A talent management solution for businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector.

Product Overview

Saba TalentSpace is a cloud-based talent management suite designed to optimize employee performance across various talent programs, including recruiting, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, and compensation. Key functionalities include detailed employee appraisals, competency management, and goal management. The platform integrates these features to align a company’s workforce with their business strategy, aiming to build a high-performing, focused workforce.

Saba TalentSpace hasfeatures tailored to mid-sized businesses in industries like healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, and the public sector.


  • Includes industry-specific functionality
  • Offers in-depth performance management features


  • Review remidners are not always efficient
  • Workflow restriction limitations

About Saba TalentSpace

Video Overview


  • Employee Experience Dashboard
  • Agile Goal Management
  • Ongoing Coaching and Feedback
  • Career Growth & Development
  • Flexible Performance Reviews
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Mobile-Ready

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Saba TalentSpace

Submitted on June 2nd, 2020 by Melanie Rydalch

By providing a user-friendly and effective system, we have been successful in transforming our organization into one where employees receive coaching and feedback ongoing. The managers like the process and they use it. And the fact that they like it and they use it increases the power and the effectiveness of our performance management system significantly.