The Assistant Manager

A full ERP system designed by TAM Retail for retail trade companies.

About The Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager (TAM) is a fully integrated retail automation solution specifically designed for the specialty retailer market.

TAM is a scalable solution and provides configurations that are designed for many size retailers from independent retailers to large enterprises or chain store operations.

If your organization is one of the following you need to include The Assistant Manager when considering new software!

  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Aquariums
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Public Lands
  • Gift Stores
  • Party Stores
  • Pet Shops
  • Cash Washes
  • Tobacconists
  • Wine Shops
  • Liquor Stores
  • Religious Products Stores
  • Apparel Stores
  • Shoe Stores
  • Book Stores

Accounts Payable

Efficiently Process, Age and Pay Your Vendor Invoices.

Easily age and pay vendor invoices with this fully integrated module. TAM’s accounting integration eliminates double effort, saves time and improves accuracy and timeliness in your operation. Never pay for something you haven’t received and eliminate duplicate vendor payments with Accounts Payable.

Accounts Receivable

Effortlessly Manage House Charges and Improve Collections and Cash Flow.

Do you offer house charges to your large or commercial customers? If so, this option will eliminate all of the time consuming paperwork involved in this service and improve your cash flow in the process. Print full page invoices at the register, restrict sales on past due accounts and those that have exceeded their credit limits. Process payments, produce monthly statements and collections reports and more!


Print Admission Tickets at Any TAM Register!

Integrate admission sales into your TAM register with this option. Basic thermal tickets with tear off stubs and card stock four color tickets are supported. Unlimited number of events and price levels are supported. Simply create a specialized SKU for each event and ticket class, i.e. adults, children, and seniors, etc.

Credit Card Authorization

Integrated Credit Card Authorization Using TAM’s Cash Register.

Why use a separate device to authorize your credit card sales when the entire process can be easily integrated in TAM? TAM supports many different service providers and credit card processors. All banks and financial institutions are supported.

Customer Orders

Provide Customers With Specialized Products Without the Paperwork Nightmare.

Have you ever had problems handling special orders, mail orders or Web orders? Do you realize the additional sales that can be achieved by offering a customer order program? Already offering customer orders and tired of the paperwork shuffle? Have you disappointed a customer by poorly managing their customer order? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this option is for you. Manage your special orders or merchandise pre-sales more efficiently with TAM’s Customer Orders!

Customer Profiling

Know Your Customers or Members better…

Now you can know things about your customers’ buying habits like number of visits, dollars spent, average sale, areas of interest and much more. Maximize your advertising budget through targeted promotions that can increase profits. An up-to-date customer or member database is one of a retailer’s best assets. Remember, it’s easier and less expensive to get an existing customer to return to your store than it is to market for a new customer.


A Fully Integrated Web Store Front With the Power of TAM Built In!

Do you already have an e-commerce site and hate the hours required to keep it up-to-date and process the orders? Have you held off on an e-commerce site because your concerned about the start-up, on-going and management costs are excessive? Are you missing add-on sales due to the lack of or a poorly managed website? If so eTAM can help establish your eStore as easy as adding a new register to your existing brick and mortar store.

Efficient, Unattended Collection of Franchisee Data

Allow for seamless, automatic and secure consolidation of franchisee performance data to a centralized Web Server. The data is then utilized to produce sales performance reporting, royalty statements, inventory replenishment or fulfillment, customer marketing and more!

General Ledger

Effortlessly Produce Timely and Accurate Financial Statements.

The General Ledger option seamlessly integrates with all other TAM options. Quickly produce financial reports using this option. Expenses and revenues are automatically posted daily. Easily enter in activity external to TAM like payroll, miscellaneous revenues and depreciation and print income statements and balance sheets at a moment’s notice.

Gift Registry

Customer Service to the Max!

Registry programs are essential to building customer loyalty and thereby improving revenues and profits. However, in the past registry programs were nearly impossible to manage and track. Thanks to this option, these hurdles no longer exist. Now easily manage wedding, anniversary, house warming, baby shower, birthday and other registry programs with TAM.

Cost Saving Portable Data Collection Applications.

Use a variety of hand held computers to reduce time and overhead while improving accuracy and reliability. Hand held applications include performing physical inventories, establishing gift registries, transferring merchandise between business units and recording merchandise receipts. TAM supports many hand held data collection devices ranging in cost and functionality.

Inventory Management

Control Your Inventory Instead of It Controlling you…

Inventory is clearly your most costly investment and over stocking slow movers or under stocking fast movers can hurt where it counts the most - profitability. Proper inventory management is essential in today’s business climate. Instead of acting on instinct alone, let TAM provide all the information needed to make you a more profitable retailer. Remember, increased margins through better inventory management means your TAM investment will quickly pay for itself!

Reward Your Customer’s Loyalty.

You may have heard the old axiom that it is less expensive to get an existing customer back into your store than it is to cultivate a new customer. This still holds true today. And with TAM LoyaltyLink, it’s even easier! Create and administer your very own rewards program. Include or exclude product lines, set achievement levels and reward amounts. Easily implement a customized reward program in your store with minimal effort using LoyaltyLink" and produce maximum returns!

Imagine, within moments of a new member being established in your existing membership application the information can be found and scanned at the cash register in your store. The membership discount is automatically applied, saving time and improving the service provided to your membership. Eliminate duplicate effort and the cost of potential errors associated with it!

Multiple Store Options

**Scalability and flexibility for multiple store operators. **

Efficiently support multiple stores while centralizing inventory statistics and historical data in a main store or remote headquarters. TAM’s DataLink option allows centralization of inventory functions in a main store or warehouse/office. Today’s leading technologies are utilized to automatically poll sales data from the remote stores and synchronize new SKUs, price changes, customers, stock levels, and more from the headquarters. TAM’s RemoteLink option allows for distribution based on security validation of most of TAM Inventory Management features to the remote stores.

Point of Sale (Merchandise, Admissions and Quick Service Food)

Easy-to-Use, Secure, Feature Rich and Precise.

In this option ease-of-use is further optimized. By focusing on minimal keystrokes and consistency in its design, TAM delivers a cash register application that is very easy to learn. Associates can be trained at any time without affecting sales totals and inventory levels by using our innovative training mode. Eliminate cash register errors and under rings that negatively affect your bottom line. Bar code scanning is not only cost effective, but increases sales by improving transaction throughput.

Sales Management

Financial Review and Auditing Made Easy.

Effectively produce useful financial and audit reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. View store, associate and departmental productivity at the click of a mouse.


Take TAM on the Road During Your Next Buying Trip.

How many times have you been on a buying trip meeting with a supplier and had to estimate your buying needs? Or worse yet, print and lug piles and piles of reports on the show floor only to find out the vendor history you needed was left at the office? With ShowEasy and a lightweight notebook computer, you can easily access years of sales history, inventory statistics and financial data to aid you in your buying decisions. Make better, more informed buying decisions and improve cash flow and increase profits.

Time and Attendance

Have Your Time Clock Built Right Into the Register.

Why purchase an expense time-clock when you can use your existing computer and this effective option? Effectively record and recap employee hours with TimeLink.

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