special Note field can be automatically displayed when the Customer is selected on a sale. Keystroke will sound a beep and display the contents of the note which can serve as warning message (i.e., Bad Checks!, See Manager!, etc.)
  • Various Other Fields (Salutation, Birthday, Age, Exp Date, Salesperson, etc.)

Employee / Clerk Management

Clerk Database Features:

  • Two Indexed Fields (for instant lookup, sorting, etc.):
    1. Clerk Number (integer, system-assigned, maximum value=65,535)
    2. Last Name (20 characters)
  • First Name and Initials (for optional printing on receipts)
  • Phone (13 alphanumeric characters)
  • Passwords (up to 8 alphanumeric characters - encrypted for added security)
  • Ability to control:
    1. minimum length
    2. automatic expiration (good for ‘x’ number of days)
    3. maximum number of entry attempts
    4. minimum number of letters
    5. minimum number of numbers
    6. minimum number of symbols
  • Password Expires field - Date on which the Password expires
  • Security Level (limits use/access to system features and select data)
  • Commission Table (configurable)
  • Time Clock (editable by system supervisor)
  • Pop-Up Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Totals and Average Sale Amount per Clerk
  • Clerk Messages - Send messages to all or individual Clerks.
  • Messages will be seen:
    1. when logging on to the system (new messages only).
    2. when clocking in (new and old messages)
    3. when selecting Clerk Messages from the Utility menu

Inventory Control

Inventory Database Features:

  • Five Indexed Fields (for instant item lookup, sorting, etc.):
    1. Stock Number (integer, system-assigned, maximum value=65,535)
    2. Product Code (20 alphanumeric characters)
    3. Description (30 alphanumeric characters)
    4. Class (10 alphanumeric characters)
    5. Manufacturer (20 alphanumeric characters)
  • Separate Departments, Categories and Locations for grouping
  • Photo Viewer for viewing pictures of Inventory Items (requires User Bundle)
  • Parent/Child Feature for Case/Single Item Tracking/Automatic Case Breakdowns
  • Average and Last Costs, Six Price Levels plus Price Tables (allows scheduled promotions, special customer pricing, price rounding, quantity breaks, and more)
  • Real-Time Cost/Quantity Updates
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Alternate Codes for Item Entry
  • Four Vendors per Item with Cost, Part Number and Last Purchase Date
  • Summarize History Function for Pop-Up of Daily/Weekly/Monthly Summary Sales and Purchase Totals per Item

Point of Sale

Point of Sale Features:

  • User-Definable Transaction Types including pre-configured Invoice, Layaway, Sales Order, Quote, On Hold, Rental, Gift Registry, Special Order, Service Order, Recurring Charge, and Archives.
  • Invoice and Receipt printouts
  • Shipping/COD Labels
  • Sales Returns
  • Credit Memos
  • Back Order Items
  • House Accounts
  • Food Stamps
  • Age Verification (for alcohol and tobacco sales)
  • In-House Good/Bad Check Verification
  • Gift Certificates
  • Multiple Payment Tender
  • Free Form Line Item/Transaction Comments
  • Complete Detailed Transaction History
  • Copy/Edit/Void Transactions
  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation
  • Customer/Inventory Lookup
  • Fast and Unique Lookup Features
  • Multiple ID Fields
  • Alternate Inventory Product Codes
  • Add/Edit Customers/Inventory on-the-fly
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Barcoded Coupon (UCC) Scanning
  • Serial Number Tracking & Scanning
  • Re-sort Line Items
  • Import Items from Portable Data Collector Devices
  • Manual Discounts/Markdowns
  • Automatic Customer Price Tables
  • Scheduled Promotional Pricing
  • Automatic Quantity Price Breaks
  • Multiple Sales Tax Rates
  • Employee Security Restrictions
  • Separate Detailed Audit Trail
  • Sales Commissions
  • Dimension Calculator - Enter from 1 to 5 dimensions (Pieces, Width, Length, Height, Weight) and the total is calculated. Or enter the Total and one of the dimensions is back calculated. Selecting the [Ok] button]) places the calculated total into the current field on the current line item and adds the formula to the beginning of that item’s comment.

Purchase Orders / Inventory Receiving

Purchasing Features:

  • Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Fast Vendor and Inventory Lookups
  • Reserved Orders (ordering worksheet)
  • Fast and Unique Lookup Features
  • Shipping Labels
  • Vendor-Specific Costs and Part Numbers
  • Track Open Orders
  • Add/Edit Vendors and Inventory on-the-fly
  • Free-Form Line Item and Transaction Comments
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Complete Transaction History
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Separate Detailed Audit Trail
  • Re-Sort Line Items
  • Copy/Edit/Void Orders
  • Import Items from Portable Device
  • Automated Ordering and Receiving
  • Distribute Shipping to Item Costs
  • Distribute Discounts to Item Costs
  • Real-Time Quantity and Cost Updating
  • Automated Price Updates from new Costs

Reporting / Data Analysis

Report Manager Features:

  • Report Editor to modify the content and layout of reports (available exclusively for Version 5 and requires the User Bundle license)
  • Output to Screen, Printer, or File
  • Export Report Data to Other Programs
  • Report Cues to record Frequently Used Report Settings and Group Reports (e.g., All End-Of-Month Reports)
  • Date/Time Ranges on Transactional Reports (not just monthly totals)
  • Summary & Transaction Detail Levels
  • Data Ranges of Items, Customers, etc.
  • Group and Subtotal (e.g., by Customer, Salesperson, Department, Category, Location, etc.)
  • Sorting by Various Indexed Data Fields
  • Conditional Filters for Fine-Tuning Report Output
  • Reports Can Be Set Up to Run Automatically for a Particular Date/Time Range

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