A student information system which handles attendance and grades plus human resources and finance.

Product Overview

Infinite Campus is a student information system (SIS) that works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Its capabilities include handling grades, daily attendance, contact logs, and generating report cards. It allows for effective tracking and storage of all student information, integrating well with various school functions.

Infinite Campus has many integrations to provide additional capabilities beyond SIS including: learning management software (LMS), ood service, district communicator, finance, and human resources.


  • Customizable user access
  • Intuitive dashboard and navigation
  • Comprehensive student data management


  • Exact pricing not provided by the developer
  • Some features require multiple clicks to access

Target Market

Educational institutions of various sizes that require a detailed system for managing student information.

About Infinite Campus

Video Overview


  • Administration Tools
  • Campus Instruction
  • Communication
  • Curriculum
  • School Services
  • Campus Community
  • Reporting and Analysis

Mobile Applications

Infinite Campus has strong mobile capabilities and provides apps that run on both Android and iOS devices such as iPads.

  • Campus Parent: Let parents get insight into their child’s attendance and grades, and pay any fees for the school year.
  • Campus Student: Students can submit homework assignments, check grades, submit questions to teachers, and more.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Infinite Campus

Submitted on February 28th, 2019 by Annie Hallsten

One of the best things about Infinite Campus is their ability to provide translated letters for attendance. At our school, attendance is one of our top priorities, so we send out a lot of letters about attendance, truancy, tardiness, all of that. Our attendance staff really loves and appreciate that fact that we can send letters in different languages. Our school is 50% Spanish- speaking so this is an excellent service which allows for students to be in their seats every day.

Submitted on February 28th, 2019 by Jeremy Miller

One of the main things I love about Infinite Campus is the customization. The ability to make the application work for my districts’ needs is absolutely invaluable.