A workforce management program designed by TimeTrex.

Product Overview

TimeTrex Workforce Management is a workforce management software solution that provides time and attendance, scheduling and leave management, payroll and HRM recruiting, and job costing with expense tracking. TimeTrex manages this through automation for both small and large companies.

The flexible rule engine can automate complex government regulations and business policies, in both Canada and US. Its mobile app can transform tablets and phones into fast and accurate biometric facial recognition timeclocks.


  • New versions released monthly
  • Automates attendance processes


  • Interface can be complex
  • Mobile app has limited functionality

Target Market

Businesses looking for an all-in-one solution for scheduling, time and attendance, and accounting software.

About TimeTrex

TimeTrex Features

TimeTrex manages employee time and attendance through workforce automation–accomplished through the following features:

Time and Attendance

TimeTrex is a rule based system that tracks and monitors employee attendance accurately in real-time. GPS location can be recorded with each punch. Managers can be alerted if an employee signs in/out outside a set geographical boundary or GEO fence. Manual and auto punch is available for salaried employees. Multiple methods of tracking time such as with computer web browsers (PC/Mac), mobile app (iOS/Android) with tablet or smart phones, biometric facial recognition timeclocks.


Since TimeTrex handles both Payroll and Attendance you can work on payroll anytime during the pay period, ensuring a more complete and accurate payroll. An advanced payroll deduction calculation engine automatically calculates federal and local income taxes as well as other custom deductions such as benefits, insurance and accrual programs. TimeTrex supports multiple legal entities, direct deposits to multiple employee bank accounts from multiple business bank accounts, mass wage increases, secure electronic pay stubs and a variety of tax and other government reports.


Automate simple or even complex multi-week rotating schedules and never generate them manually again. Managers and authorized employees can securely modify employee schedules from anywhere, anytime. Employees can submit requests for schedule changes or leaves.

Leave Management

An unlimited number of accruals can be setup to automatically track employee vacations, sick days or compensation time. Accruals can be recorded in both hours and dollars.

Employee Self-Service

Besides clocking in/out, employees can have access anytime to view their schedules, timesheets, accrual balances, pay stubs and government forms; verify their timesheets; make absence or shift change requests and synchronize their schedules with their own calendars and mobile devices.

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Track and manage employee qualifications and centralize their information in one place. Streamline the process of generating performance reviews and communicate your expectations effectively. Track injury reports, entrance/exit interviews and disciplinary measures.

Job Costing

Accurately allocate time and identify labor costs attributed to projects by employee, branch, department, task-type and quantities produced. Project time and costs can be efficiently tracked from anywhere, whether in the office, on-location, traveling, or working remotely, even when cellular service is not available.

Expense Tracking

Employees can electronically track expenses or mileage, upload photos of receipts and get approval from their superiors. Each expense can be assigned to specific branches, departments, jobs and tasks for fine grained reporting. Approved expenses flow seamlessly into the TimeTrex payroll module and are automatically reimbursed to the employee.

Document Management

Categorize and track revisions over the life span of your documents. Have peace of mind knowing when and who is responsible for modifying each document. Attach important documents to employees, benefit/insurance records and a multitude of other items within TimeTrex. Managers and authorized employees can securely view documents from anywhere, anytime.


TimeTrex can generate invoices for an unlimited number of customers in just a few clicks. Track clients and their on-going account balances, setup recurring payment options, ship orders and maintain inventory. Accept and process multiple forms of electronic and non-electronic payments. Keep track of outstanding balances for each client account and print or email electronic invoices, overdue notices and account statements to clients.


Automatically extract detailed information from applicant resumes, search for applicants based on the skills needed, manage the interview process, then hire with a single click. Post internal or external job vacancies, then manage the entire recruitment process from initial posting to contract signing. Resumes can be attached to each applicant or job application.

Customizable Reporting

Create custom reports, including charts and graphs, then have them emailed to an inbox at scheduled days/times, or view them directly on the dashboard.

TimeTrex Pricing

The cost of TimeTrex starts at $30/month. There is a free trial available.

Starting Price
$30 /month
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Product Overview

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