Garden Center Software

An accounting software system designed by Windward Software for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining and retail trade companies.

About Garden Center Software

Garden Center Software (GCS) is a leader in retail point of sales business management systems, creating practical solutions to real world challenges in the garden center and plant nursery industries. Our global partners allow us to offer solutions that include a full suite of applications that help streamline daily inventory management and accounting processes.

Garden Center Software is a very easy-to-use system that runs on standard personal computers running the popular Windows operating system. We help you set it up, and it’s a snap to learn; even part-time employees can get up to speed in just a few minutes.

Garden Center Software is designed to help you solve the problems facing a growing retail operation. It ties together your whole operation from the cash register to the back-office to selling online, so you can effectively manage your business, rather than being managed by it!

An Integrated Solution

Garden Center Software includes the components you need to help you take control of every aspect of your business. GCS is a complete inventory management engine coupled to a fully-integrated real-time accounting system which keeps you posted to the most recent transaction anywhere on the network - no need to import, export, or batch-process data! No other retail management software available for small businesses offers this level of integration and power.

Customizable to YOUR Business Requirements

Garden Center Software (GCS) is configurable to the different types of inventory requirements for your specific Garden business. Several pricing strategies and inventory designs are available.

Operational Advantage

Think of the many areas of your business where important information seems to go astray, or where you have to jump between software packages and various types of files to get anything done properly. Does it leave you a little frustrated?

Now imagine a solution that ties together every aspect of your operation into one centrally controlled system that gives you fingertip access to every part of your business. When we sat down over seven years ago to design the perfect software package for garden centers, this is exactly what we set out to build. We studied every aspect of the retail nursery business and created a seamless package that would solve the problems of store managers using reasonably priced personal computer systems.

Accounts Payable

Garden Center Software manages payments effectively & securely. Stores total purchases by vendor. Speeds up posting with default posting accounts by vendor using Garden Center Software’s unique Payables Helper technology. Checks can be hand written or printed by the system, individually or on a continuous run. Define a preset bank account for each vendor while also allowing you to choose an alternate payment method per transaction. Write and record checks on multiple bank accounts.

Features Include:

  • Payables
  • Buying Group Support
  • Writing Checks
  • Time Payments - Paying Over Several Months

Accounts Receivable

Garden Center Software provides some of the most advanced accounts receivable tools to properly manage your customers’ credit with your company. Create quotes for commercial customers and retrieve them later to edit or turn into invoices. Monitor customers’ YTD purchases. Issue coupons and gift certificates. Mail out specials and flyers to specific customers based on their buying habits or trends.

Features Include:

  • History
  • Maintain your company’s identity by creating your own statements.
  • Payments
  • Work in any month or year
  • Customer Credit Control
  • Collections


Customer information and history is a high priority with Garden Center Software. Keep track of a customer’s name, address and phone number, e-mail address, web addresses, tax codes, price schedules, contact names, warning comments, appointments, lookup words, vehicles, and other bits of important information in the customer file.

Features Include:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Customer Comments
  • E-mail and Web Addresses
  • Detailed Customer History
  • Purchase History
  • Payment History
  • Customers Salesperson
  • Warning Comments - Automatic Up-Selling

General Ledger

Garden Center Software provides a true balanced dual entry general ledger that effectively screens every transaction preventing any non-balanced entries from being posted. No end of day or end of month procedures. No batch entries to remember to post. Everything is managed by the rules you set in GCS’s expert systems that define where journal entries are automatically posted from each of the sub ledgers that feed the general ledger. Start your new year accounting without having to close off the old year for months after until you are really ready. You will be pleased with how intelligently Garden Center Software manages this normally harrowing time of year. All transactions occurring throughout the GCS system are automatically posted to the GL as they occur. Print up-to-date financial statements at any time for any date.

Features Include:

  • Year End
  • 40 Year History
  • Recurring Entries
  • Check Writing
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet

Inventory Control

Garden Center Software’s inventory management is sophisticated yet incredibly easy to use and fast. GCS allows multiple descriptions (eg. plant names) per item. Powerful searching & sorting capabilities. Readily identifies what’s moving & what isn’t. Allows multiple bar codes & vendors per SKU. Allows modification of SKU #s without affecting sales history on previous sales on the part that was referenced by that SKU number. Eliminates having to start recording sales from scratch if an SKU is changed. Each Inventory item or Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) can also be linked to any Encyclopedia entry or picture for use in our exclusive Sign & Label printing module.

Features Include:

  • Find inventory by part number, description, supplier, main and sub category lookup and numerous other search options
  • Easily see quantities in stock, committed-to work orders, layaways and quantities available to sell
  • Costing on first in, first out method - reports show weighted average (Costing by average method available by request)
  • List price and twelve extra price levels of different prices for different customers
  • Supports bar codes at point-of-sale, receiving and when counting-you can even print your own bar codes.
  • Alternate suppliers complete with part number and their price ; you can find a part by supplier’s part number
  • Alternate parts (superseded parts)
  • Add extra comments, warning comments, and up-selling tips
  • Store a photo of the item for easy identification and for exporting to an e-commerce site
  • Backorders and special orders are well supported
  • Serial number and lot number tracking included
  • Customer contract pricing for special instances


Add new customers on the fly. When creating an invoice for a new customer, you can click on the new customer button to create the customer right then and there. This is great for warranty purposes or just to increase your mailing list.

Features Include:

  • With the appropriate level of security, the user can view your cost and profit margin before applying a discount
  • Tendering with a foreign currency is supported
  • Optional interface to credit card verification software
  • Track service technician time spent versus time billed and print productivity reports
  • Send invoices directly to customers via e-mail or fax
  • Send special orders directly to the purchase order module so they will not be forgotten

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are used to order your inventory, either for replacement purposes or for special customer orders. GCS makes the job simple by bringing all the information together into one place. For example, while creating a purchase order for a supplier on a specific item, just click a button and check the suggested order levels for all items from that supplier.

Product Overview

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