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About Timeless Project Tracking

Timeless Project Tracking makes it easy for organizations–small to large–to track their projects accurately, lessen their failure rate and reduce project administrative costs. By tracking projects at a detailed level and giving users the ability to change estimates and status on the fly, the software enables project managers to receive up-to-date information, so they can focus on resolving issues and actually managing projects rather than wasting time chasing estimates. Even for companies without a project manager or team leads, the software allows you to know the status of projects and eliminate or reduce the need for status meetings.

Timeless Project Tracking offers a status dashboard with a choice of more than 90 charts, including burndown charts with projections and time and cost estimates versus actuals. It also enables users to easily see project risks, such as overdue assignments, estimate changes and assignments completed late.

Using an intuitive explorer interface, create a task hierarchy that makes sense to you so you can track projects in a way that works for you. Up to 20 custom levels gives you the power to organize your tasks logically. Integrated with the Windows system tray, the software makes it easy to start timers without interrupting your work. An optional timer alert reminds you to track your time and reminds you what you are currently tracking.

With multiple users, you can assign permissions and assignments to individual users or to user groups, and effectively and easily track progress, including overdue, outstanding and completed tasks. You can customize billing rates and user permissions to suit your business needs.

Timeless Project Tracking includes all of the features of MAG Softwrx’s time tracking and billing software, Timeless Time & Expense: time tracking using individual entries, timers or timesheets; detailed expense information; flexible built-in and custom reports; user customizations; and invoice tracking.

Help, an online tutorial and samples, and video tutorials will get you up to speed quickly. Start tracking your projects accurately today. Start using it easily with the assurance it will grow as your company and projects grow. Track your projects in the office or anywhere in the world using the desktop and web interface for the same price.

Timeless Project Tracking offers a free 30-day trial with no obligations.

Assignments, User Groups and to Do Items

With Timeless Project Tracking, you can reduce administrative costs by assigning users to work groups. Assign work items to user groups or to individuals. You can also set permissions based on user groups and use user groups in reporting. Work item security allows you to limit access to specific users. An Assignments tab on the Status Dashboard allows users to see their assignments all in one place and make changes to their time or cost estimates quickly and easily.

Billing & Invoicing

If you bill the same rate across all clients and projects, you can easily set up default billing rates. If you charge different billing rates for different clients, projects, or tasks, Timeless Project Tracking gives you the ability to set up different billing rates for each work item. You can set different billing rates for different time spans, different users and different activities. You can even have a different billing rate for an individual time entry. If you have clients in different countries, Timeless Project Tracking lets you bill each client in your choice of currency. Timeless Project Tracking gives you the flexibility to bill in whatever way works for you.

When it comes time to invoice, the software provides flexible and professional invoices. You can provide clients with the information they want by summarizing time and expenses or presenting detailed breakdowns. Print your invoices to a PDF or export them to a .CSV, HTML or Tab Separated file. Track payments directly in the software, so you always see outstanding balances quickly and easily.

Expense Tracking

Easily capture all your billable costs with expenses and fixed costs. Timeless Project Tracking includes pre-defined expense types with per unit and specific amount types. You can also create expense types that fit your business. Drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy to capture your expenses.


Using an explorer-style interface and custom hierarchy, Timeless Project Tracking gives you the ability to create clients, projects, tasks, sub-tasks, etc. (up to 20 levels deep) so you track your time, expense s and projects the way YOU do business and not how someone else thinks you should. Adding work items is easy, and you choose the level of detail that works for you. You can add time estimates, cost estimates and due dates as well priorities to each work item. Save time by adding multiple work items with assignments and estimates at once. Expanded work item notes in the Planning tab allow for better team communication.


Timeless Project Tracking provides you with the information you need. With over built-in 100 reports–including summary, detail, invoice and progress reports–you have the information you desire. Backlog reports are particularly important for project tracking, and Timeless Project Tracking includes backlog reports. You can also create custom reports using a report wizard. When done, you can preview, print, or export reports to HTML, CSV, Tab Separated and PDF formats. Flexible report sharing allows you to share reports with the users or user groups you choose.

Status Dashboard

Timeless Project Tracking includes a Status Dashboard with a choice of 90+ charts, including burndown charts with projections and cost estimates versus actuals. Because the software tracks time accurately and gives users have the ability to change their estimates and status on the fly, you will have the information you desire at your fingertips. You choose the charts you want included on your dashboard. Timeless Project Tracking also includes a Risk Identification panel, so you can identify risks early and take corrective measures or adjust project estimates before it’s too late.

Time Tracking

Quickly capture all your billable time using timers, manual entry (with start/end times or elapsed time) or via timesheet entry. Timeless Project Tracking is integrated with the Windows system tray, so you can start timers without interrupting your work. An optional timer alert reminds you to track your time and what you are tracking. It’s easy to quickly switch work items to track.

Product Overview

  • Developer MAG Softwrx, Inc.
  • Type Project Management Software
  • Client OS Windows, Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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