OPS: Optimal Path System

A machine-monitoring solution.

About OPS: Optimal Path System

JITbase is a smart manufacturing system that uses machine data and information from CNC programs to calculate the optimal sequence of machinist activities on the shop floor.

The Optimal Path System (OPS) is based on algorithms that calculate in real-time what should happen in production in order to maximize the availability rate of the fleet of machines. Like GPS in a car that indicates where to go, OPS tells the machinist which machine he should tend to next. Whether manual intervention (setup, tool change, inspection etc.) is required or an unplanned stop occurs, the machinist is proactive and knows where and when he must be present. Machinists manage more CNCs and make informed decisions that lead to increased uptime.

Optimal Path System Pricing

  • Starts at $100/machine/month
  • Subscription-based

Product Overview

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