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About Enterprise Work Management

AtTask Enterprise Work Management is more than a tool, it’s a solution. You already have plenty of “tools.” Enterprise Work Management is an actual solution that eliminates disparate tools and the frustration of silos and gives you visibility you can trust.

Everyone benefits from the value of visibility.

  • Senior Managers–Senior managers can justify their resources and budgets and can better prioritize how resources are used.
  • Managers–Managers are better able to align their team’s work to corporate strategy and can improve their team’s productivity.
  • Team Members–Team members are empowered to make better decisions, prioritize more effectively, and work more efficiently.

AtTask is the only Enterprise Work Management Software in the market that is a single system of truth.

At AtTask, we are passionate about creating real solutions that give people a better, more productive work experience. That’s why we’ve created the only Enterprise Work Management solution that provides a single, central system of truth to help enterprise teams manage and collaborate on their work more efficiently.

We get it, you’re busy. That’s why we’d never ask you to rebuild your plane in-flight. AtTask has work management experts that will help you on your path to visibility and productivity using best practices and insights from hundreds of customers and based on your team’s unique needs. Unlike others who will leave you on your own to figure it out, we are committed to ensure you accelerate your success and rapidly achieve the value you need.

The Next Iteration of Agile.

Unlike other agile solutions, AtTask enables your team to:

  • Use the right methodology.
  • Do it all, in one tool.
  • Prioritize work across projects.
  • Collaborate in the context of work.


A Calendar View That Builds Itself

If you’re a normal human being, you’re probably used to a project calendar that you have to manually maintain, keep on a community whiteboard, or in a giant spreadsheet. It’s disconnected from the work, disorganized, and painful. The AtTask Calendar View builds itself and stays built, connecting your world to the work you do. Fire and forget.

Set and Go

The AtTask Calendar View builds itself and stays built. Just tell the filter builder what projects, what tasks, and what colors, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful visualization of all your work. Built on your work, it shows your work, automatically.

A View for Every Need

Create a calendar for you, for your team, for your execs, for your clients, even for your customers. Views built on your data, always relevant. As easy to build as clicking a few buttons; create all the calendar views you need in seconds.

Share the Latest Without Worrying if It’s the Latest

Because AtTask Calendar Views dynamically represent your data, they are always up to date. To share a calendar, just name who in your organization gets to see it. And to share with external users, copy the URL and send it. Never wonder if your audience is seeing the latest thing again.



Easy to customize dashboards keep you informed about what’s really going on with your projects in real-time. Set your dashboard as your home page and you can see and prove your team’s value and contribution in seconds.

iPad Dashboard App.

The AtTask View iPad App provides senior managers with easy access to real-time visibility into their department’s work at their fingertips. It’s never been simpler to paint a holistic picture of enterprise work – with AtTask View, you’ll see both the forest and the trees.

Mobile Apps.

With AtTask mobile apps for iPhone® and Android", your team can collaborate on projects no matter where they are–including managing work requests, updates, and logging time.

Document Management & Imaging

Document Management.

Documents in any format can be uploaded to projects, tasks, issues, and users in AtTask. Version control and check-in/check-out makes collaboration easy and effective.

Inline Digital Proofing.

Inline, digital proofing makes collaboration and approvals easier than ever. Attach an image to a job and anyone you tag can see the proof, leave comments, and compare versions side-by-side.


Multi-Currency Support.

Go Global! You can run and track international projects in AtTask with multiple currencies. Just set up exchange rates for the currencies you care about and you’re all set.

Portfolio & Planner

Portfolio Optimizer.

AtTask’s approach to portfolio management gives executives and managers all the tools they need to get the most out of their company’s resources–helping organizations zero in on those projects that provide the most value.

Capacity Planner.

See the impact of adding to or changing your current plan. With best-fit capacity planning, AtTask sorts your projects by priority and finds the earliest start date for each project with the fewest overages within the specified date range.


Easy Drag and Drop Report Builder.

Easy report building with robust filters and in-builder previews. You can also easily share reports both internally and externally with the click of a button. No need for a third party BI tool, no need to waste hours and hours building reports–drag and drop and share.


Internal and External Requests.

Clients can quickly submit specific types of requests, fill out a customized creative brief, attach documents, and collaborate with your team in one place. Just tell them to “put it in AtTask.”

Centralized Request Management.

View all of your team’s work requests in one place, compare them, and then prioritize them strategically so you can always make sure your team is doing the right work at the right time.


Workflow becomes frictionless as projects, tasks, and issues are routed for approval automatically. Triggers and reminder notifications help keep things moving along, so nothing gets lost. Approval processes can be predefined and applied to templates, so users can focus on the work at hand and not the process.

Help Desk.

Configure AtTask request queues to handle help desk requests from the entire organization. Don’t over-spend on expensive Help Desk and ticketing software when what you really need is a way to enter, process, prioritize, and assign requests from team members.


Dynamic Gantt Chart.

Easily plan out project tasks, subtasks, and predecessors, allocate resources based on availability, assign necessary time frames, and monitor progress and milestones in real time.

Business Case Builder.

Based on criteria you set, AtTask will build a business case with all the information you need to determine if potential and current projects align with corporate strategy and financial goals.

Resource Grid.

Easily view all of your resources, their individual workloads, specific job roles, and where there’s bandwidth. Using AtTask you can help avoid work overload and know when you have to say no.

Customizable Templates.

Saved templates and automated processes give you the information you need before you start so you can catch nuances and gotchas before they catch you. It’s simple; when you finish a project you may do again, save it as a template. Then you won’t have to start from scratch next time.

Outlook Integration.

Users can submit work requests, receive requests, manage and collaborate without leaving Outlook. Now all requests are in one place and users can update status, log time and mark when done. This makes Outlook users productive, reduces emails and status meetings, and improves visibility.

Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration in the Context of Work.

With the social elements of AtTask, your team can keep everyone informed of what they’re working on and what they’ve accomplished and anyone can respond and let them know they’re doing a great job.

Team Management.

Not only can you track the work your team is doing for other departments or external clients, but they’ll have visibility from their end as well. This isn’t one-way visibility. This is visibility up, down, sideways, and backward. Even team members have transparency into dependencies and progress.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking.

Easy to view timesheets and time tracking reports let you monitor hours, see exactly where your team is spending the most time, track job and campaign turn around times, and review your planned vs. actual hours worked.

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