A software system designed by UPOS International for retail trade companies.

About UPOS

This product is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the retail point of sale software page for alternatives.

The Ultimate Point of Sale lets you enter a sale in Seconds! Both fast and efficient, UPOS incorporates the latest in touchscreens, barcode technology, inventory control and management.

UPOS Features

  • Optimized sales entry for the fastest checkout possible
  • Allows you to place a sale in progress “on hold” in order to process sales for other customers
  • Recognizes an unlimited number of barcodes; and prints barcodes
  • Sales analysis and reporting
  • Real Time Inventory Management and Control
  • Recommended Reorder Reporting for maintaining sufficient stock
  • Sets sales prices for items or classes of items +“Suggested add-on items”
  • Enters “on-account” invoices directly from UPOS (change “cash sales” to customer invoice instantly)
  • Utilizes customer discounts, item discounts, and class discounts
  • Supports multiple Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Poll Displays, Scanners, and Programmable Keyboards
  • Layaways & Down Payments
  • Voids Tickets
  • Seamless Integration with IC Verify for Credit/Debit Card Processing
  • Touch Screen Support
  • Serial Number and Lot Numbers
  • Special Orders - Auto PO - Pickup System
  • Rentals(Optional)
  • Price Lookup
  • Gift Certificates
  • Gift/Cash Cards(Optional)
  • Built-in Bar-code Printing
  • Online Help and Electronic Documentation
  • Multi-Site Polling modules available
  • Plus many more…

Retailers Increase Your Capacity! Check out more customers faster! UPOS speeds up the checkout process by utilizing bar-code entry, touchscreens, and unique productivity tools to make each transaction, fast, secure and accurate.

Take Control of Your Inventory! UPOS provides real-time inventory updating which gives you up to the minute inventory control. UPOS warns when the inventory items are low, suggests what needs to be recorded and also provide sales analysis information to track trends and seasonal information to effectively stock items when they are in demand.

Eliminate Redundancy and Repetitive Transaction Entries! UPOS integrates the Cash Register with the BackOffice Accounting and Real Time Credit Card Processing thus eliminating errors due to redundant re-entry of data. Without the integration that UPOS provides, one transaction would be entered and processed up to (3) times (Redundancy Sample Below)

  1. The sale is entered on the cash register by the clerk. For example, A sale for 100.00.
  2. Customer presents payment with a credit card. The clerk then re-enters the 100.00 sale on the (non-integrated) credit card bank terminal for approval. Typical problem is the clerk inadvertently leaves off a 0 and the bank approves the transaction for 10.00 instead of 100.00. You as a merchant may have possibly lost 90.00 on this sale, plus labor costs associated with trying to locate the error.
  3. This same transaction is now entered into the Back Office Accounting system for bookkeeping purposes. Again, this is another opportunity for numbers to get transposed or potential for error.

With UPOS These (3) Steps Are Integrated Into (1) Transaction Entry!

  1. The clerk rings up the sale at the UPOS workstation and chooses credit card as the payment tender type.
  2. UPOS seamlessly integrated with IC Verify, automatically dials out for credit card approval without any reentering of amounts by the clerk.
  3. Once the transaction is approved and completed, Inventory is updated accordingly, as well as the Back Office Accounting for financial reporting. Again, without any re-entry by the clerk or bookkeeper.

UPOS Always Knows the Correct Sale Price Of Items! Special or “On Sale” pricing is date sensitive for items. This allows items to go on sale automatically at a predefined date and automatically go off sale and back to there regular price as defined without operator entry. The correct price rings up at the register consistently with UPOS.

UPOS Provides Information for Frequency Programs! UPOS can keep up with customer purchases to allow the implementation of a Frequent Buyer Program which creates consistent patronizing of your store. Customers are awarded accordingly i.e. gifts, coupons, discounts etc… This concept is being used broadly to promote customer loyalty and buying frequency.

UPOS is a Tool for Marketing and Increasing Sales! UPOS provides clerks with information on the screen that prompt the clerk to suggest to the customer additional items that compliment, go with, or work well with, the items the customer is already purchasing. This is called the suggested “add-on” feature of UPOS. This turns your clerk into a salesperson and increases sales and customer service. Customers appreciate clerks taking a personal interest in them by making additional item suggestions. Some customers will thank you for reminding them to get the item if they had forgotten it. Others will be grateful to get someone elses opinion for example a way to enhance a certain outfit. Still other customers may not know everything they need for a complete set-up. For example a camera purchase, may prompt the clerk to suggest film , batteries, tripod, upgraded carry case, etc.

UPOS Keeps The Line Moving! No more line stoppage because of price checks or customer leaving the line to add additional items or " wallet in car". UPOS has a Ticket Hold feature that allows a transaction in progress to be placed on hold. Other customers can now be checked out. When the held ticket customer returns his transaction can be resumed from the point it was left.

UPOS Has Seamless Back Office Integration!

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