Total Plan Management

A budgeting, planning & forecasting application designed by i2 for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Total Plan Management

Total Plan management allows you to create plans that facilitate speed and flexibility in an often fragmented global environment. This product gives you complete visibility over your plans allowing you to control and rapidly respond to changes. This product will help you boost your customer service levels and responsiveness, by ensuring product availability. Finally, the better decision making you will achieve with i2, will lead to reduced expediting costs and operating expenses.

The i2 Total Plan Management will appropriately identify, analyze, and resolve plan deviations using a closed-loop, plan-synchronize-control-review-publish cycle in a repeatable manner. There are 3 areas of workflows that i2’s Total Plan Management addresses, these are:

  • Sales and Operations Management - these functions allow you to synchronize i2: TPM across different organizational entities; hence allowing you to establish a single plan. This will allow you to proactively detect problems and respond appropriately through analysis and consistent resolution using process playbooks. Lastly, you are able to generate and analyze multiple plan scenarios, allowing you to make informed and intelligent decisions.
  • Factory Operations - these workflows allow you to perform exception-based management. This will enable you to perform simultaneous consideration of material, capacity, and other constraints. All planning and execution workflows are consolidated, eliminating mismatches. This product also allows you to test the impact of changes on operations metrics, supporting lean, pull and push manufacturing approaches. This product allows you to easily create ýwhat-ifý scenarios and evaluate the production impact of alternate resolutions.
  • Allocation and Promise Management - This feature of the product allows you to view current and planned supply. The workflows for allocation and promise management enable companies to achieve higher fill rates and make more accurate customer commitments. Finally, you can set Customer priority levels allowing you to provide preferential service.

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