A software system designed by HindSite Software, LLC for commercial & service companies.

About HindSite Software

Revolving around the service technician, HindSite Software uses PDA technology to provide a wealth of information to the technician: the day’s (or even week’s) schedule, notes on the service to be provided, notes on the physical location, and notes on the customer.

HindSite Software’s PDA capabilities also capture information critical to getting the most out of a job: immediate timecard capture (read: more billable minutes), reliable parts records, as well as the ability to create estimates, and the ability to print an invoice on the spot.

Paper work orders - and all the pain points associated to them - disappear. No more illegible handwriting. No more ýguesstimatesý of times and materials. No more disorganization. All because the information captured by the PDA is sent to the office.

HindSite Software’s office program includes a comprehensive customer database, a fast and efficient scheduler, a number of calendars and reports, and a direct link to QuickBooks (and other accounting packages). This link creates a paperless, streamlined system that will increase cash flow.

So what, really, are the benefits? The PDA offers about an extra hour of billable time per technician, per day, making the business more profitable. By tying the PDA to the office software, HindSite offers a method of standardization to the business and it’s practices, and the direct QuickBooks interface allows for a faster and more ordered invoicing system. It’s faster, more efficient, and better organized.

All of this provides the small service business with more billable time (read: profit), and more importantly, more personal time. They no longer have to spend hours doing paper work. Now they can get to their kid’s baseball games, be home in time for dinner, or finally get to that book they’ve been meaning to read.

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User Reviews of HindSite Software

Submitted on May 11th, 2017 by Anonymous

I’ve been using HindSite Software for a little over a year. We chose it because of the multitude of features available. It also seemed user friendly and customizable. It’s a time saver for us. Seven years ago, we wasted a massive amount of time and effort with paperwork.

The field service techs appreciate it because of easier scheduling. Customers also appreciate the accurate scheduled arrival times. The techs also have the ability to go into a customer’s profile and call them and let them know if they’re running behind. Customer service got amped up from even more than what we already had.

It saves on everything - time, fuel costs and lost labor. It tracks inventory and reorders parts for us.

If I had to think of one or two words to describe HindSite, I would say efficient, a time saver and a headache eraser.