JOVACO Project Suite

A multi-module management system designed by JOVACO Solutions.

About JOVACO Project Suite

JOVACO Project Suite helps companies effectively manage their projects by combining financial management, cost control, professional invoicing and online management of time & expenses. Whether your company employs 5 or 10,000+, our solutions address the project accounting needs faced by companies that require multi-site & multi-department project accounting capabilities. JOVACO Project Suite is fully integrated with MS Business Solutions Small Business Manager, Dynamics, eEnterprise, GP Select and Great Plains.

Control Reports

Control Reports Features

  • Create management reports.
  • Generate customized reports in batches.
  • Automate report creation and emailing according to a schedule.
  • Export reports in PDF, XLS and RTF format.
  • Define and save parameters for new reports.
  • Ensure that the personnel in charge will receive the necessary reports regardless of their work location.
  • Centralize reports.

Professional Invoicing

Professional Invoicing Features

  • Define different invoice formats for each master project, according to the billing method and the management structure of the project at hand.
  • Establish an invoicing schedule for contract-price invoicing.
  • Enter invoicing percentage tables.
  • Automate invoice creation.
  • Modify budgets in a project.
  • Print out a preview copy of the invoices by project coordinator, for review and approval.
  • Make corrections without bringing the adjustments into your cost transactions
  • Enter a discount or profit on an invoice, and choose whether to distribute it to a project and to let it appear on the invoice.
  • Export invoices in PDF and/or RTF.

Project Control

Project Control Features

  • Define a flexible management structure with task and responsibility assignment.
  • Assess and establish budgets for new projects.
  • Modify and/or add different project levels and project cost items.
  • Print out project control lists according to selected criteria.
  • Set up basic or sophisticated project billing methods, by unit (hourly) invoicing rate, cost-plus or fixed markup.
  • Automatically distribute inter-company and inter-departmental charges for easy follow-up on joint projects.
  • Distribute project transactions in foreign currency.
  • Automatically enter inter-departmental costs for staff-lending.
  • Track the progress of your projects in terms of hours, costs and/or budgeted revenue.
  • Recognize revenues based on incurred cost transactions (i.e. time and expenses), recognize periodically based on project progress, incurred cost/time/elapsed time, or simply recognize at invoicing.
  • Track and control projects by their generated revenue as well as the actual cost of each transaction such as direct costs, employee benefits specific to each staff member, overhead, income, and discounts.
  • Accurately measure work team productivity by determining the time allocated to complete projects, including hours billable to the client and different non-billable hours paid to employees.
  • Create productivity reports to analyze employee performance individually, by group, and by profit center.
  • Create various reports on project management, by project executive and/or coordinator.
  • Create various control reports on project analysis, work in progress, profitability, etc.
  • View transactions, costs, and invoicing by cost item, vendor, employee or client.

Time & Expense

Time and Expense Features

For Employees and Management

  • Distribute time, incurred expenses and internal fees.
  • Control in/out time.
  • Manage expenses in foreign currency.
  • Access employee history.
  • Control and approve each line item of a timesheet by project manager.
  • View project information (time and expenses) through Explorer.
  • Assess project progress by employee.

For Administrators

  • Distribute time, incurred expenses and internal fees.
  • Define groups and assign the coordinators in charge.
  • Track missing timesheets.
  • Track subsequent changes.
  • Track data transfer to the Project Control module.
  • Approve timesheets by employee.

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