IPM Project Management

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A project management application designed by IPM Global.

About IPM Project Management

Construction companies looking for project management software that takes advantage of the latest technologies have been frustrated because existing products just haven’t kept up with new advances in IT. IPM Global is changing that experience with its product, IPM.

IPM brings a whole new standard of technology to the field of project controls software. Built on a platform engineered by Microsoft that offers state of the art integration, customization, workflow and collaboration capabilities IPM goes beyond just solving simple document and contract control issues. It addresses higher level needs required of today’s project teams looking for a next generation product.

  • Outlook integration. You never have to leave the Outlook environment when running IPM. Your Inbox or any Outlook folder is merely a click away. IPM offers the ability to automatically file email by job, document, recipient, vendor – anyway you want to track your communication.
  • Web enabled. IPM was built for the web. Anywhere you can connect to the internet you can be running live on IPM.
  • Configure the software around your requirements. IPM offers the unique ability for you to adapt the software to your company’s way of doing business – add fields, modify screens, easily create or change workflows - all can be done around your company’s standards.
  • Use of mobile devices. There are apps for iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows devices so that your field staff can start a change request, update an RFI or enter timesheet information using their smartphone or tablet.

Easily Manage Documents

Electronic drawings and photos as well as scanned paper documents can all be managed with IPM’s powerful document management add-on, Doc Store. Bulk uploads can automatically tag documents by project, date, type or any other field so they can easily be retrieved. This makes managing large numbers of documents a quick and simple process.

For sending large or multiple files Doc Store has the ability to create a single link that is inserted into an email that allows the recipient to click and download the documents even though the recipient is not a user on the system. No more zipping of files or using separate systems to deliver files. And all with an automatically generated history file to show you who received and opened the file.

Portal Access to Project Information

Outside parties can be given access to project information via a portal that can track who has any document, when it was checked in and out as well as automatically creating new versions when a document has been changed. All information is secured so that only those who have authorized access would be able to see or change documents.

More Integration

Many project management applications are islands in the sea of a company’s overall IT system. They stand by themselves with no connection to important information within the company. Two-way integration with ERP programs allows critical project information to be shared with IPM so there is always only one version of the truth for both the back office and project teams. In addition to integrating with Outlook, IPM has built in integration with Microsoft Office programs including Word and Excel and is compatible with Office 365. If you already use SharePoint, IPM has a direct link to SharePoint libraries.

For the next step let us show you how IPM is using technology to change how you think about project management software by allowing greater access to project information, be more efficient and allow the project team to stay more closely connected.

Product Overview

User Reviews of IPM Project Management

Submitted on June 13th, 2014 by Miree from IPM Global

IPM is a game changer. Not just a collaboration tool, but a product that is very deep and allows you to keep all your project information in the one place. Document control, cost control, planning and forecasting, mobile, equipment maintenance. IPM is extensible so that if you have other requirements such as managing OH&S, HR, Greenstar ratings, can all be configured as part of the system.

With the ability to connect to your existing accounting system (including some job costing system), you no longer need to run multiple versions of the truth!

One time data entry.

One stop shop.

The Good…

Usability. Email filing. Workflows. Extensibility. Mobile apps.

The Bad…

Well I’m a Director, so nothing :)