Windward System Five

An accounting software system designed by Windward Software.

About Windward System Five

Windward System Five Helps Run Your Business More Efficiently

Ideal for companies that need more than basic accounting software, Windward System Five offers affordable, flexible, and fully integrated financial management, point of sale, purchasing, inventory, customer management, and reporting capabilities.

Designed for the Independent Retailer

Whether you have one store or many, you still need the same information to run your business. Today’s Independent retailer needs to be better tooled to compete with the larger mega stores, with out the large price tag associated with those systems. System Five is designed to be a sophisticated enterprise retailer solution giving you the information you need-when you need it.

What Is a Point of Sale System?

A point-of-sale or POS system is a combination of computer software and hardware that processes and records retail sales at the point of purchase. POS systems vary in sophistication (and price) from the basic sales processing of electronic cash registers, right through to complex software that’s been ‘wired’ into purpose-designed units.

Integrated E-Commerce Solutions for Your Business

Extend your customer service, retail business and marketing efforts to the Web with Windward’s Optional E-Commerce Module. This Web-based service integrates with Windward System Five and let you easily build online product catalogs, sell across Internet marketplaces, and create targeted e-mail marketing campaigns. This powerful module helps you attract customers and keep them coming back. Contact us for more information about our E-Commerce packages.

We Have Kept Ahead of the Competition With Full Integration to E-Commerce and Strategic Partnerships With Credit Card Processing Systems, Manufacturer Parts Catalogs and Electronic Purchase Order Systems&


Easy to Use - Easy to Learn

System Five is easy and fast to learn. We do this with Windows technology for point and click operation while still employing keyboards, bar code scanners, macro keyboards, weigh scales and other time saving point of sale hardware devices. We also handle all types of data conversion. If your using another system call us today to find out how easy it is to switch to Windward System Five.

Flexible for Multiple Business Types

System Five’s unique soft switch architecture can be installed for many different types of business such as small engine repair shops, furniture stores, parts and service business, repair shops, retailers, clothing stores, shoe stores, RV dealerships, lighting stores and many others.

Integrated Accounting System

An integrated system cuts down your workload by ensuring that you only have to enter your information once and it is placed everywhere it needs to be. Staff can create an invoice without knowing anything about accounting or inventory control, yet the invoice they enter automatically updates those sections of the entire system.

Demo It! Be Confident in Your Choice

Sure we say it’s simple. But we prefer to let our software speak for itself. Check out a fully functional demo either on CD Rom or on-line via the web. One of our retail professionals will guide you through an on-line seminar. In order to schedule this interactive test run please fill out our demo form.

Integration With Touch Screens, Receipt Printers, Barcode Scanners, Cash Drawers, and Pole Displays Will Greatly Enhance Your Checkout Speed, Professionalism, and Customer Service.


Accounts Payable

Posting vendor bills is easy. For example, when you receive inventory, the total amount of the purchase is posted to just one ledger number. The inventory being received is listed and detailed in the purchase order module, so there is no need to duplicate this information.

If you negotiate payments in installments such as 3 equal payments, Windward System Five will track those distributed due dates, remind you when you need to pay the bill, and how much to pay. In Canada, Australia or any other country dealing with the GST or VAT taxes, the input tax credits are entered on the bill. (These are taxes that you pay, but can get back from the government). The system warns you if you forget to enter the tax amounts.

Features Include:

  • Payable Bills
  • Check Writing
  • Batching Checks
  • Manual Checks
  • Buying Groups
  • Multi-Month
  • Time Payments
  • Cash Required
  • Aged A/P Reports

Accounts Receivable

When accounts receivable invoices are entered, they are immediately posted to the customer account and to the aged accounts receivable list. This report shows you who owes you money, how much, and how long it has been outstanding in the current, 30 day, 60 day and 90 day columns.

As an option, you can reprint this report for any time back in history. This is very important as you might start invoicing in the current month, before being finished with the system in the previous month and printing that previous months report. Many of our competitors cannot print the reports for previous months even if they let you enter data for the previous months.

Features Include:

  • Aged A/R Reports
  • A/R Statements
  • Statements
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Multi-Month
  • Customer Credit
  • Early Pay
  • Collections


Customer Information and history is a high priority with Windward System Five. Keep track of a customer’s name, address and phone number, e-mail address, web addresses, tax codes, price schedules, contact names, warning comments, appointments, lookup words, vehicles, and other bits of important information in the customer file.

Features Include:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Customer Comments
  • E-mail and Web Addresses
  • Detailed Customer History
  • Purchase History
  • Payment History
  • Customers Salesperson
  • Warning Comments - Automatic Up-Selling

General Ledger

With a year-end, once you have entered all your information, you must pass on the reports to your accountant for their magic touch: depreciation, tax calculations, forms to be filled out and submitted to the government. By the time you’re done, it could be six months down the road.

Features Include:

  • 40 Year History
  • Recurring Entries
  • Check Writing
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet

Inventory Control

Windward System Five’s Inventory Control software lets you see what you sold, what you need to order and what should be left in stock. System Five can be interfaced with your Palm Pilot or various portable data collectors and your computer. It captures the data from these devices, automatically updates the database, and sends the information directly to System Five, all at the touch of a button.

Features Include:

  • Find inventory by part number, description, supplier, main and sub category lookup and numerous other search options
  • Easily see quantities in stock, committed-to work orders, layaways and quantities available to sell
  • Costing on first in, first out method with inventory reports showing a weighted average of the remaining stock. (Costing by average method available by request)
  • List price and ninety-eight price levels of different prices for different customers
  • Supports bar codes at point-of-sale, receiving and when counting-you can even print your own bar codes.
  • Alternate suppliers complete with part number and their price - you can find a part by supplier’s part number
  • Alternate parts (superseded parts)
  • Add extra comments, warning comments, and up-selling tips
  • Store a photo of the item for easy identification and for exporting to an e-commerce site
  • Backorders and special orders are well supported
  • Serial number and lot number tracking included
  • Manage RMA’s easily and efficiently
  • Customer contract pricing for special instances

Point of Sale

Windward System Five offers the Independent Retailer powerful point of sale features and controls not normally found in comparable systems. The impressive, multi-functional, point of sale transaction screen can be used in both touch and click format. Either application makes an exceptional visual statement to your customers about the professionalism and quality of your store.

Features Include:

  • Better Managing of Inventory
  • Save time with Automated Ordering
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Real-Time Business-Critical Information
  • Estimates
  • Work Orders and Pick Lists
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
  • Ship Partial Orders

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are used to order your inventory, either for replacement purposes or for special customer orders. Windward System Five makes the job simple by bringing all the information together into one place. For example, while creating a purchase order for a supplier on a specific item, just click a button and check the suggested order levels for all items from that supplier.

Suggested orders are calculated from the minimum and maximum stock levels, quantities in stock, back orders needing to be filled, and items already on order. If you are short, the system will let you tag and drag those items onto the PO without having to retype them. Similarly, if you have a special order for a customer simply drag it onto a purchase order.

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