MARG Pharma Software

An ERP system for pharma distribution and wholesale billing with barcode integration and advanced GST solutions.


  • Support for complete GST solutions and barcode scanning
  • Includes 1000+ MIS reports


  • Users report some usability challenges and bugs
  • Some users cite delayed support responses

Target Market

Small to medium enterprises within the pharma sector, particularly those with an employee count ranging from two to 50.

MARG Pharma Software is the most efficient, effective & accurate way to handle your pharmacy supply chain. This software makes it easy to manage wholesale and distribution business.

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MARG Pharma Features

  • Sales Analysis on Google Map: Track Your Sales through Google Satellite Map.
  • Auto-Cloud Backup: Upload data online and directly store it in Google Drive/One Drive.
  • Reorder Management: Generate re-order on multiple basis.
  • Free Drug Information (Pharmanxt): Search substitutes based on location of suppliers.
  • Push Sale & Expiry Management: Push the right item to the right customer to increase sales & decrease dump and near-expiry stock.
  • Restricted Drugs Management: Maintain & track sale purchase records of restricted drugs.
  • MR Commission: Generate & maintain records of MR commission, margin, payments, pending amount, outstandings, status etc.
  • GST Filing & E way Bill: Upload GST returns on the portal in JSON, CSV or Excel file.
  • Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks.
  • Import Purchase: Invoice sync through GSTIN/ E-code. You can directly import the sales’ bill from distributors’ system & upload it directly as purchase bill.
  • Dispatch Management: Live tracking of items, starting from product order to delivery in 3 stages - Billing, Packing, & Delivery.
  • Purchase & Sale Claim Management: Distributors can keep track of benefits of the claim against the purchases done.
  • Credit Limit Management: Distributors can track & set the Credit Limits automatically & manually.
  • API Integration: A fully managed service that facilitates users to access multiple types of data which can be easily integrated with other Apps.
  • E-Way Bill: Easily generate E-way Bill after registering on GST.
  • E-Invoicing: Electronically upload B2B invoices authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).
  • Order Calling: Eliminate the need to type customer’s contact number to place calls and receive orders by scanning the QR Code.


There are three pricing options for MARG Pharma Software: Basic Edition, Silver Edition, and Gold Edition. Basic begins at $300, Silver is $600, and Gold is $1,100.

Starting Price
$350 (perpetual license)
Price Range Learn More
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