An HR, payroll, and talent management technology which combines UltiPro Ultimate Software and Kronos.

Product Overview

UKG Pro, the combination of UltiPro Ultimate Software and Kronos, unites all aspects of HR, payroll, and talent management into a complete human capital management functionality. The cloud-based product suite is designed to simplify work people to every day, and identify employees at risk to leave the company. Advanced services include payment and check printing.


  • Custom rules for coverage and premiums
  • Focus on HCM and employee development
  • Global HCM with employee insights
  • HR, payroll, and talent management


  • Limited functionality in some HR areas
  • Limited customization of some modules
  • Pricing details unavailable online

Target Market

Medium to large-sized organizations that need a full suite of HCM features.

About UKG Pro

Video Overview


The core features of UKG Pro include:

Human Resources

  • Manage people
  • Communicate important details
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting
  • Performance management
  • Succession management
  • Compensation management

Global HCM

  • Track and manage all employee information
  • Gain employee insights
  • Integrate with payroll
  • Ensure compliance


  • Configure unique payroll models
  • Process payroll
  • Smart Tax Search tool
  • Remain compliant

Benefits Administration

  • Open-enrollment sessions
  • Custom rules for coverage and premiums
  • Calculate premiums

Product Overview

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User Reviews of UKG Pro

Submitted on February 7th, 2022 by Leslie Fisher

Real-time business intelligence has not only improved our ability to monitor employee turnover, but also to drill down into position specifics. This level of detail helps us learn from our top-performing groups and take action in areas with higher turnover. We also have the capability for the first time to analyze groups of metrics together, such as quality scores, financial performance, and turnover. If we see a correlation between turnover and other key metrics, we can expect an investment in the employee experience to show returns in other areas of the business.

This centralized system of record is important because data boosts our objectivity when we evaluate employees for promotions and growth opportunities. In the HR world, we tend to focus on how we feel about an employee today rather than the employee’s track record. Pro enlightens our conversations about potential candidates for open positions. We are able to send reports to senior management that show the number of open positions and how long they’ve been open, and then identify the best candidates. Pro gives us the ability to collect and analyze business-critical data with just a couple of clicks.

Submitted on February 7th, 2022 by Mary Desuz

UltiPro gives us the ability to keep a close eye on real-time manpower expenses, and we can quickly share this data with executives.